Newton Misses Weight; W1 Title Fight Off


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Coming in 10 pounds over weight is grossly unacceptable.

On October 10, Carlos Newton and Shonie Carter were scheduled to fight for the inaugural W1 Welterweight championship.  To make it official, both fighters had to weigh in tonight at 170 lbs (No one pound allowance on title fights).  However, those plans changed when Carlos Newton informed W1 this morning that he would be unable to hit the 170 pound mark so a catchweight of 175 lbs was agreed upon between both camps.

At the weighins this afternoon, Carter tipped the scales at 174 pounds and Newton was 180 pounds, still 5 lbs over the catchweight, and an amazing 10 lbs over the original Welterweight target. As a result of Carlos’ excess weight, the fight is no longer for the W1 Welterweight title, a percentage of Newton’s purse goes to Carter and the length of the fight has been reduced to three rounds from the scheduled five rounds for championship fights.

Carlos is a Canadian legend but this is grossly unacceptable. Missing weight is one of the worse things a fighter can do and to miss by so far makes one wonder how serious Carlos is about fighting? This is not the first time Carlos has missed weight. He was set to face Renato Verissimo at UFC 46 at 170 pounds and it was changed to a 175 pound catchweight due to Newton being unable to get as low as 170 pounds. At that time, the reason was flight problems preventing Carlos from properly cutting the weight.

It will be interesting to see what kind of shape Carlos is in tomorrow night versus Shonie, and if the fans will get a reason from Carlos or his camp on why he missed weight by so much?

Missing weight for title fights has become an upsetting trend in Canada.  Carlos Newton missing weight comes just a week away from MFC 22 where Carlos Prater was supposed to challenge MFC Lightweight champion Antonio McKee for his Lightweight title.  Prater also missed weight and the fight was changed to a three round non title affair.

In addition to Carlos Newton missing weight, two other W1 fighters also missed weight.  Chris Vorano also failed to make the 170 lb Welterweight limit for his fight against Nabil Khatib.  Promising Feathweight fighter Tom Waters missed the 145 lb limit for his fight with Mike Hong.

This brings up the question – should there be greater consequences for fighters who miss weight? Should there be same day weighins so fighters are not cutting as much weight? How can this problem be fixed?

8 Responses to “ Newton Misses Weight; W1 Title Fight Off ”

  1. Nabil Khatib says:

    No, No, NO!!!! There IS NO need for same day weigh-ins! I was subject to same day weighins for all of my amateur fights and it really didn’t make a difference. Actually if you ask me, weigh-ins the day before gives MOST fighters better energy for the next days event! After rehydrating and eating properly our body physically gets re-hyped! Myself being 40 walk around at 198 or so lbs, fight at 170. I MAKE WEIGHT!! If I can do it, then they sure can to!
    I agree with possibly a higher percentage deduction, (in MY mind sometimes in the sauna, I would give up 20% lol)
    Makes for an interesting show when you see how much we cut the day before, then to the day of the fight when people look at us and say “Holy Shitsu, he’s MUCH bigger than he was yesterday!”

    My 2 cents!

    Nabil Khatib

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  2. Mark says:

    I agree with Nabil.Same day weigh ins are definitely a stupid idea. I don’t think there should be any changes when it comes to that. Making weight is up to the fighter, it’s a part of being a professional. I think it’s unacceptable especially for someone like Carlos Newton. We would understand more if he just missed the mark by 1 or 2 pounds, but 10 Lbs, and then misses the catch weight by 5 pounds. That’s ridiculous.

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  3. Mark says:


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  4. Appreciate your comments guys.

    I’m actually not a fan of same day weighins either. Not even sure why I mentioned it. In theory they should be good if everybody came in at their natural weight. But instead guys still cut alot of weight and do more damage to their bodies.

    I think it’s common for guys to forfeit or not care about the 20% forfeit of purse. Maybe we should have larger fines, or something that would make a fighter do ANYTHING to make weight, because being part of the job obviously isn’t enough for some guys.

    I think W1 should lower their food perdiem also!

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  5. Joe Doerksen says:

    10 pounds over? That’s unbelievable. That means he didn’t even try. Incredibly unprofessional.

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  6. Dean says:

    I agree. Newton has been doing this for far too long to not know how to come in at the proper weight.

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  7. justme says:

    10 lbs!!!!! Carlos didnt care to make weight!!!!! Or he didnt want to loose his title. He should b stripped of his belt and fined 50-60% of his purse for missing weight by such a ridiculous margin!!! Carlso is a legend and a representative for the sport of mma in canada and he has let down the country and the fans by doing what he did!!!! Like Marc-Andre Drolet said, some guys dont care if they loose 20% of their purse, because ultimately winning IS MORE IMPORTANT! Having an advantage of 10lbs over ur apponent is an unheard of occurance and is a definate advantage. Although, respect to Shonie for taking the fight and in all honesty i hope he whoops his ass!!!
    And yes i speak from experience, i fight in the canadian circuit and have only missed weight once by only 1 pnd in 11 fights. It happens!!! But 10… Carlos u should b ashamed and im sure u are!

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  8. David Letourneau says:

    I really have an issue when fighters cant make weight, 1 to 2 lbs is frustrating to me but 10 lbs is highly unprofessional, disrespectful,shows no respect for your opponent the fans or the organization you fight for. weigh-ins are 1 day prior to the fights meaning you had usually 6 weeks to diet and train its not about the effort at weighin day its the weeks leading up to it. I have to work so hard to get down in weight and take it very seriously and I do not compete at the level carlos does but thats your job when we fight at a pro level. I know how hard it is to diet I hate that part of it, sitting there at night all the damn comercials on tv are about food and beer and your sitting there with a f^%%n glass of water. 20% is not enough maybe 80% or The fight should be called off. I dont agree with same day weighins but perhaps in the weeks leading up to the fight you need to weigh a certain percentage of your fight weight.

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