Mark Holst’s Boots’ Scraps: Bernadel Does It Again!


Here is Mark “Boots” Holst’s first column on Top MMA News.  Mark recently cornered Stephane Bernadel during his September 19th victory over Eugenio Carpine at Ringside: Battle for the Belt.  Enjoy!

Bernadel Does It Again!

Pat, Stephane Bernadel and myself went up to Montreal for the Ringside MMA fights on Thursday afternoon.  After we arrived at the hotel, Steph and I went right away to the sauna where I helped him cut his weight. We did around 1 hour of sauna Thursday night and then 1 hour Friday morning before the weigh-ins, the easiest cut he has done! On Friday afternoon, Steph weighed in at 144.6lbs, and his opponent Eugenio Carpini  weighed in 144.4lbs.

Saturday night, Steph was looking really sharp and ready to fight! Back to his normal walk-around weight already! Best cut he has had so far! We went to the event, I wrapped his hands and helped him warm up and drill. Walking to the ring with some Trick Daddy tune, Steph did amazing! Flawless victory!

Pat had the game plan for this fight, stick and move!  Hit and move, make him miss, make him tired. Steph did exactly that and it worked out perfectly. He was getting his timing with him at the beginning of the round, checking some kicks. All his opponent landed was 1 body kick, a few leg kicks and 1 jab to Steph’s nose.

Steph was moving around pacing himself and making his opponent miss a lot. His opponent looked tired already after 2 minutes of exchanges. Steph was hitting him with hands and kicks. A few tie ups occurred during the fight, but Steph was out-clinching him! His opponent had a Muay Thai background, but still Steph had better position in the clinch landed strong knees and almost landed an elbow.

Finaly Steph pulled the trigger with the good old faithful 1-2! Catching him several times down the pipe. At the last exchange the cross landed and dropped Eugene to the floor, Eugene was out, Steph could of finished with 2 to 3 punches to get the TKO, but the Renzo Gracie Jits kicked in and Steph pounced on him and took his back, sunk in the hooks for positional control and went to work for the Mata leon. It was already there, he squeezed and finished him opponent with the submission, rear naked choke! Beautiful. Pat and myself were really happy with that fight, he finally pulled the trigger!

I have known Stephane for almost 10 years now and we are close friends and training partners! Bothof us are from Aylmer and we both train at OAMA and has trained with the Iceman, Jean-Yves Theriault.

I am really proud of him and make sure you congratulate him the next time you see him in the gym, which should be really soon because he has a fight coming up!

Watching all the fights in MTL Ringside event got me really pumped up, Steph’s fight was the fight of the night I believe, the most technical that’s for sure!

Giving you some news on the training and fight time coming up really soon!

Take care


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