UFC Fight Night 19 Bonuses


UFC THUMBAn exciting UFC Fight Night hailed from Oklahoma last night.  The following fighters took home $30,000 in extra bonuses.

Nate Diaz – Submission of the Night for his Guillotine Choke on Melvin Guillard

Jeremy Stephens- won Knockout of the Night without knocking out his opponent.  With no knockouts on UFC Fight Night, Stephens stand up game and TKO finish of Justin Buccholz was enough to secure the $30,000.

Tim Credeur and Nate Quarry – No surprise here.  The two fighters repeatedly knocked each other to the ground in this war that Quarry was declared the winner in.  Credeur, previously thought of as a ground specialist, really made a name for himself by knocking Quarry down in the first round.

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