BC Fighters Peak & Hanson Charged With Sexual Assault in Halifax


Chris Peak lost to Roger Hollett in the first round of his Extreme Cage Combat fight on Saturday, September 26. Following the bout, according to the Chronicle Herald, Peak and fellow Prince George, BC Light-Heavyweight James Hanson sexually assaulted a woman in their Dartmouth hotel room.   The two have been charged with aggravated sexual assault and forcible confinement of a 32 year old victim.

Hanson also faces charges of assault causing bodily harm and forcible confinement of a second 28 year old woman according to the article.

The two are currently incarcerated in the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Dartmouth and will have a bail hearing on Wednesday.

After meeting the two women post fight at Bubbles Mansion and then the four returned to their BC natives’ hotel room.  The younger woman wanted to leave when the 32 year old woman and Hanson stopped her from leaving.  Eventually,  the younger woman left and the 32 year old remained in the room where she was sexually assualted by the pair.

The 32 year old victim also faces assault causing bodily harm charges for attacking her friend.

36 Responses to “ BC Fighters Peak & Hanson Charged With Sexual Assault in Halifax ”

  1. Stevo says:

    wow , this looks bad for MMA. I hope they pay for what they have done!

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  2. George Carlos says:

    This doesn’t look good but let’s not jump the gun here. Innocent until proven guilty. There could be two sides to this story.

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  3. Assault in Halifax. How appropriate. Come on dude, don’t be such an obvious sore loser…

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  4. J says:

    I know Hanson and have known him for years, INNOCENT until proven guilty.

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  5. Killer Bee says:

    No doubt..there are always two sides to a story.

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  6. Scotian says:

    This woman is in hospital, sedated due to her injuries. Broken spine, ribs, collapsed lung, facial fractures. Not to mention raped by two ‘men’.
    Tough guys. Let them spend a few days in General Population at any of our prisons, and they’ll learn what real tough guys do to rapists.

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  7. Pete says:

    This is a load of BS…Chris Peak would never do anything like that..he may like to fight but he keeps this in the cage…why would he risk his family and future?? He took the fight on short notice…i think these girls are mma groupies and have just pulled a huge set up!! Innocent until proven guilty!!

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  8. Fighter says:

    I was on this card in halifax.. Peak is a creep and never came to fight.. He spent more time looking for cocane at the after party then he did being concerned for his fight that night. He was observed mistreating wimen in public at the bars and even was spoken to by the bouncers to calm him down.. If he acts like this in public I can only imagine how he acts behind closed doors…
    the girl didnt rape and beat her self..
    I can imagine being close to someone it is hard to believe that they would do sometihng wrong.. but drugs can change people in crazy ways..

    peak never came to fight… if he is found guilty he diserves whatever he gets

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  9. fighter says:

    i was on the card and I saw his antics at the after party.. he spent the entire night disrespecting wimen and looking for cocane..
    he never came to fight.. diserves what he gets

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  10. Nicolle says:

    Anyone who says Chris Peak is guilty is an idiot! I have known him since I was a young teen and he has never treated any woman with anything other than respect and manners. He is an awesome, kind hearted nice guy.
    By the way, you spell woman with an O-A not wimen with an I-E…

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  11. Stephanie Shannon says:

    I am amazed that you guys believe he is guilty he hasn’t been proven guilty and it is innocent until proven guilty CHRIS IS INNOCENT I’ve known him since we were kids he could never hurt a woman this way ever he was always the guy who would stand up for women
    this woman will be charged for lying about all of this soon Keep your head up Chris your innocent and we all know it

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  12. Fighter says:


    Half of these posts are completely ridiculous.

    “I’ve known him since I was a kid… so he is innocent”? What the fuck is that? Explain to me how that woman incurred those injuries? Did she throw herself down the stairs?

    Two men get coked up in a seedy hotel room with a woman, who is hospitalized later that same night with injuries that are consistent with being raped.

    Granted, the woman obviously displayed poor judgment by going home with those two losers in the first place. HOWEVER, that does not justify what they did to her.

    If any of you are so convinced that these two dreg of society are inncoent, please provide a plausible alternative explanation as to what happened?

    Innocent until proven guilty? So OJ Simpson was innocent?

    So the police who brutalized Rodney King were innocent?

    There is no question, regardless of the Legal outcome, that those two degenerates assaulted that woman. Period.

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  13. jesus says:

    Throw the book at both of them, especially Hansen. This is only the first time the guy has been charged for his crimes.

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  14. Yeah says:

    I met chris peak once. Friendliest dude I’ve ever known deffinantly not the guy they’re painting. He didn’t even want to go to the bar because his gf at the time didn’t. How many guys “creeps” would do that?

    I bet the girl had a guy that found out, beat her than told her to blame them. Bullshit.

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  15. ? says:

    the guys are saying it was a case of the girl coming back and charging them after her friend (the older one) beat her up.. but the thing is.. it is the older one that stayed behind that is in the hospital still with broken ribs, collapsed lung, and fractured spine. would have to be a pretty crazy beating to get those injuries!

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  16. Youdon'tneed2know says:

    I have to laugh at some of the people who were on the ” card ” who have left comments. Really.. how seriously can you take someone when they can’t spell things properly. “wimen” I take it this individual perhaps got hit in the head one too many times. ” Mabe people should take into account the character of these two women”. There is more to this story: of course all you hear is what the family of these women are putting forward to the media and of course it will not be good. It dosen’t reflect well on any women when you end up in a hotel room with “any” guy after one night!!! Innocent!!!! These two guys are being made an example of because of the industry they are in.

