Top MMA News – Canadian Bantamweight Rankings – October 2009


#1 Wooley took on #3 Morvan at W-1. (photo by Deejay Sherman)

Top MMA News is going to be introducing its rankings of Canadian fighters over the next few weeks.  With W1 recently holding a Bantamweight championship fight between two of the top 135 pounders in Canada, it seemed fitting for Top MMA News to start at that division. 

One has to be thin to be a 135 pound Bantamweight and the Canadian Bantamweight division is just as thin.  Top fighters, such as Nick Denis, generally can make 135 but have moved up to Featherweight for stiffer competition.  Top MMA News found the division very sparse and with few 135ers active in the past year, Top MMA News decided to rank the top five Bantamweights. 

It is much harder to rank fighters that are not in top promotions like UFC, WEC, or Strikeforce.  Admittedly, Top MMA News has not seen every fight by every fighter on the list.  We came up with this list and passed it by other industry experts  to see if we have missed anyone.  Even after taking these precautions, we will have missed someone.

The criteria to make this list is that you have to have fought at 135 in the past year.   Unfortunately, some MMA Math has to be used to rank as well.  If fighter A has beaten fighter B, A will be ranked higher.  If fighter B has beaten fighter C, fighter C will most likely be behind A and B.  Recent wins over tough competition have more value than older wins over tough competition.  Strenth of opponents is also definitely a factor. 

With that said, here are the Top MMA News Top 5 Bantamweights in Canada.  Please comment if you agree or disagree or if we have missed a 135er !  Sensible comments will be taken into consideration when Top MMA News revisits their Bantamweight rankings (it will be interesting because Nick Denis will be at 135 in his next two fights).

Top Canadian Bantamweights

1. Adrian Wooley (6-1) – This Toronto native’s W-1 decision victory over top Canadian Bantamweight Remi Morvan pushed him to his number one ranking.  Other wins over the tough Danny Martinez and Guillaume Lamarche help this talented wrestler take top position.  Top MMA News hopes to see Wooley more active as he has only fought once in 2009.  Next fight: TBD.

2. Ryan Diaz (13-11).  The Lion has been fighting for the past 10 years and is the elder statesman of this list.  Diaz is a tough BJJ practitioner who has fought top fighters in his career – coming up short agains Hominick, Cullum, and Phan but defeating Quenneville and Claveau.  Diaz last beat the debuting Niclas Odell in April 2009.  He will have to get a win over tougher competition to maintain his #2 ranking.  Next fight: TBD.

3. Remi Morvan (6-1) – The OAMA fighter lost a five round decision to top ranked Adrian Wooley in the biggest test of his career.  Morvan also stopped Regina native Sean Quinn at Warrior 1 earlier this year and outlasted another tough Canadian Ian Dawe by pulling out a third round submission in the third round of their fight.  Next fight: TBD.

4. Sean Quinn (2-2) – In the thin Canadian Bantamweight division, 2-2 is good enough to put Sean Quinn in the top five.  Quinn’s ground and pound victory over Eric Perez is the highlight of Quinn’s resume.  Quinn lost to Remi Morvan earlier this year.  Next fights: CFC 3 vs François Haché Lacombe, Wreck MMA vs Nick Denis.

5. Jason Towns (5-2) – Jason has mainly been a promoter as of late but he recently jumped out of retirement.  After not fighting since 2002, Towns impressively defeated Ryan Knysh at King of the Cage’s Disturbed card.  Towns is promising to keep fighting in 2009 and is tentatively scheduled to fight at KOTC’s Vernon card.  Needs to keep winning to keep Eric Perez and Xavier Desrochers from passing him.  Next fight: KOTC Vernon.

Out of the Top 5:

Eric Perez – (4-3) – fighting at CFC 3
Dmitri Waardenburg (3-4) – beat Marcoux at MFL
Robin Black (2-2) Elite 1 MMA champion.  Fighting at Aggression MMA.
Ryan Knysh (3-3)
Xavier Desrochers (2-0) Recently won at W1.
Stephane Pelletier (1-0)

Not Considered Due to Inactivity:

Shane Rice
Ian Dawe
Bill Boland
Chris Myra
Justin Tavernini

*** Photos courtesy of Deejay Sherman of

34 Responses to “ Top MMA News – Canadian Bantamweight Rankings – October 2009 ”

  1. Rain-bows says:

    Awesome idea…. A ranking system is one thing that’s been lacking in Canadian MMA! Can’t wait to see all the others!

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  2. Matthew Smith says:

    What about Dwight Sutherland he is moving down to 135 i should know cause i train with him. im positive that he will be up there soon

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  3. Hi Matthew. Dwight will not be recognized as a Bantamweight until he fights at Bantamweight.

    He did have an impressive win over Adam Lorenz earlier this year. Stay tuned to see if he gets ranking in the Top MMA News Featherweight rankings.

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  4. Nicole says:

    Hi Keith. Do you know if there is a top 10 ranking for Canadian Lightweight fighters?

