Boots’ Scraps: Holst Weighs in on Weight Cuts


Hello everyone!  With the recent W1 Welterweight title fight changed to a non-title fight due to Carlos Newton missing weight by ten pounds, some Top MMA News readers have asked me some questions that I will answer in this column.

Q. How do you feel as a fighter when you see someone like Newton show up 10 pounds over weight? 

I feel that as a pro fighter it is extremely important to make weight; a pro fighter’s job is to train, to make weight and to put on a good fight. Carlos has been doing this for many years now and I’m sure he has gone through a lot of weight cuts –  about 30 pro mma fights. I could understand missing weight by 2lbs or 1lbs…It happens a lot in the MMA world, however, 10lbs..? I have cut weight in the sauna twice before with Carlos, he has everything from the garbage bags to the hoodie, and he’s in the sauna for quite a long time, he does cut a lot of water weight. Carlos always has his trusty PSP playing games in the sauna to take his mind off the heat\pain. For Carlos missing his weight by 10lbs, there must of been something terribly wrong, I can only assume. Rumor had it that he had stomach problems the Thursday night.  That is when it was crucial to cut most of the weight. Friday morning water cut should only be about of 2-3lbs tops because the weigh-ins are usually Friday at 11am.

Q. Would you take the fight with 20% purse or walk away?

I would always take the fight, no matter what, but it’s always up to my manager, Pat Cooligan, to make the final decision.   A lot of my previous opponents have missed weight, mostly by about 3-4lbs and we took the fight.

Q. Is it fair that if you are 1 pound over or 20 pounds over it’s the same fine?  Is it fair that when you take the fight that a loss appears on your record? 

In my opinion I don’t think it’s fair. Maybe there could be a rule that if its from 1-5 lbs it would be 20%, 5-10lbs 30% etc…? All I know is that it is a pro fighters job to make the agreed weight. As for the loss that appears on the fighters record that took the fight…too bad, it is the managers job to make the call if its too much weight difference or not; It is also up to the manager to gauge if it will be a good fight to take. If he takes the fight, then he has to accept the loss on his record, it’s all part of the package.

Q. Have you ever not made weight? 

No, my instructor, Pat, always made sure I was on weight and I had a whole team in the sauna with me to help make the weight. Cutting weight for me is very hard but no matter what I always pull through, step on the scale and make weight.

Q. What goes through a fighter’s mind in this situation when you are the one over weight?

I have never been in that position, but I would be still anxious to fight and probably have boosted confidence because I didn’t have to work as hard as my opponent, also I would already be heavier then my opponent. On top of that, the fighter just received 20% of your purse, so he would probably be fired up to get the win for the extra money.

-Do you practice weight cuts?

No. I have not yet. I don’t think I will ever, cutting weight is hard enough for me 

Thanks to Keith from for the good questions in this interview.  I am back at it and will post this weekend about my comeback to training. I will be in Sudbury for the next week teaching Muay Thai at an affiliate Renzo Gracie Ottawa school, Sudbury BJJ run by Steve Joncas. I will let you guys know how it goes!  Take care everyone!


holst jeff shiner

This is a picture of Jeff and I on my first day back training at OAMA for my fight Dec. 12th, WRECK MMA – Fight for the Troops.  Jeff put me through a hard Muay Thai training session – working around my injury.  It involved me puking, receiving a beating, and black eye..

2 Responses to “ Boots’ Scraps: Holst Weighs in on Weight Cuts ”

  1. Slappy Joe says:

    Mark, can you see a fighter use ‘coming in over the weight limit’ as a strategy? 20% of most smaller promotion purses is not much. An extra 10 lbs and a victory may be more valuable to a fighter in the long run.

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  2. Mark Holst says:

    Ya for sure I can see that happening Joe. Im sure it happens more then we think. I bet if you ask a lot of fighters what would they prefer, a weight advantage and possible win on their records or giving 20% purse , they would pick the weight advantage + possible win. Like you said, more valuable in the long run.

    Im sure that Carlos did not use that strategy though.

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