Shogun Interviews Machida; Machida Interviews Shogun

UFC 104 – Shogun vs Machida

Here is a very interesting idea by the Brazilian magazine Tatame.  They got UFC Light-Heavyweight champion Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua to meet and interview each other for their latest issue. The two are scheduled to battle for the UFC Light-Heavyweight championship at UFC 104 this Saturday.

Here is a brief sampling from the Tatame article:

Machida Interviews Shogun

Machida: What do you think about our fight and how do you see it?

Shogun: I got really surprised with this fight because I like you, we’ve trained together and talked sometimes. It was really a surprise, but the only person I wouldn’t like to fight with is Wanderlei Silva. I respect you, you’re the top of the category now, but we’re professionals and we have to fight. It’s hard to talk about a strategy of fight, because sometimes we get there and can’t make it. Actually I don’t know what I’ll do, and I have no idea of what you’ll do too. I hope that everything goes in my way, of course (laughs). But actually it’s very hard you keep saying that you’ll do this or that, each fight is a fight. Only on the night of the fight we’ll see

Machida: What did you think about my last fights?

Shogun: You came from Karate. Everybody knows that you’re a very good guy, you’re a top, and I’ll train to beat you. On your last fights I think you surprised everyone, because you’ve changed your game a little, going for it, searching the knockout.

Shogun Interviews Machida

Shogun: ..what do you expect of this fight, how do you think our fight is gonna be?

Machida: I think it’s gonna be a fight very expected by all the fans, mostly on Brazil, I think it will have a lot of movement, a fight that have everything to be a big show to everyone who sees, because you have your qualities and your titles and I have my qualities and my title, so each one will be prepared and expecting to win. The audience can expect a big fight.

Shogun: Is it true that you drink urine in the morning? Why?

Machida: I do it because is a tradition from my father, from our family, my grandfather did it too and my father explained to us that in the times of the war always miss support medicines and a Japanese general, when the country were bad in war, had nothing and the only thing that he prescribe was urine and a lot of people that had ills as gonorrhea and skin ills, got better with time, after two, three months doing it, they started to heal of all that. I saw people with diabetes that got better on sugar levels on blood, so I believe that and I do it everyday, specially when I’ll fight, it’s not that I won’t get sick, but I think it’s harder, because I believe that urine have much hormones as GH and hormones are released during the sleep, and I take advantage of that.


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