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  5. Hi Nicole, its been taking some time, but we are getting there.

    This week, look for the Canadian Featherweight rankings as we are scheduled to post them up tomorrow.

    The following week we should have the Lightweight rankings up.

    Sorry for taking so long, but we have to sort through so many fighters to develop a comprehensive list. Once the list is developed, we have to argue with each other over who should be ranked where.

    Thanks for reading and posting your question, Nicole.


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  6. Nina Sepenoff says:

    Who is Eric Perez? Is he that little mexican guy that used to corner Brent Lechner who was ranked 7th in canada?

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  7. Here is a press release from Canadian Fighting Championship that we posted on Top MMA News. It talks about Perez’ upcoming fight at CFC 3:

    I have seen Eric’s two fights this year and he put on very good performances. Perez is part fighter, part showman. I look forward to his step up in competition at CFC 3. I hope he focuses on getting the W. Thats a lot to ask of Eric though as I think he would rather lose an entertaining war than strategically win a fight quickly and painlessly.

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  8. Sean Quinn says:

    Isnt Perez the guy that invented the balogna sandwich camera?

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  9. KEITH RIEL says:

    fuck off Marc, Jans killed him. Robin should learn a little jiu-jitsu maybe

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  10. Ha no need for profanities.

    I’m friends with both Janz and Robin, and beating Robin for a few minutes is all Janz done in MMA in the past few years. He’s too inactive to be ranked. He’s looking to get another match, and he’s a win away from being ranked though.

    Robin knows his jiu jitsu fairly well, and trains with some high level Jiu Jitsu players.

    He just got caught. It happens to those who put it on the line.

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  11. Sean Quinn says:

    Ever fought before Keith? Do you have any idea what the hell you are talking about or are you just retarded?

    Just curious.

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  12. I have never fought before. I am retarded.

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  13. Sean Quinn says:

    Keith, you havent fought before, but i dont think you are retarded. You dont sound like a jilted asshole with every post you make though.

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  14. Sean Quinn says:

    Unlike some jilted assholes.

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  15. Just some of them

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  16. Alvin Castaneda says:

    can’t wait to see the LION fights.. Go Ryan Diaz make a blast!!!

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  17. Davis says:

    Jesse Fox should be on there 4-2 with both his losses at 145. Record might be 5-2 see a win at a RITC card whats not on his Sherdog record. Ryan Brighem. Corey Lautischer just beat Black could be on there.

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  18. Davis….thanks for your comment. I have Fox on my spreadsheet but have him at 3-2 (Sherdog) with his 3 wins coming against opponents with a combined 1-7 record. He also lost to a tough Tim Tamaki who generally loses most fights.

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  19. Davis says:

    that odd they have Ryan at 0-2 I think it was I know he is 4-3 if you look at his other sherdog recor they are spread out and My record on there is 0-4 when i have only fought twice they just threw two more random losses on there against guys I never fought so I was o-2 when I fought him and missing my one win its on another record, sherdog is messed up at times. Keep an eye on 135 in alberta its going get huge soon, have 4 135ers in our gym alone and I am going be fighting 3 times all worked out already at 135 finally finding guys at that weight:) but keep an eye out on Fox his guard is very good, needs to work on his stand up a bit but hes got a heart. I am hopeing him and Corey Lautischer lock horns soon.

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  20. Davis says:

    Ya looked at it and Brighems record is 4-3 my brother was 1-0 when he fought fox and i was 0-1 when i lost to him but I am now 1-2. Look out for the guy though.

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  21. vhin says:

    ryan… is that the accurate records showin’ in sherdog?

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  22. Fox says:

    looking at you stats,not sure how people with only one fight on there record were even concidered!! MMA is a sport where it doesnt matter how many wins the guy your fighting has its about gaining experience in the ring everyone has a punchers chance, look at tamaki ya he has a loosing record but if you look at the people hes fought hes no slouch and he fights at 145 and 155 and hes not a big guy! all he does is take tough fights! When i fought tim the video shows i was winning the fight and happen to eat a knee that knocked me out, so you saying that because the people iv beat have a combined shitty record means nothing especially in MMA anything can happen doesnt matter how good you are (look at the denis kang fight against allen belcher)
    sherdog stats are not right half the time,

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  23. We go by the fights that Top MMA News have seen, the records that we get from Sherdog and , the opinions of other ‘experts’ across Canada, and the strength of the opponents records. One thing is certain, losing to tough fighters all the time or beating weaker opposition all the time will not get you on the Top 10.

    I agree anything can happen in MMA. I also agree that Tamaki (and many CMAC guys) get put into very tough fights.

    I notice that there is one fighter with a 1-0 record in our Out of the Top 10. He should not have been mentioned in the Out of the Top 10. As we have performed more rankings, we have tightened up/paid more attention to the Out of Top 10 rankings.

    Thanks for your comments.

