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FTFOnce in a while, Top MMA News staff gets lazy with their card breakdowns and someone steps in to pinch hit for us.  For UFC 103, Top MMA News’ sponsor Full Time Fighter has agreed to put their reputations on the line as MMA fans and break down the top fights for Saturday’s card.

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UFC 103 is not an easy card to predict for Adam and Dean of Full Time Fighter.  Vitor Belfort returns to the UFC against Rich Franklin, Tyson Griffin and Hermes Franca are fighting, and CroCop tries to add another win to his resume.  UFC 103 is coming live from Dallas, Texas on PPV.  However, UFC fans should be sure to tune into Spike TV one hour prior to the PPV.  Spike TV will be showing one hour of preliminary fights prior to the main UFC 103 card.  Currently scheduled to appear on Spike TV are: TUF 9 winner Efrain Escudero vs Cole Miller and Drew McFedries vs Tomasz Drwal.   Here is the breakdown:

 Main Event: Rich Franklin (-167)  vs. Vitor Belfort (+120)
Highly anticipated matchup of two of the best and a very tough fight to call.  Vitor is coming off two impressive KO finishes and has looked like “the Phenom” of old. Franklin has looked good since his second loss to “the Spider”, but seems a little more passive than he was early in his UFC career.  There is a lot of questions that could be answered by this fight.  Does Belfort have the heart to go deep into a fight after being pushed?  Is Franklin slowing down and losing the desire to fight the best?  Can Vitor’s hand speed and power overwhlem the best fighters in the world?  Did the two losses to to Anderson and a war with Wandy change “Ace”?  This fight could be a classic.
Prediction: Adam is taking Franklin via TKO in the second while Dean is looking for Belfort to put his Tompkin’s trained skills to the test and be aggressive early and finish the fight himself with a second round TKO.
Mirko Filipovic (+102) vs. Junior Dos Santos (-143)
Dos Santos is obviously looking to keep the momentum going after two very impressive wins coming into the octagon.  Mirko on the other hand has not looked like the same fighter as he once did but is always a threat with his striking ability.  “Cro Cop” has seemed to have lost the hunger to fight with todays elite.
Prediction: Both Adam and I think that the more aggressive Dos Santos will prove to be too much for the aging Filipovic and finish the fight with strikes. TKO round 3 for Junior Dos Santos.

 Martin Kampman (-345) vs. Paul Daley (+235)
Coming off a big decision win over Carlos Condit, “the Hitman” should be more than ready to take on the more experienced Daley.  Although Daley has more striking victories, Kampman has been fighting a higher class of opponent and should be able to grind out a victory in this one.  We look for Kampman to be too strong and too ready, after training for Swick, for Paul Daley.
Prediction: Once again we are both in agreeance here.  We look to see Martin Kampman look impressive with a second round submition stoppage.
Josh Koscheck (-500) vs. Frank Trigg (+305)
Both fighters last UFC outings resulted in losses so look for some action in this one.  Trigg has not fought inside the octagon since ’05 but has remained active and has not lost since 2007’s brutal KO loss at the hands of Robbie Lawler.  Kos met a similar fate in his last outting and back to back losses could greatly affect his UFC career.  Can an old dog learn new tricks or will Josh’s ability to improve be too much for “Twinkle Toes”??
Prediction: Unanimous decision for Koscheck.
Hermes Franca (+195) vs. Tyson Griffin (-286)
While Franca has huge victories over Caol Uno and Spencer Fisher, I believe those days are far behind him as he sometimes looks like he doesn’t want to be in the cage at all.  Griffin on the other hand has put in nothing short of a great showing in all of his fights.  Tyson is always inproving and very powerful in this weight class and I see him being too much for Hermes to handle.
Prediction: Adam is taking Griffin by TKO in the first round while I see Tyson putting Franca on his back at will and walking out with a unanimous decision.

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