The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights – Episode 1 Recap


ultimate-fighter THUMBThis season’s The Ultimate Fighter has a lot of buzz behind it thanks to Kimbo Slice, Roy Nelson, some former UFCers, and some former NFLers signing up this season.  Here is the complete list of fighters.  Once again, Top MMA News will recap the episodes as they are aired.  Here we go….

The season starts with Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson declaring their dislike for each other as they are left alone in the TUF gym.

Rampage starts bugging Rashad Evans about being “a fish out of water” after getting KO’ed by Machida.  Rashad responds that Rampage quit during his fight with Shogun.   All the big heavyweights are in the house except one and then Kimbo Slice enters the gym.

IFL champion Roy Nelson thought he would be the big announcement and then he finds out that Kimbo is.  He says that “there are a lot of better fighters than (Kimbo).”  Rampage wants Kimbo as his number one pick.  Rashad, on the other hand, thinks there are “a few fighters better than Kimbo.”

Evaluation time.  Evans bring Greg Jackson in to help him pick guys who are mentally strong, have a lot of skill, and can take direction. 

Matt Mitrione, a former NFL player, says the opening workout was tougher than any NFL practise.  Marcus Jones thinks it is harder as well.

Rampage Jackson’s practise involved getting guys to “beat the hell out of each other.”  No pads, no bags.  “Rampage is a knucklehead,” says Roy Nelson.  Nelson is the former IFL champion and most accomplished fighter in the house, yet Rampage does not know him.  And kept bugging Darrell Schoonover that he had “titties.”   Who does Rampage know?  Kimbo Slice.  He likes Kimbo’s standup and takedown defense, but figures Kimbo’s ground game needs improving.

Rashad wins first pick and Rampage gets to pick the first two fights.  James McSweeney and then Kimbo Slice are the first two picks by Rashad and Kimbo, respectively.  Rampage also gets Wes Sims “the only man to beat Frank Mir on two occasions.”  Rashad’s first two picks are his Greg Jackson teammates:  James McSweeney and Brendan Schaub.  The last person chosen is Zak Jensen.

The fighters get back to the house and immediately start complaining about Kimbo.

Season 2 is where Rashad started.  He believes his team is extremely strong.  Rashad has no idea why Rampage picked the team that he did.  Matt Mitrione wants to fight another former NFLer, Marcus Jones.

Rampage is happy with his team as they are the bigger team.  He is also impressed with most of their cardio although he expected Marcus Jones to pass out and “throw his heart up.” 

Rampage choses the first fight.  He picks John Madsen from Rashad’s team to fight his own Abe Wagner. “You put my number one wrestler against a guy who had no ground game at all,” says Rashad.  Madsen admits he is smaller, but he says he is unconcerned with his disadvantage.  Madsen works with the H.I.T Squad with Robbie Lawler and Matt Hughes.  Abe Wagner wants to take Madsen down and ground and pound his opponent.  Both fighters are coming in with the same game plan.

Wagner is a Director of Finance and has a mechanical engineering degree.  Smart guy!  He understand Madsen is a wrestler with bad standup but cannot do anything when he gets his opponent on the ground.  Is Wagner less hungry because he has a good job? 

John Madsen (1-0) vs Abe Wagner (6-1)

Immediate takedown by Madsen and he punishes Wagner from top position with punches.  Madsen does not work to get out of full guard and Abe does not work to get off the bottom.  John lands hard shots from the top and cuts Wagner’s forehead open.   Lots of blood with a minute left in the round and Wagner has never left his back and Madsen has never left his guard.   Lots of blood as the round ends and some fighters are guessing that Wagner will not come out for the start of Round 2.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 for Madsen.

In between rounds, Dana White calls it the bloodiest Ultimate Fighter bout ever.  The round starts with Madsen taking his oppenent down after a very quick glove tap.  Stood up by Mazzagatti only for Madsen to take his opponent down again.  While in half guard, Madsen drops some elbows.  Wagner gets back to full guard and the ref stands them up again.  Wagner throws a lazy right and Madsen ducks under and gets taken down.  Half guard and Madsen holds his opponent down and drops the occasional punch.  Stand up again.  Takedown again. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Madsen.

Winner:  John Madsen by Unanimous Decision

Rampage is mad.  He admits he made a terrible matchup.  Wagner admits he got controlled by a good wrestler and he got one deep deep cut for his troubles.

Next episode:  Another run in with Rampage and Rashad, another fight, and Rampage destroys a door.

6 Responses to “ The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights – Episode 1 Recap ”

  1. Can’t believe the fight wasn’t stopped after the first round. Not for the severe cut — for being so damn boring.

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  2. Derek Mullins says:

    Abe Wagner was scared shitless from the beginning of the fight. Terrible, actually nonexistent, takedown defense.No ground game whatsoever and obviously was ready to quit before the first round was half over.Interesting bit of trivia, Madsen beat Lesnar in a high school wrestling match…

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  3. John says:

    As much as I agree with the fight being painfully boring, I don’t believe Madsen was a quitter, I mean, he had clearly lost the fight and was being severly bashed and bleeding profusely, and for someone that had nothing riding on the fight really, he could have quit at any time and gone back to his high paying job, he stayed there and took his beating right to the end. I thought that despite a miserable performance and boring fight, the one thing he didn’t do was quit, much respect for that.

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  4. John says:

    Obviously, the subject of my previous comment was intended to be Abe Wagner, not Madsen, possibly my brain is still recovering from the coma induced from watching the fight!

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  5. bernard says:

    why does everybody hate kevin ferguson? the man is trying to learn the game from the ground up.

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  6. Shanon says:

    Kimbo is going to take the whole thing. He’s going to be the next best thing in the Heaveyweight division that has a shot of beating Brock Lesnor. Because we all know that knowone else would be able to beat him in that weight division class. There’s nobody that strong enough to give Brock a run for his money. That being said Brock is still the man especially coming out of wrestling with virtually no mma background and holding down well seasoned apponents and beating the crap out of them I thought Frank was going to cry at the last ppv He had a lot to say prior to the ppv but after his beating he sure did’nt have too much to say.

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