Boots’ Scraps: Sudbury BJJ Academy and My Next Opponent


Sudbury BJJ LEADHello from Sudbury!

Hi everyone!  Last Friday my instructor Pat Cooligan brought me and two of my teammates, Matt Hache and Xavier Desrochers, up to Sudbury to teach a seminar for the two affiliate schools that my old friend Steve Joncas owns, Sudbury BJJ, and fellow MMA fighter John Cole owns, Sudbury MMA School. It was a great two-day seminar with big attendance from both academies.  At the end of the first day, Pat promoted some of the students to blue belts. What nobody did see though, was the training/grading that Pat held on Friday night at the Sudbury BJJ Academy. Pat made the promotions the old school way…the Brazilian way…with hard training to see if the white belts were ready and how badly they wanted it.  He had all the white belts training really hard, getting shark tanked and pushed to their limits by the blue, purple and brown belt Jiu Jitsu fighters. It was great to see that, a lot of talent and some really tough white belts. All of the promotions were well deserved as the students worked hard for it, not to mention surviving Pat’s training session.

Now Pat, Matt and Xavier have gone back to OAMA. I will be staying until Thursday night at Steve’s academy, Sudbury BJJ, to teach Muay Thai classes and privates. Their Muay Thai program is fairly new and they have a lot of young fighters with great potential. Everyone is very nice in Sudbury, great attitudes and big smiles; they are all willing to learn. Steve has taken me into his house and takes great care of me, treats me like family. That is the Jiu Jitsu way…wherever you go in the world, if you train with Renzo Gracie Academy, you will have a home and an academy to train at. That’s what I love so much about martial arts and especially, Muay Thai and Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu.   The people, wherever you go in any country will always welcome you, make you feel at home, show you around, help you and take care of you.  Tonight I taught 2 classes at sudbury bjj 2Sudbury BJJ Academy and the members seemed to have enjoyed my classes so I was really happy about that. I am scheduled to teach private classes and many more group classes later this week. I like it here in Sudbury, nice quiet gym, good people and great times with my good friend Steve, catching up on the old days…

I will be teaching until Thursday night, and then I will drive back to O-town to begin my training camp for my next fight December 12th WRECK MMA: Fight for the Troops.

I have a big announcement, I just found out who my next opponent is, I will confirm with my manager and let you guys know in a few days from now.

Until next time guys, check out my next post for big news on my opponent! Take care,


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