TUF 10 Heavyweights: Episode 6 Recap

Darrill Schoonover

Darrill Schoonover fights Zak Jensen on Episode 6 of TUF.

Rampage is now down 5-0.  Will his team win a fight?  We will see tonight during Episode 6.

James McSweeney says Darrill Schoonover is a “drunk”.  Apparantly, he is always drinking.

Phil Nurse is a guest of Team Rashad.    Rashad is wondering what is wrong with Schoonover.  The guys rat him out and tell Rashad that he had drinks before practise.  Rashad tells him that drinking is hurting his conditioning and to “put it on the back burner.”  Darrill says that he will cut back on drinking until after his first fight.

Rampage gets on Schoonover and starts calling him “titties.”  He says it is not a “wet T shirt contest” and Kimbo says “it is not a whiskey drinking contest.”  Schoonover says that he can cut weight and beat Rampage.  This gets under Rampage’s skin.  Schoonover is getting pissed off at Rampage bugging him all the time. 

Rashad makes the next pick and its Zak Jensen vs Darrill Schoonover.  Rampage keeps calling him “titties and says he’s Got Milk!”  Schoonover is on the “hot seat” so Rashad steps up to defend his teammate.

“If Shrek had a little brother, it would be (Jensen)”, says Kimbo, who calls him “Linderman”.   The team does not like him at all.  Wes Sims has a pool going on when Jensen will go crazy.  The team really does not like him.  “He’s piggy from Lord of the Flies.”  Jon Madsen predicts that Zak will break and cry at some point.  Jensen takes a lot of heat from everyone.

Rashad says that Schoonover is “serial killer weird”.  However, Rashad also says that Jensen has that “I am going to wreck somebody look.”   He wants Schoonover to stand up with Jensen and use his powerful hands. 

Team Rampage has a painting made of Team Rashad that they call Team Cocky.  Marcus Jones thinks Jensen will do well but Kimbo does not think that Zak has any confidence.  Rampage is shown coaching Zak when all the sudden Zak gets cuts bad over his eye doing a takedown.  It looks bad and Kimbo thinks that he will get to take Jensen’s place.  Zak is going to end up fighting with stitches.  The team wonders if he will quit if the stitches come open.  Zak says that he does not care if he bleeds. 

Zak Jensen of Team Rampage.

My guess is that Schoonover is going to have a hard time with Jensen’s wrestling, but we will see.  Assistant coach Hector Ramirez really thinks that Jensen is going to win.

Rashad comes in to practise with Phil Nurse and they see the Team Cocky poster.  They are going to take it down before Schoonover sees it as he has a nice set of knockers in his caricature.  Rashad tells his team to “stay focused.  I was where you were once and now my picture is on the wall.”  Good motivation !
Kimbo and McSweeney bet shirts on tonight’s fight.  Meanwhile, Rampage goes and writes “Titties” on Schoonover’s door.  Darrill calls Rampage an “arrogant prick.” 
Jensen, who was picked last and is picked on by his team, wants to be the first Team Rampage fighter to win. 
Darrill Schoonover vs Zak Jensen
The tie up right away with Schoonover pushing Jensen against the cage.  Jensen reverses the position and then the two trade punches with Schoonover landing over and over with knees and hands.  Somehow, Jensen takes him down and lands right.  Meanwhile Schoonover gets a triangle on him and Schoonover puts Jensen to sleep. 
Winner: Darrill Schoonover by Triangle
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