Boots’ Scraps: W-1 … 3-0 !


Xavier, Remi and Jeff will be fighting this coming Saturday at W-1 in Hull. I am really excited to see all three of them fight. I say 3-0 on that night, 2 subs and 1 KO :) !

All three of them have been training really hard. I have been helping as much as I can to prep up these guys. I have been spending alot of time training Jeff since he has taken my fight. I am really thankful that he took the fight and I know he will do awesome!

I will be going with Pat on Thursday to the hotel with the 3 fighters to focus and start cutting the weight with them. W-1 is going to be an action packed event and I know all the OAMA students and MMA fans in the Gatineau\Ottawa will be there to support their fighters!

I have been really down on myself for this last week concerning the fight. Not training for this long and not be able to fight has really affected me in big ways, I dont feel that I am myself this week at all. Having to pull out from a fight really sucks, like I said it is my first time, and I hope it will be my last.

I will be writting again this week about the training of all 3 fighters and what they weighed in at.

Again, I am very sorry everyone, thank you all for the support, your all awesome!


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One Response to “ Boots’ Scraps: W-1 … 3-0 ! ”

  1. Looking forward to checking this show out on the Score and Fight Network.

    OAMA always comes prepared and is well represented.

    Mark, don’t sweat it. You have a bright future in this sport, and there is NO rush. If you are injured and not able to be close to 100% then you shouldn’t get in the cage.

    I think you will benefit from this experience and gain something you wouldn’t have, if the fight was on.

    Also looking forward to all the OAMA fighters on the December Wreck show!

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