Introducing Alex Caporicci – Top MMA News’ Monday Morning Matchmaker


Ever wonder what a matchmaker is thinking? 

“Who should fight for GSP’s belt?”, ” How do you quickly replace an injured fighter three days before the event?”, and “How do you react when a guy like Fritz Paul no shows or Carlos Newton shows up 10 pounds heavy?” are some of the many questions I would like answered by the matchmakers. 

Top MMA News is excited to introduce a new weekly column that will be written by W-1, Ringside, and Wreck MMA matchmaker Alex Caporicci.  Once a week, Alex will be bringing his unique matchmaker perspective on issues in MMA in Canada and the world. 

Alex lives in Montreal and can offer insight into the red hot Quebec MMA scene.  Like many, he got hooked on MMA watching PRIDE and UFC events.  His MMA career took off from there.  He reported on UCC shows in Montreal, he has worked for TKO, he has managed fighters, he started the APEX promotion, and now is the top matchmaker in eastern Canada. 

Caporicci cut his teeth on that first APEX show in 2004.  “To this day, that first show was the biggest struggle I ever had matchmaking an event,” claims Alex.  He lost fighters such as Gideon Ray and Stephan Bonnar because they thought they might make the cast of the first season of The Ultimate Fighter.  Other fighters were lost due to a hurricane, injuries, and pretending to be injured.  (Sounds like a great column !)  Now Alex is matchmaking 3 upcoming shows:   November 14th – Ringside, December 12th – Wreck, and possibly a January 30th – Ringside show.  

Top MMA News looks forward to these cards as well as Alex’ weekly “Monday Morning Matchmaker” column which will be sure to cover these events and much more.

If you have questions for Alex or any of the Top MMA News columnists, feel free to Contact Us and your questions will be routed to the proper person.

9 Responses to “ Introducing Alex Caporicci – Top MMA News’ Monday Morning Matchmaker ”

  1. Sean Quinn says:

    Alex is the cats tits. :)

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  2. Martin Dyck says:

    I like cat’s tits!

    Seriously.. congrats Alex. I look forward to reading your column.

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  3. Gabriel Santos says:

    Nice Alex! now people can get a chance to see what we go through as Matchmakers!!!

    Gabriel Santos
    President Of Operations
    Ultimate Cage Wars

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  4. Robin says:

    Where do you matchmake fights?

    Isn’t your company out of business?

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  5. Gabriel Santos says:

    Did you forget already? I matched up your first loss in winnipeg hahaha. Thats when Janz beat you on UCW 14.. sorry about that but I try to give guys challanges with no easy wins as a true fan I want to see good match ups!

    Where not out of business at all! You and your click just wish we were! UCW just can’t run a MMA show this year! UCW had its lenience suspended for 6 months by the Manitoba Commission. Its all good though we have a grappling show next week in fact and Garry Goodridge is coming to town with his guys to compete. Oh ya and watch for us next year I have some big things cooking for next year and I have some plans that will change MMA in Winnipeg forever!!!


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  6. Not sure who this Robin is, but it’s not Robin Black.

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  7. Gabriel Santos says:

    My bad then Marc sorry to Mr Black if it was not him!

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  8. I just finished editing the first article by our Monday Morning Matchmaker.

    Let me tell you that there is some great Monday MMA reading on tap tomorrow for Top MMA News’ fans!

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  9. MMA fan says:

    This is great! Looking forward to reading the weekly column.

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