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  24. Fox says:

    ok so heres a question for you, Robin Black has a record of 2-3 and both his wins are from the same opponent, and most of his losses come from guys with loosing records as well, i just dont understand how you think some of these guys were even looked at, some of them forsure like Adrian Wooley,Ryan Diaz,Remi Morvan but others hell no, look at the to 10 in the states, you match up there top 10 to ours we would be slaughtered, im not trying to be negitave but in the long run it makes canada look bad, I believe top fighters should be fighters with records like 6-1, 8-0, even 10-4, and for guys like ryan diaz with a 13-11 record look at his losses and youll realize hes a killer!!! and if theres not enough fighters in canada at 135 with good records then dont have a top 10 because thats what gives fighters ego’s that should not have them!!!!!
    No disrespect to you keith, your just doing you job, but i dont think im in the top 10 anywhere and feel that i would probably beat most of your top 10 or give them a battle, Im pretty sure if i had a chance at the us top 10 id be dumb to take a fight against any of them!

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  25. This list is a top 5. Top MMA News felt that Bantamweight was not deep enough for a top 10.

    Yes. The US will have better top 10s in every division. They have 300 million people and we have 30 million. However, we kick Iceland’s ass!

    I hope you get a fight against one of the top 5 Fox. When you beat them like you say you will, you will be right in there.

    Btw…Not sure if you agree or disagree with Ryan Diaz. He does not have a great winning percentage but you do say he is a killer.

    Why don’t you post the 5 Bantamweights from Canada that you consider the best?

    by the way, love the comments Fox. Love the back and forth!

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  26. the law says:

    Hey Fox….
    Stop ur bitching man!!! These rankings are pretty bang on! The guys that are at the top deserve being there for numerous reasons!!! If you beat guys who constantly loose…. That just means u are beating low quality apponents. And if u are loosing to guys with loosing or just above .500 records means u urself are a week apponent and not a prospect! I think that these rankings are following a strong and effective guideline! If u have 2 fights and have beaten top prospects and are 2-0, u should b amongst the top ranking fighters. That’s just the way it works! And like Keith said, if u wanna be mentioned amongst them, then make a challenge and fight one of those guys!!! Ask Adrian for a fight, I guarantee u he won’t say no. He’ll gladly fight anyone out there. And if u beat him, I’m sure ull make a HUGE jump in the rankings!!! It is what it is, and if ur not happy with the rankings, do something about it to get ursefl up there instead of thinking u should b there. U should b ashamed!!! FIGHT FOR UR PRIDE!!! Don’t ask for it!

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  27. Fox says:

    the law-
    well for starters bro i didnt once say that adrian shouldnt be in the top five, if i recall i said he should and some of the others should as well!! So before you start saying that im trashing there rankings read what ive actually wrote!! All i was trying to say, and im sure you, keith and others would agree that some of the fighters named in the top 10 shouldnt have been!! for example – Stephane Pelletier 1-0, robin black 2-3, Dmitri Waardenburg 3-4, not that their not good fighters im sure they are, but to be top 10 in canada i think you need a better record than the records they have!!
    and also if you read what i wrote i never once said i should be top 10, im pretty sure i said i wasnt in the top 10, again we go back to reading what ive wrote which you obviously did not!!

    you asked who i thought were in the top 5 i definetly think hardeep sing should be in there hes 8-1 he fights at 135 and 145, not really sure of any others except justin tavernini and shane rice who were mentioned above!
    Ryan Diaz his record is almost even but look at the guys hes fought, mark hominic,max marin,hermes franca, hes lost to them but if hes good enough to be in the ring with them then hes a stud and would probably beat at least a few of the top 5 if not all!! and he also has 2 wins against Thierry Quenneville who is on the 145 top 10.

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  28. Fox – Hardeep Singh has been inactive and will not be ranked. We have him at Featherweight.

    I am not sure what list you are looking at but on the TOP FIVE (not top 10) Ryan Diaz is number 2 in Canada! Is that too low? What are you arguing about?

    By the way, thanks to all for their input in these rankings. Fox – I still want to see you Top 5 of fighters who have fought in the past year! :)

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  29. Fox here is our Top 5.
    The article lists more people, but otherwise, these are the ones that count for the official

    Anybody who hasn’t competed in the past year isn’t ranked due to inactivity, but there are some very talented fighters who just haven’t been active enough.

    Again, we appreciate your comments.

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  30. Fox says:

    im not trying to argue bro, i was just telling you what i thought of him, you asked if i agreed if ryan should be top 5 unless i miss under stood you?? but not trying to argue
    and thanks for the link

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  31. Not arguing either. I appreciate the critique! Hope you take a look at the other rankings and give your $.02 as well. Criticism and comments will make these rankings stronger.

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  32. L-D says:

    Im active drowndin in limes n corona 300 push ups at 3 o clock ready 2 train wit out a partner lookin at some wine fuc losin

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  33. hawkes says:

    roland delorme is now mentionable i must say

    he just armbarred remi morivan

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  34. ccanadx says:

    keep up the good work. Its not perfect but its improving.

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