MFL Weigh-in Results – Four Fighters Miss Weight


The Mixed Fight League wants to inform you about the results of its oficial weigh-ins that was held this afternoon at the Best Western Hotel, Brossard, Quebec.  It is in a friendly, but feverish atmosphere, inside an intimate and warm room, that the first shots of the MFL 1: The Beginning event were given as organizers, fighters, trainers, cornermen, media and amateurs were all gather for the first time.
Please note that Brian DaSilva called out less than 48 hours previous to the event due to an injury he suffered during his training camp.  Unable to find a replacement with such a short notice, the MFL had to cancel Sebastien Hamel’s appearance.   Also, following a decision of the athletic commission (RACJ), which refused to approve the fight opposing Yannick Galipeau to Patrick Tessier, this fight either had to be cancelled for administrative reasons.  Tom Murphy steps in as Yan Pellerin replacement to face Jason Cecil, after Pelletin withdrew because of health problems. 
Here are the results of the MFL 1 : The Beginning official weigh-ins :
145 lb – Thierry Quenneville (147.8*) vs Tim Tamaki (144.5)
155 lb – Guillaume DeLorenzi (154.6) vs Sébastien Garguier (155.7*)
170 lb – Derek Gauthier (170) vs Mike Medrano (169.5)
HW – Tom Murphy (216.8) vs Jason Cecil (214.1)
185 – Marcus Célestin (190.6*) vs Marc Blackburn (183.6)
135 – Dimitri Waardenburg (134.2) vs Pierre-Étienne Marcoux (136.9)
155 – Stéphane Chrétien (154.4) vs Kevin Morin (154.5)
145 – Guillaume Fortier (144.3) vs Érik Dumaine (144.1)
155 – Sébastien Vachon (154.6) vs Jeff Royer (163.1*)
170 – Alexio Garcia (170) vs T.J. Coletti (168.5)
185 – Bruno Lurette (183.5) vs Fred Bélanger (183.9)
*Fighters who didn’t make the reglementary weight were fine 20% of their purse, which will be given to their respective opponents.

5 Responses to “ MFL Weigh-in Results – Four Fighters Miss Weight ”

  1. David Letourneau says:

    why wasnt gallipeau allowed to fight? was it because it was a mis match? they offered me this fight a few weeks ago but i didnt have enough time to train for it. damn

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  2. Gabriel Santos says:

    Goodluck to all the fighters on this show!

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  3. David Letourneau says:

    Is there any word on why the gallipeau tesseir fight was called off?

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  4. David… I don’t have the official reason, but Gallipeau has been scheduled to face Nick Ring next weekend at Aggression MMA for the past week as well.

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  5. I think I heard that the commission didn’t approve that matchup.

    Not 100% sure though.

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