TUF 10: Heavyweights – Episode 5 Recap


Wes SimsEpisode 5 starts with Rashad boasting about his 4-0 record and that “Rampage’s guys don’t have as good as coaches as our guys do.”  In practise, Matt Mitrione hurt his arm and wants to get a cortisone shot.  Rashad tries to talk him out of it.  “Meathead” is “stupid for wanting a cortisone shot.”

Marcus Jones wants to fight next.  Rampage is annoyed that they are down 4-0.  He says “it messes with my personal life.  It messes with my sex life.”  Rampage is an idiot who did just as bad coaching against Forrest as he is against Rashad.  He is more worried about his record than coaching his guys. 

Zak Jensen is a wrestler who “freaks out” when he is on his back.  Scott Junk says Jensen is a “turd at practise.”

Wes Sims is annoyed that he almost stepped on a “family of Jensens” in the shower.  He claims that Zak Jensen pulled his goalie in the shower.  Jensen gets sulky and heads to his room.  Brendan Schaub says that Jensen is “socially awkward” and should not be in the house. 

Mitrione saran wraps his sore arm and claims he is ready to fight next.  He is a an attention getter.  Rashad gives great advice, “Before everyone proves themself in the cage, they have to prove themself in practise.”  Rashad says that Mitrione is the weak link on the team.  To go undefeated, they are going to have “to change his head.”

Sims and Rampage talk about the man juice in the shower.  They “don’t know what is wrong with (Jensen).”  Sims and Jensen are training and Jensen was put to sleep by Sims.

McSweeney says that Mitrione’s shoulder problem is on and off.  Madsen said it is an excuse and Mitrione is looking for a way out.  They show Mitrione playing football and basketball.  He seems to be the laughing stock of the house.  Last week he was the snitch and this week he is complaining about the shoulder.  Assistant Coach Van Arsdale says that Mitrione just has an “owwwiee”.  Mitrione wants to ice the shoulder during practise.  Mitrione admits he was being “a bit of a baby.”  He says he is going to win even if he has “to pull off his arm and grab another arm and use that instead.” 

Fight announcement.  Rashad picks Justin Wren from his team against Wes Sims from Team Rampage.  Wren did not want to fight Scott Junk because they are friends so he gets the easier Wes Sims to fight.  Marcus Jones is upset that Rashad did not pick him to fight.  He was sulking that he did not get picked.

Justin Wren trains out of Travis Lutter’s BJJ gym.  He figures it is a “youth versus experience matchup.”  It is a good matchup for him because “Wes Sims (game) has not evolved.”  Sims just wants to “make it exciting.”  He wants to go in there “balls to the walls.”  Wes Sims says he is a “world class wrestler.”  Rampage wants Sims to use his length, stay long, and throw his jabs.  Sims wants to “win viciously or lose devastatingly.”

Official weigh-ins:  Justin Wren 247.5 lbs, Wes Sims 251 lbs

Dana White chimes in.  He gives Sims the advantage having fought in the UFC before.  He thinks Wren is not built like a Heavyweight.

Justin Wren vs Wes Sims

 Wren pushes Sims against the cage right off the bat.  The two break and Wren gets Sims down to the mat.  With Side Control, Wren puts Sims to sleep with an Arm Triangle.

Justin Wren submits Wes Sims by Arm Triangle in Round 1.

Dana White laughs at how Sims performed and was impressed by Wren’s performance. 

Once again, Rashad is bothered that Rampage did not even check on his fighters.  Wes Shivers says that “Rampage is not a coach, Rampage is a fighter.”  Dana White agrees that he should not walk away from his fighters.  Rashad tries to encourage Rampage to be a better coach.  Rampage says he is not going to do anything different.  Rashad says that Rampage is just “selfish.”  Rashad says that “I can come out using (Rampage’s) style and still beat (Rampage’s) ass.”

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