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  17. Peak and Hanson are innocent until proven guilty, no doubt.

    Lets not minimize the heinousness of the accused crimes, but stories about a fight between the two women are suspicious. As is the statement from Peak that, when the police were called to the motel earlier that night, it was only the alleged victim who was forcibly removed from the premises. That said, the extent of her injuries are such that, if this was a set up, they must have pushed the scam way further than they meant to. Who could ever agree to injure themselves THAT seriously for profit?

    The truth will come out in the end, until then lets all just be respectful to all those involved.

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  18. I have to say i have known chris a very very long time. and know him very very well.
    Dose not suprise me one bit that this happened. beside that fact he just had a little boy and a gf. but other then that i know chri’s ways. he never wanted to fight. it’s all about the pussy and cocain. 3 some’s 11 somes whatever it may be he was for the free trips, the limos, the perks, and drugs and the woman. he is a big tough dude and i could see him getting super fuked up and being forcefull and abusive with these woman. someone said up there that he was a nice guy. yeah sure he is a nice guy . im a nice guy to. dosnt meen i rape and beat woman. anyways. lessons learned right peaker!

    p.s. when he parties, holly shit, he parties…
    watch out…SCARRY

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  19. BigLesson says:

    The Peaker, I knew it was only a matter of time before this scumbag screws up again with drugs or violence. Garry Christopher Peak—classic.

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  20. Burns says:

    For all the haters on here bashing these 2 guys, at least have the common courtsey of leaving your real names and not hide behind closed doors. “BigLesson” and “lessonedlearned” are a couple of cowards.Innocent till proven guilty people.

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  21. Innocent says:

    All you hating cowards shut up. Chris Peak and James Hanson are innocent! BTW, I’m not Chris Peak.

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  22. Theyareguiltyashell says:

    Junkies, all of them. Enough said.

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  23. Joe says:

    Karma will always catch up to you fellas. In your 30s and already washed up. It’s all down hill from here on boys. Good luck scumbags.

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  24. Those injurys never happened and there was no rape or sex had. They were arrested way after. This is complete BS!!!!

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  25. f-all ya says:

    you dont know shit “I know something u dont know” I was in the hospital visiting the girl with the collapsed lung bull sh-t it happened after the cops banging on the door is what saved her…ok no sex happened but the 2 scum bags tried until she booted peak in the throat and punched hansen in the face thats when the dirty bastard threw her on the floor breaking her ribs and collapsing her lung…get ur facts before speaking…mutts and creeps is what they are

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  26. BigBoi says:

    Wow, a little bit of thread necro. What’s the deal homie. More detail = more traction.

    Get down James Brown lets talk.

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  27. From PG says:

    I know both these guys, perosnally. Chris doesn’t care about his kids or anything asides from getting high. He was arrested recently at a crack shack and is currently in jail. Like Rick James said, “Cocaine is a hell of a drug.” It’ll make a guy do some pretty dark and twisted shit.

    Hansen is good shit though. I’ve seen him pull some funny moves but I’ve done a lot worse and nobody gives a fuck because I’m not an mma fighter. Despite what happened in that hotel room, the two girls went there consentingly. What did they think was gonna happen, the two guys weren’t gonna try and hook up with them? I think going back there is tacit consent as it is.

    I’d say throw the book at Peak and let Hansen go free.

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  28. f-all ya's says:

    From PG just to letchu know a little somethin somethin about ur so called buddy Hansen he’s the creep that broke the girls rib…so get that in ur face…HANSEN is a piece of SHIT just as much as PEAK…I hope they ROTT!….cocaine addicts and women beattin freaks see how well they hold up in jail with that hanging over their heads…PC ya better check in!

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  29. BigBoi says:

    I don’t understand a word you just typed.

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  30. harry balls says:

    “Dear user member PG, i regret to inform you Mr. Hansen (who you implied, by your post is an acquaintance)broke the rib of one of the accusers. Reflect upon this. Both of these men are equally human excrement…it would please me if they spend a long time incarcerated. We will see how well these gentlemen fare in prison, as they are accused of abusing cocaine and assaulting women. Perhaps protective custody would be the wise choice”.
    I speak wigger…

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  31. Cody Rempel says:

    Haha… thanks for the expert translation harry!

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  32. f-all-ya says:

    THX Harry for the wigger translation seems some people dont understand the slang of hali..lol..big boi and cody u dont understand shit i said cuz u probably fit right in the catagory of peak and handsen “RATS” and rapo’s maybe u should join them in p.c as well since u seem to be the big ass fans of pieces of shit and nicole u aint no better if you dont know the facts the u’ll see when it comes out ya the girls had bad judgement going back to the hotel but lil do ya’s know they went back with Peak alone the shit was set up cuz hansen was in back in the hotel waiting for them to arrive…i personally know the girls so since when did “NO” become “YES” peak stated in his statement the girl said stop nd he thought she was joking …who the fuck jokes about not wanting to be forced into having sex while hansen held her down on the bed while peak forced himself onto her…ROT U MUTHER FUCKERS!!!!

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  33. Oh yeah they did! says:

    I know em both here in PG they are perverts – hansen`s especially nasty, used to beat on his girlfriend Lori and has ties to one of the shittier gangs in town, the independent soldiers – the kid`s a total loser!

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  34. harry balls says:

    wow this guy’s a winner.

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