The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights – Episode 2 Recap


ultimate-fighter THUMBLast episode, teams were chosen and John Madsen advanced to the round of eight by beating Abe Wagner.  This week tensions between Rashad and Rampage are supposed to rise and another fighter will advance to the next round.

The episode starts with Kimbo stating he wants to prove himself and that he believes he will be the next to fight.  Roy Nelson wants to be the one to fight him – one big name against another.  Kimbo says “everyone knows what my strength is,” and Rampage gives Kimbo extra lessons on the ground.  Rampage “has a lot of faith in Kimbo” and says “Kimbo is a fast learner.”

Rashad likes his mentally strong team that has the ability to be moulded although Rashad finds Roy Nelson difficult to coach.  He wants Nelson to be respectful.  Does Nelson want to work his own corner?    Nelson agrees to work with the team.

Rampage makes the next fight matchup and its not Kimbo Slice.  It is Rashad’s number one pick, James McSweeney against six foot seven inch, 290 pounds of Wes Shivers.

McSweeney is originally from London, England but now trains with Greg Jackson’s camp.  The 28 year old McSweeney says “fighting has chosen him.”  McSweeney thinks Shivers will “run out of steam” during the fight. 

Rashad’s team over ran their time and Rampage does not like the fact that his practise is starting five minutes late.  Rashad tells Rampage that Rampage’s team will not do anything anyway.  Rashad says him and Rampage “joke around and joke around and then it gets to the want to punch each other in the face undertone.”

Wes Shivers tried out for the NFL with Atlanta and Tennessee.  Shivers has a huge upeper body.  Shivers does not respect McSweeney’s weapons and does not think they can hurt him.  When James throws a leg kick, Shivers says he will counter with straight rights.  Rampage says win any way you can.  Shivers looks forward to knocking out Rashad’s number one seed.

Mike Van Arsdale thinks that Roy Nelson has come around and realizes that Team Rashad can help him. 

McSweeney has had over 100 kickboxing matches according to Marcus Jones.  Jones and Demico Rogers both think that Shivers should just drag McSweeney down and pound on him.  Shivers is “not going out to hurt McSweeney, but, hey, shit happens.”  McSweeney is going to test Shivers to see if he can handle fighting or should just go home.

Wes Shivers vs James McSweeney

Leg strike by McSweeney who is dwarfed by Shivers.  Shivers then gets the clinch and pushes McSweeney against the cage and then puts him to the mat.  Wes is in James’ half guard and goes for a Kimura when James escapes and lands a kick.  High kick by James only reaches his chest and then Shivers kicks McSweeney in the balls midway through the round.  Shivers pushes the action on restart.  McSweeney starts landing some punches – in and out is his strategy.  Hit and move.  A couple leg kicks and then move out.  Rashad is yelling that Shivers is tired and Wes is breathing heavy with his mouth open with a mniute left in the round.  More leg kicks by James.  Shivers is not landing anything and the leg kicks are scoring.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for McSweeney. 

Round 2 starts.  Jab and leg kick by McSweeney.  Huge right misses by Shivers before Wes lands a leg kick.  Left and leg kick by James before Wes catches a leg and drops him to the mat.  Wes is in James’ half guard and then gets to full guard.  After some ground and pound, James gives up his back and then escapes.  Shivers rests with his hands on his hips occasionally but McSweeney is slowing down as well.  Rashad is screaming at McSweeney to take advantage of the giant who can barely move with a minute and a half left.  Both fighters are hardly exchanging.  James does land a couple leg kicks.  James lands a right that stumbles Shivers and then a kick and pulls Shivers down into a Guillotine.  Shivers escapes with five seconds left. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for McSweeney. Shivers cannot barely get off the mat he is so tired.  It looks doubtful that he will go an OT round if its necessary.

 No OT is needed as Steve Mazagatti says there is a decision.  McSweeney wins majority decision (19-19, 20-18,20-18).

Rashad’s team is up 2-0.  Shivers admits he lost the fight because he got tired.  Rampage chose bad fights and now Rashad can pick the fights.  Rashad’s picks are announced for next episode.  The next fight is Roy Nelson vs Kimbo Slice. 

Next episode, Kimbo scrambles to get ready for Big Country Nelson “in the biggest fight in TUF History.”

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    i like turtles

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  2. Dean says:

    Am I the only one who saw two guys with an extreme lack of cardio? It seemed McSweeney could have come forward and finished the fight but didnt have the lungs or the desire to do so.

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