Video: Does Warren Tap Out to Bibiano?


Here is some video highlights of the DREAM Featherweight Grand Prix semi-final between Bibiano Fernandes and Joe Warren.  Did Warren tap out?  It looks like he is tapping Bibiano’s knee with his right hand to me.

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  1. Gunner says:

    No offence to Mr Warren he is a great fighter but to me it was a tap and if he did not tap the ref stopped him from being out of commission for a long time rehabbing a broken arm. Saying he did not tap or was still safe is like saying i was taking a dive against Mr Spratt so he would jump on me on the canvas to get back to the ground.

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  2. Guillaume says:

    Even if he didin’t tap… Ref’s priority is to protect the fighters… Doesn’t need a tapout to stop a fight. The armbar was very deep… Deep enough anyways!

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  3. Dean says:

    Gunner, great fight first off. No shame in being caught by a guy with over 4 times more fights than you and that has fought literally everywhere. You look fantastic the entire way through and now seem to be even classier in defeat than a lot of people are in victory. That being said, It looked to me like he most definately finger tapped the leg of Bibiano and it was a good thing it was stopped as that arm looked like it was about to hyperextend. It bothers me as a true fan of this great sport to see an athlete show such poor judgement in a loss. At the level you fighters compete at, everyone is talented and hungry and on any given day any fighter can be caught. Pick up the pieces, move forward and get even better and come back stronger and hungrier to prove yourself. Don’t make youself look like a poor sport and ruin your reputation.

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  4. Gunner says:

    Dean, thanks i appreciate it. that means a lot to have knowledable fans that enjoy a fight and give the credit win or lose to the guys who are in there giving it there all.
    I had my chances in the first round and even a couple in second to finish the fight Mr Spratt defended well and well against a guy of his caliber and talent if you don’t finish when you get the chance,,,, well you see what happens when he gets his shot lol
    as for shame, there is no room for shame in this game, if you climb in there and give it what you got you got my respect and all the fans that achknowledge that get even more respect.

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  5. L-Boutin says:

    Definetly looked like Warren tapped with his fingers. I really can’t see what else he would have been doing with them. Can’t stand when guys tap and then pretend they didn’t.

    Gunn, great fight with Spratt ! You were doing excellent in the first round. Keep it up man !

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