TUF 10: Heavyweights – Episode 4 Recap


Last week featured Roy Nelson finishing Kimbo Slice in the second round.  This fight was the most watched fight in Spike TV history; beating the Rampage Jackson vs Dan Henderson title fight.   Team Rampage is now down 3-0.  Will they actually be victorious this week on Episode 4?

Episode 4 starts with the review of the Kimbo/Roy Nelson fight.  Darrill Schoonover was impressed with Kimbo’s stand up.  However, the group agrees that Kimbo was “outclassed on the ground by Roy by far.”

Rampage Jackson cannot stand “that fat muthfucka” as Roy is cocky after the fight (not like Rampage is ever cocky).  Rampage and his team give support to Kimbo and tell him he did great.  Kimbo is looking forward to the remaining two weeks of training. 

Marcus Jones is suddenly sweating a lot in the house – is something is wrong with the big man?  Brendan Schaub thinks its just a reaction because Marcus is not used to training and fighting.  Jones agrees that ” it is very strenuous.”

Rashad talks about Matt Mitrione and Justin Wren.  He calls Mitrione “green” and Schaub one of his top guys.  Mike Wessel “can be one of the top guys,” while Schaub “is ready to fight.”  Team Rashad tells their remaining guys who they want them to fight from Team Rampage.  Justin Wren comes back to say that he does not want to fight Scott Junk because they are best friends.  Rashad understands as he would not want to fight Keith Jardine.

Rampage compares Season 10 to his performance at Season 7 where he got dominated early as a coach.  Rampage calls Marcus “a sweet guy who does not know his own strength.”  Demico Rogers looks like a “mini-Rashad” according to Rampage. 

Later, Scott Junk and Justin Wren are talking.   Apparently Matt Mitrione told the other team who they are fighting.  Junk calls Mitrione “a meathead.”  Wren does not like the fact that him and Junk will “crush each other’s dreams” if they fight in the first round.   Wren cannot understand why he ruined their team’s strategy and Schaub calls him a “snitch”.   McSweeney figures he did it to get out of fighting Marcus Jones.  “Once you are a rat, there is no turning back.”  Mitrione calls himself “an asshole.”  Rashad calls him “not smart” and asks “is he dumb?”  Rashad says he will switch the fights up, but he also agrees that Mitrione does not want to fight Marcus Jones.  Schaub, a Jackson teammate of Rashad’s, does not want to fight a good fighter like Junk in the first round.  One has to guess that Rashad will protect his teammate and give him a weaker first round opponent.

The fight gets announced.  Rashad picks Brendan Schaub to fight Demico Rogers.  Its two athletic guys fighting each other, but Brendan has better skills.  Dana calls it a fight with two big guys where “anything can happen.”  Rampage says it is “a wonderful fight for us” as “his boy is going to win this thang.”  Rashad? He “wants to win all eight” and set a record.

Schaub thinks “he is better in every category” than the undefeated Demico.  Rashad wants Brendan to use his jab and keep the fight standing.  Rampage wants Demico to shoot and take down Demico.  Demico figures he has “better wrestling and jiu-jitsu.”  Team Rampage is convinced that Rashad made a terrible matchup.

Demico shows up for his fight and his coaches have gone out to eat, while Brendan is working out with his coaches.  Finally Rampage shows up and you wonder how it affects Demico as he did not get a proper warmup.  In my opinion, Rampage is just a crappy coach and I feel sorry for his team.

Brendan Schaub vs Demico Rogers

 Fight starts.  Demico shoots and Brendan stuffs him.  Schaub lands some shots before Demico takes him down.  Full guard with Demico on top.  Rogers lands a couple lefts as he grounds and pounds.  Demico passes to side control with 2 and half minutes left.  He goes for full mount and Schaub escapes and gets on top.   Schaub is much more active on top.  Schaub secures an Anaconda choke and Rogers taps out.  Rashad gives Rogers compliments and sympathy while Rampage continues to think only of himself.  Rashad really dislikes Rampage’s coaching style.

Brendan Schaub wins by Anaconda Choke.

As Dana White says, “Rampage hates losing”  (maybe he should try coaching).  He better get used to losing as Rashad is poised to sweep all eight fights as he is “kicking Rampage’s ass.”

Next week:  Rashad calls out Rampage for not showing his fighters any respect, Wes Sims finally makes an appearance, and Mitrione further alienates himself from his team.

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