The Ultimate Fighter 10: Kimbo vs Big Country – Episode 3 Recap


Roy Nelson THUMBEpisode one and episode two had rather uninteresting fights that saw Jon Madsen and James McSweeney respectively advance to the next round of fights.  This third episode is the one everyone is talking about:  Kimbo takes on Roy “Big Country” Nelson.

This episode starts with a “newer gentler Kimbo Slice.”  Kevin Ferguson will put “Kimbo to rest when he shaves his beard.”  He is getting philosophical in the house.  His discovers that his enemy is His Inner Me. 

Nelson says that he cannot hate Kimbo.  He got the limelight and ran with it just like anyone else does.  Kimbo says he has nothing to prove.  Kimbo is “a family man who likes to fight.”   Nelson wants the UFC to be his home for the next four or five years.  Rampage thinks Nelson is very talented but independent.  Nelson trains in his own house, is his own manager and books his own fights, but Rampage thinks that Nelson is starting to trust his coaches.  Nelson has tons of experience and won’t get intimidated fighting Kimbo.

The Dean of Mean arrives to help Rashad. Rashad and Rampage start jawing back and forth about whether Jardine stepped up to fight Rampage in place of Rashad.  Rampage goes back to the bad breath jokes that we have heard before.  He then proceeds to make fun of McSweeney’s British accent.  He says, “Take Rashad’s nuts out of your mouth and then talk to me.”

Rampage says that you cannot help but like Kimbo.  He is just a nice guy.  He is very humble and hungry to learn.  Team Rampage has been working on Kimbo’s ground game – how to get off his back, how to escape the mount, and how to sprawl.  Rampage wants to know how Kimbo will get Big Country off of him when his “hands and arms will be stuck in the blob” that is Big Country’s belly.

Meanwhile, Marcus Jones has been having problems – he has “had good days, had bad days, and pack my shit up and go home days.”  Marcus’ knee is bothering him.  Rampage is correct in saying that if Marcus cannot do up/downs then he cannot win.  Rampage asks him if he is “on his period” and realizes that Marcus is sensitive and emotional.  Marcus apologizes.  The group calls him “Big Baby”.  He is a passionate Dungeons and Dragons player and passionate about flowers.  Sounds like Marcus should be a florist.  Marcus likes Kimbo.  He has yet to hear Kimbo quit and says Kimbo works very hard to overcome his obstacles. 

Weigh-ins – Kimbo Slice 230 lbs vs “Big Country” Roy Nelson 264 lbs.  Dana White says “Roy Nelson looks like he has just left every buffet in town.”

Mike Wessel makes a great point when he says that Kimbo had disappeared for a year and then all of the sudden appears on TUF 10.  He could have been training his ass off for a year and may be a lot better.

“Roy looks out of shape, but Roy is not out of shape,” coach Evans declares.  He also says that Roy is great on the ground and has decent standup.

 Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson vs Roy “Big Country” Nelson

The two 30+ year old fighters meet in the middle and Big Country lands the first jab.  Leg kick by Kimbo.  Very tentative start to the round. Two minutes in and the two start trading.  Kimbo has the advantage standing and then Roy shoots for a takedown.  Pressed against the fence, Kimbo is having a hard time getting his back off the cage.  With a minute and a half left, Nelson trips Kimbo down and they land with Nelson having full mount.  Nelson traps Kimbo’s left hand and has Kimbo in the crucifix position landing lefts to the top of Kimbo’s head.  They are not the strongest punches and Herb Dean is yelling at Kimbo to move but he is trapped.  The bell rings and Kimbo escapes.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Roy Nelson

Round 2 starts with Kimbo behind and Kimbo lands some hard shots on Roy’s chin before Nelson takes him down after Kimbo throws an ill-advised knee.  Side mount for Big Country who lands some lefts from the top.    Nelson again traps Kimbo’s hands and Herb Dean stops the fight after Kimbo cannot defend himself in the crucifix position.

Winner: Roy “Big Country” Nelson

Dana White is not impressed.  “Roy did enough to win without getting hit.”  Roy wants a Whopper with Cheese.  Dana reminds us that Kimbo could get back into the TUF competition and he needs to work hard during his remaining time in the house.

Next episode: Marcus Jones collapses at the house.  Will Kimbo get back in?  There is a traitor in Rashad’s team who is giving secrets to Team Rampage.


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