Introducing Mark Holst – Lightweight Fighter and Top MMA News Writer

holst zuniga

Mark Holst receives a left couresy of Dave Zuniga.

Hello Top MMA News Readers!  I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Mark Holst and his upcoming writing here at Top MMA News.

I had the fortune of watching Mark Holst fight Dave Zuniga at CFC 1 earlier this year.  Mark and his opponent fought a Muay Thai bout that had the fans on the edge of their seats as the two combatants slugged it out for five rounds.  I thought at the time that Mark was a Canadian Lightweight to keep your eye on.  Later, I was introduced to Mark’s writing at  His writing became must reads for me – especially his trips to train at Thailand’s Sasiprapa Gym and Greg Jackson’s MMA gym in New Mexico.  

Mark, a 6-1 MMA fighter and a 13-1 Muay Thai fighter, was born in Ottawa and is a Muay Thai instructor at the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts (OAMA).  Mark has been training for seven years and now, at age 24, is well on his way to becoming a top Canadian MMA fighter.  He has upcoming fights scheduled for October with W-1 and December with Wreck MMA. 

OAMA LOGOMark will bring a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective to Top MMA News that only a rising MMA prospect can bring.  Future blogs will surely mention his preparation for his future fights, his impressions of his fights, and everything in between.  Top MMA News will also throw in the odd old post for readers who have not yet read some of his past articles.

Top MMA News would like to thank Mark Holst for writing for the site.  His first blog will debut later this week.  Top MMA News hopes our readers enjoy his future writing and fighting as much as we do.

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