Accused Mixed Martial Artists Await Court Appearance


The two mixed martial artists, Chris Peak and James Hanson who, are being accused and charged with aggravated sexual assault are looking forward to this going to court according to The Chronicle Herald. James Hanson had this to say about the ordeal “We feel a lot of grief over these false accusations”.

On Thursday October 1st both men posted bail and were released when they each posted $10,000 bail. Terms of bail include not consuming alcohol or drugs, possessing any weapons, abiding by an 11pm-6am curfew, and to not have any contact with the two female victims.

The allegations, James Hanson said, “are something that I myself find absolutely horrible. . . . We’re still kind of in shock.”

November 19th is the next court date and it is most likely lawyers defending the pair will be appearing on their behalf.

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