Video: Junie Browning Addresses Recent Incidents


A very contrite Junie Browning honestly addresses his alleged suicide attempts and hospital incident.  A very apologetic Junie Browning discusses with MMA Fix his upbringing and issues that lead to his troubles.

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  1. Dean says:

    Wow. I’m all for second chances and people being forgiven but how many times can one person be offered the opportunity to do what he supposedly loves just to blow it?? IMHO, I think Junie should seek professional help and put his mental issues behind him before he is givin yet another chance to be an athlete. Wouldn’t most non pro athletes have been charged for actions like this? I’m not sure if Junie was but am of the opinion that he should of been. I’d rather see a fighter that puts his body, mind and soul into this sport than a fighter that obviously has a diiferent agenda. That being said, I hope Junie gets better and his mental anguish doesn’t get the best of him.

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