Boots’ Scraps: The W-1 Recap and Back on Track!


Hi everyone, hope everyone enjoyed W-1 last Saturday night. I did not get to see any of fights except for our OAMA fighters because I was backstage warming up the fighters and taping their hands. I heard it was a great show, but not big on attendance. It was very weird to see so many of the seats empty at the Guertin Arena.

Xavier was first fight of the night as usual. Xavier did extremely well. At the beginning of the round, he escaped a tight kimura from his opponent’s guard, rolled out, and then it was all him from there. Nicholas Pariseau was his opponent, coming from, I thought, a kickboxing back ground.  He tried to take down Xavier and I think even pulled half guard at some point. He actually did really well against Xavier, who is a Renzo Gracie purple belt, but Xavier was well prepared.  Even though he only had two weeks to get ready for this fight, he did not stop going, lots of scrambling in this fight, mostly a BJJ fight, finally Xavier got the sweep to get on top, then got a really, really high mount. He had both arms ready for armlocks from the mount.  Xavier finished his opponent in the 1st round with an armlock staying in mounted position! Great 2nd fight for Xavier 2-0!

Next we had H-Bomb replacing me to fight Mitch Gagnon. Jeff was looking sharp and ready at the back and came out really strong. With only two weeks of prep, Jeff was feeling confident and very fit! Jeff came out with a jab right kick combo, his kick was caught by Mitch and then took him down. It was obvious that Mitch did not want to stand and bang with Jeff. They spent a long time on the ground scrambling. Jeff did great defending Mitch’s submission attempts. At the end of the round, Mitch got the RNC in tight on Jeff. Mitch was looking really strong and a very technical wrestler, he had a great game plan to fight Jeff and was able to take the fight where he was comfortable. Mitch fought real smart. Jeff will be back in the ring I am sure, he is a true fighter, and will fight anyone at anytime! I feel badly because I was suppose to be  fighting Mitch and I myself trained Jeff  for the 2 weeks he had. It was a classic striker vs grappler fight, just like Jeff’s last fight. I don’t know many people that would stand and strike with Jeff, but if that happens in the future, I’m sure it will be fight of the night!

And last, as co-main event was Remi “Bam Bam” Morvan. Remi had a good tw0 months prep for this fight and he was looking really sharp in the gym. I felt like Remi was really nervous coming out, so much pressure and stress. Going to the ring, I felt like he was already tired from the nerves. Remi fought a tough opponent with a great wrestling  back ground – Adrian Woolley. Remi’s stand up was by far superior, but I think Remi had a lot of hesitation, to be taken down when he threw combos. For the whole fight, Adrian was able to negate Remi’s Jiu Jitsu. Remi was doing great striking with Adrian and had the upper hand landing kicks and punches, but was not able to do any real damage to Adrian. Adrian was doing really well on the ground, being really safe and smart. He landed only a few punches on the ground, not giving Remi anything to work with really. That fight was really hard for me to watch. Both warriors did it though, fought their hearts out for 5 rounds! Something that only a few fighters have yet to be able to do. Adrian showed great heart and skill, and was able to get the UD on Remi.

I am really proud of all of the OAMA fighters. Remi, Jeff and Xavier – you guys did what most people talk about or dream to do. To step in the cage and fight. You represented the team with honor, putting everything on the line. Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to be there with you through the hard training and the hard fights! You guys showed what OAMA fighters are all about! Team-Honor-Loyalty!

 As for me, I am sick, injured and have not trained for weeks. Today was my first day back at light training. Very discouraging. I started my day “Rocky style” by drinking 5 raw eggs. That did not go down too well. Followed by swimming a few laps with my fellow OAMA training partner Stephane Bernadel. Then I hit the sauna for 5 minutes. I came out feeling OK but now I feel like puking. I will try my hardest to train the MMA elite class at 1pm and train the classes tonight. Not a good start though…

Stephane, Randy and myself are scheduled to fight on the WRECK MMA show December 12th. I believe the tickets are on sale today. I have 2 months of hard training ahead, and its not a good start for me! I find it hard to get motivated, I’m really down for the fights…I want to get back on diet this week and ramp up the training, I will try my best to get back on track!

I will keep you guys posted about my 2 month training camp for my next MMA fight in Hull December 12th! More to come! Take care everyone and thank you for all the support, means a lot to me!


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