Boots’ Scraps: W-1 Preview! IT’S GO TIME!


Its go time for 3 of my teammates,3 of my brothers Jeff, Xavier and Remi!

Last night was the last night of sharpening up their tools. Really light training. Remi was working his gameplan with Hammer on the mats. I was in the ring holding mitts for Xavier and Jeff reviewing the two strategies for their fights with our head instructor Pat Cooligan.

Jeff is looking really good, he is in crazy shape! He has a tough fight coming up against an opponent who was supposed to fight me, Mitch Gagnon from Team Shredder. Mitch is built like a tank, really short and stocky! His strengths are ground and pound, wrestling, fitness and power! I believe that Kru Jeff’s strengths are  Muay Thai, Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu, speed and fitness! Kru Jeff has the reach advantage but Mitch Gagnon has the strength. Styles are clashing so its looking to be a tough one! I have been spending a lot of time training Kru Jeff for this fight, fitness is through the roof, his hands are sharp, muay thai skills are better then ever, wrestling defense is there and if it all fails, the Renzo Gracie blue belt is ready 

Xavier Desrochers will have his second MMA fight this Saturday against Nicolas Pariseau. Both Stephane and Remi have fought against the older brother, Tommy Pariseau. Xavier’s strengths are Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, explosive power and fitness. I have been training Xavier’s boxing and muay thai and he is coming along. For Nicolas Pariseau, I can only assume that he will be similar style of his brother Tommy Pariseau. So Nicolas’ strengths over Xavier would be kickboxing, reach, toughness and fitness (just based on the rep of the gym he is coming from, really tough and very fit fighters!) I have been training Xavier’s hands on the mitts and he is very explosive so who knows, he might be surprising a lot of people!

As for Remi “Bam Bam” Morvan, he has the fight of his life I believe. His toughest fight in his career. Remi has the Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu and a little bit of reach over his opponent, Adrian “The bully” Woolley, who has ground and pound, wrestling and the strength advantage over Remi. Remi has been working on his striking with me and who knows if Adrian has sharpened up on his stand up too, maybe it will be the deciding factor of how the fight goes, because Remi’s Jiu Jitsu might negate Adrian’s ground and pound, so it might come down to who has the better striking! Also Adrian has taken time off of fighting so that will probably be a factor and he might have some ring rust but it will be a war that is for sure! Both of them going for the W-1 Bantam Title, it will be fight of the night!

I am going to the hotel with the 3 fighters and our head instructor Pat Cooligan. We will be relaxing and getting into the zone for the fight. All 3 OAMA fighters have some weight to cut so I will be helping them in the sauna tonight and help them stay sane!

I am also trying my hardest to stay sane, I am really feeling down and discouraged these days about not fighting and being injured. On top of that, I cannot really train. I think I am going crazy lol. Hopefully after W-1, I will be going back into the routine of training and getting back up on my feet. Thank you for all the encouragements and support, I really appreciate it and it means a lot to me…you guys are the best.

I will be writing again Friday after the weigh-in to let all you guys know how their status is and how much they weigh.

Take care everyone and I hope to see all of you on Saturday night at W-1! Its going to be a great night!


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