Suspensions Lifted for Williams Trio – Moncton Ban to be Lifted Next?


Top MMA News has learned that the suspensions of Steve, Mike, and John Williams have been lifted.  In an email today to the Canadian boxing, wrestling, and MMA commissions, Moncton Boxing and Wrestling Commission chairman Jerry Doiron-Gould stated the following:

The Moncton Boxing & Wrestling Commission has hereby reinstated the following:
Indefinite suspension – Steven Williams 
Indefinite suspension – Johm J. Williams 
Indefinite suspension – Mike Williams

In talking to G. Robert Basque, the lawyer representing the Williams’ family, Top MMA News was informed that the Moncton Boxing and Wrestling Commission (MBWC) has no authority to suspend and/or fine any individual according to the City of Moncton bylaw that gives the MBWC its authority over MMA.

In addition to this news, G. Robert Basque expected a press release from the MBWC indicating that the Moncton Commission has completed its review of MMA and its six month ban on MMA is over.  The press release was expected on October 2. Top MMA News had not seen this release at the time of writing this article.

Basque, on behalf of the Williams Trio, sent a letter to the Commission and the City of Moncton indicating that the Moncton Commission had no authority to suspend the Williams’ family.  It appears that a City of Moncton solicitor agreed with Basque and also determined that the MBWC had no authority to suspend or fine any athlete.  This forced the Commission’s hand to rescind the suspensions.

Basque further added that his clients were not able to defend themselves from the Moncton Commission’s charges. “There is no due process.  If you are going to suspend me, I have the right to know what I am accused of, go to a hearing, I have the right to representation, and I have the right to defend myself.”  Basque continued, “The process (that the MBWC follows) is not only ridiculous, it is non-existent.”

G. Robert Basque also mentioned that his clients and the Moncton Commission are scheduled to meet October 5 to further discuss the situation.

Mike Williams, co-owner of Elite 1 MMA, stated the following on behalf of himself, his brother, and his father:

“We are very happy that we got the reinstatement out of the way lifted by the commission.

We are not finished with this yet, there is a lot of damage to us, that has to be addressed and several changes that have to be made and we intend to keep moving on it till we are happy with the outcome.

There is still a lot more to come out and the reinstatement news is just the beginning. Meetings have been taking place all week by everyone involved in this situation. Now we all have to all get together to rectify the situation and that should be done on Monday.  An appointment is scheduled for all parties involved on Monday afternoon.

When everything is said and done it will still turn a lot of heads and it will all make sense and be more clear to everyone.

In the next few days people will realize who the real victims were.”

Top MMA News left several messages for Jerry Doiron-Gould on October 2, but they went unanswered.

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12 Responses to “ Suspensions Lifted for Williams Trio – Moncton Ban to be Lifted Next? ”

  1. Gabriel Santos says:

    Glad to hear this news!

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  2. John Williams says:

    Just a quick confirmation: Our lawyer did an excellent job to get us to this point, lifting the suspensions was the first step, but, we are not finished yet!
    Our goal is to get MMA back to where it was before the negative effects of the ban and our suspensions caused this great sport to suffer in the eyes of the fans,
    We will begin this process immediately. First we will meet, accompanied by our lawyer, with the City and commission and try to work out a mutually beneficial short and long-term agenda to allow this sport to continue the growth process which we initiated over 3 years ago!
    Even though Elite 1 MMA Productions, headed by Mike Williams and Steve Williams, played a key part in the exposure of MMA to the public, it was the fighters who risked their bodies by stepping onto the gladiator stage and put it on the line, over and over again who are the heroes here.
    The fighters and the fans who supported them are the reason we did this! They are what this is all about, and our obligation is to assure they are not restricted in the task of bringing MMA to the forefront of the sporting stage here.
    Please bear with us until we get everything ironed-out, then we will get this sport going again, only bigger and better!

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  3. Good to hear John! those guys really need to see that they can’t bully promoters around you guys have a great reputation and track record that they have tried to crush! Keep up your fight in the end the truth will come out and it will work out for you guys!

    Gabriel Santos
    UCW Winnipeg

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  4. mark g says:

    not unexpected , i knew elite #1 was not in the wrong in any way , and again it was a move to discredit the people who are heading the move to build mma in the maritimes , i have been to the elite #1 productions shows , and i will honestly say the quality of the fighters surpasses the ones you actually see on the ultimate fighter reality show , theres no drama , or build up , just two guys showing the heart to fight and succeed to the next level of mma , and hats off to Elite #1 for being the leaders giving them the opportunity to shine , i do however hope the tarnishment left by the suspensions and negative media does not get swept under the rug and that the boxing commision and anyone else involved gets what they deserve for making such a negative move against the ones that actually care about maritime mma grouth , congrats elite #1 staff , keep up the great work and shows , keep your heads high , your efforts will never go unnoticed.

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  5. Kurt Pelletier says:

    Yea, that’s what I’m talking about, haha hate to say I told ya so, well no I’d love to actually. Stick it to the commission. Help out the athletes and put out the haters. Good news, great day!

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  6. rick brantnall says:

    excellent now lets get the bus on the roll as the fans are thirsting for another event!!

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  7. terry arsenault! says:

    Congrats to the Williams!
    I knew they could not do this Steve!!!
    What a commision! all i know is personaly! As a leader of the comision! we wont name anyone!(JERRY)
    had no rights Putting you guys through this just because of a comment you had made!!!LOL

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  8. Guy says:

    Im glad for the Williams. They work too hard to have MMA on the map in Moncton. My suspension as been lift too, like John and Steven told me they will lift my ban. Back at the gym should be in top shape soon and be able to jump in the ring!!!!

    tks williams it’s show time

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  9. CagedMMAFreak says:

    I don’t really know how many times I can say this. I honestly don’t think that anyone should continue to bash the commission. I think that everything should remain quiet and let the Williams and MBWC meet and hash things out and keep things private.
    As an MMA we don’t want things like this to happen again.

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  10. Norma Chase says:

    What a relief this is over with, I can only imagine the stress you all went through because of the commission. Can’t wait for the next fight….

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  11. Tim says:

    Don’t mess with the Williams’ family!

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  12. dinni says:

    I have attended two of Elite1 shows and must say they were very much comparable to the XFights that I attended in the spring of 2009. Elite 1 promotions has worked extremely hard and I seen an improvement from one show to the next. I believe that it will only get bigger and better and I wish the Williams all the best. Hats off to Elite1 staff!!!!!!!!

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