Mark Holst Boots’ Scraps: The Unstoppable OAMA Team


Hello everyone!

Training has been going as usual, really hard ! Now we have some new updates for the W-1 Card – it is going to be Kru Jeff, Xavier, Remi and myself! Four OAMA instructors going in the cage to represent OAMA |Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu Ottawa and their students! We have started special training nights with the top fighters of the school monitored by big Daddy himself, our head instructor, Pat Cooligan. That is going great, on top of that we have been having a lot of help from the students. I feel in great shape!

I love OAMA’s vision, developed by Pat, is all about the Team…Honor and Loyalty. Team; “Together everyone achieves more!” That’s one of my favorites. You can feel it when you get inside the academy, everyone is friendly, everyone is on one team and ALL of us are here to help each other out! Makes it that much more safe, productive and FUN!

A lot of the students don’t realize it, but they really make the school. Without the students of OAMA , there would be no OAMA . With the student’s input and questions they challenge all the instructors to be their best and on top of their games. On top of that, all the instructors train with the students on a daily basis. Instructors at OAMA push their students to their personal best and in return the students push the instructors to reach their personal best. Great exchange!

When I talk about the team, I talk about students, ALL the students! From 3 year old students to the 60 year old students, the instructors, Harley at the desk, the co-op students that help out,we make OAMA what it is today. I truly believe that we have the best team and with all of us strong, we are unstoppable!

For the training camp for the Mitch Gagnon fight on W-1 October 10th, I have had  a lot ups and downs, but I have faith in my team that once I am in the cage, I will be representing my team with honor and will be victorious.

I would like to add that I am very proud to announce that my blogs will be on . I couldn’t believe it at first, my website has been up for only a few months and I never written blogs before! I have had a lot of support and great feedback. I am very thankful for Keith to put my blog up on the website, really happy to hear that people are reading and enjoying my blogs! The column is called Boots’ Scraps! I love it!

Take care everyone, I will keep you guys posted on the last 2 weeks of hard training!


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