Aggression MMA Weigh-in Results: Fulton, Prof X Fights Cancelled


Aggression MMA had their weigh-ins today and Top MMA News was in Edmonton for the event.  Jason Lambert showed up two pounds over the Middleweight weight limit but the fight will go on as planned.  20% of his purse will be handed over to his opponent Matt Horwich.  All other fighters made their prescribed weight limits.

Unfortunately, two fights have been scrapped.  Travis Fulton did not have a valid passport so his fight with Jason Fairn is off.  The Xavier Foupa Pokam/Chester Post fight has also been eliminated from the line up.  Last night, the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission decided that this was an unfair fight as Professor X’s skills and experience were too great for Post.

New to Top MMA News was the addition of Jason Townes to the card.  Phil Harris was tabbed to fight Nick Denis but Townes is now fighting in his place.  This is now a very meaningful Bantamweight bout in terms of Top MMA News Canadian Bantamweight Rankings.  Townes is currently ranked #5 in Canada.  Denis is unranked but will most likely be #1 after this drop to Bantamweight.

Jason Lambert (187.4) vs. Matt Horwich (184.8)Agression MMA
Nick Denis (135.2) vs Jason Townes (135.8)
Marcelo Giudici (145) vs. Doug Evans (145.8)
Robin Black (135.6) vs. Corey Lautischer (135)
Nick Ring (184.8) vs. Yannick Galipeau (184)
Cyrille “The Snake” Diabete (204.6) vs. Marcus “The Loud Mouthed Assassin” Hicks (204.8)
Len Bentley (160.2) vs. Kurt Southern (160.8)
Adam Lorenz (145.6) vs. Rolando Perez (144)
Lenny Wheeler (156) vs. Amir Uddin (154.6)
Tony Bibby (135.7) vs. Corey Knapp (135.4)
James Petryk (153.6) vs. Josten Tardif (153.6)
Ivan Lepki (164.8) vs. Sean Carr (162.4)

Tickets for the event are still available at Ticketmaster.  Out of town fans can watch the night of fights online for $4.99 at Aggression MMA.

As always, Top MMA News encourages you to support your local Canadian promotions!

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  1. Danielle says:

    WOOOOHH!!! Go Josten Tardif!!!! XOX

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  2. David Letourneau says:

    I think im more interested to watch this then ufc

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  3. You’d definitely save a few bucks if you ordered this instead of the UFC.

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