Kimbo vs Roy Nelson Preview


The “biggest fight in Ultimate Fighter history” is Kimbo Slice versus Roy Nelson and it will be broadcast this Wednesday. 

The odds appear stacked against Kimbo, but former IFL champion Roy Nelson has gone on record saying that he would rather have not fought Kimbo first.  On a recent conference call, Kimbo stated that he welcomed the chance to fight Nelson, “”I would not have wanted it no other way.  It makes sense to have two big names go at it…..”I had no special picks on who I wanted to fight first second or third.  I guess Roy had a game plan coming into the house to call out (Zac Jensen).  I did not have time to think of shit like that.  I was just ready to thump once my name was called.”   Later on the call, Kimbo called his fight with Nelson, “one of my best fights.”

Going into the TUF house, Kimbo, who is preparing for his next fight in December with American Top Team, said he was a “target.”   “Everybody knew something about me and I became a target.  Everyone had a piece of shit opinion about me and I did not care about that.”  Apparently that changed as Kimbo earned respect in the Ultimate Fighter house and training center stating that some have apologized to him.  “I was not pretending or trying to be somebody I wasn’t… I knew guys were going to talk shit not knowing me.  Some guys have already called me apologizing for talking shit in the house.”

Regardless, Wednesday’s episode will be the most watched TUF episode of all time.  Here is a preview of Kimbo Slice vs Roy “Big Country” Nelson.

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