Rumble in the Cage 37 – Lethbridge – November 7


Date:November 7, 2009
Location: Exhibition Park South Pavilion, Lethbridge, AB
Ticket: Ticket Leap


RITC Heavyweight Title Fight
Lee Mein (250lbs CMC Lethbridge)  vs.  Devan Garnon (260lbs Calgary) 

RITC Lightweight Title fight
Brad Cardinal (155lbs BDB Calgary) vs. Trevor Wright (155lbs Kensei Red Deer) 
Mike Shidelar (205lbs CMC Lethbridge) vs. Devon Neis (205lbs Kensei Red Deer)

Matt Bagshaw (155lbs BDB Calgary) vs.  Jose Rodriguez (155lbs Scheers Saskatoon)
Jeremy Smerek (220lbs CMC Lethbridge)  vs.  Clint Bortin (250lbs Kensei Red Deer)
Peter Neufeld (155lbs CMC) vs.  Kody Dzurka (155lbs Way of the Dragon Martial Arts Saskatoon)
Ben Snyder (185lbs Kensei Red Deer) vs. Travis Brunner (185lbs Scheers Saskatoon)
Michael Peterson (170lbs Medicine Hat) vs. Jose Lagos (170 lbs CMC)

Derek Dayday (155lbs Kensei Red Deer) vs. Dustin Harmon (155lbs Way of the Dragon Saskatoon) 

Josh Kitchen (170lbs BDB Calgary) vs. Jason Beavis (Scheers Saskatoon) 

Adam Rabidoux (205 lbs A-Team Edmonton vs. Dwayne Mombourquette (205 lbs Red Deer)

Brent Harvie (155 lbs Kensei Red Deer) vs. Greg Parton (155lbs Scheers Saskatoon)

7 Responses to “ Rumble in the Cage 37 – Lethbridge – November 7 ”

  1. devan garnon says:

    I am 260 not 290

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  2. Corrected. Thanks Devan. By the way, your opponent gave me your weight. I should have considered the source.


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  3. landon floen says:

    haha Lee..

    Saskatoon seems well represented, should be a great show!

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  4. Landon, Scheers always comes to fight. I have seen Rodriguez fight three times now. The guy is impressive.

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  5. devan garnon says:

    Thanks keith I just look like a big guy to most

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  6. L-Boutin says:

    Keith, Landon is a Scheer’s guy. haha, he knows first hand how tough Jose and the boys from Toon town are ! Should be a great night of fights !

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  7. lucas says:

    “Clint Bortin” of kensai should be spelt “Clint Borton”

    thank you

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