Moncton MMA: Elite1 MMA Organizers Respond to Suspensions


Top MMA News staff had attended a Elite 1 MMA show July 25th in Moncton, New Brunswick and witnesses a well-run, well-attended MMA card.   Since that time, Moncton MMA has seen some great upheaval:

Thursday, September 10: Moncton Boxing and Wrestling Commission MBWC) unanimously agrees to suspend MMA for 6 months.

Friday, September 11: Top MMA News learns that Elite 1 MMA promoters Steve and Mike Williams and their father John Williams were suspended indefinitely on September 9 by the MBWC.

Steve, Mike, and John Williams were contacted by Top MMA News last Friday asking them to comment on their suspensions.  At the time, they could not comment as that was the first that they had heard about the suspensions.  Since that time, Top MMA News has been trying to get Steve or Mike Williams, the owners of Elite 1 MMA, or John Williams, the Team Saigo trainer, to comment on the situation.  After seeking legal representation, Elite 1 MMA Productions has now released the following statement to Top MMA News:

“The Elite1MMA Productions Staff would like to post after few days of silence.

Friday Afternoon Mr Mike Williams, Mr Steven Williams (Founders of Elite1MMA Productions) and Mr John Williams (Manager/Trainer Team Saigo) found out that they were indefinitely suspended by the Moncton Boxing and Wrestling Commission.

On Sept12 Gerry Doiron-Gould announces the suspension of the Williams “Trio” and stated that he cannot go into details explaining why the “Trio” was suspended as “police files have been opened up leaving the Williams “Trio” speechless. On Sept. 14, 2009 Mr. Steve Williams and Mr. John Williams went to the RCMP station to get this verified and no such files are open on any of the names mentions above or on Elite1mma Productions. By Gerry Doiron-Gould giving this false statement, it lead the public to believe that Elite1MMA Productions has done some sort of crime or/and have been out of line.

An email was sent to Gerry Doiron-Gould (Chairman of the Moncton Boxing & Wrestling Commission) and Graham Walker (Secretary/Treasurer Moncton Boxing and Wrestling Commission) asking them to supply a reason for the suspension on Sept. 14, 2009. Up to date, no reason of suspension has been received by the Moncton Boxing & Wrestling Commission.

The Elite1MMA Team would like to let everyone know that they have not gone into hiding, they have been advised not to make any comments or any interviews on their situation until given a reason for their suspensions from the Moncton Boxing and Wrestling Commission.

Elite1MMA productions would like to thank everyone for their support.”

How can a person be suspended and never be told they are suspended?  How can a person be suspended and never be told what regulation they have broken?  Gerry Doiron-Gould could not comment to the wrongdoers, to Top MMA News or to other commissions as to the reason behind these suspensions.  Lets hope that the Moncton Boxing and Wrestling Commission conducts a thorough review of its own procedures while performing their  “MMA review” during the six month MMA ban.

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12 Responses to “ Moncton MMA: Elite1 MMA Organizers Respond to Suspensions ”

  1. mark k says:

    again its just power and politics , the Moncton Boxing commision wants to control everything and this includes mma , they have no idea about anything other than boxing but saw little green dollar signs with the new casino opening and being the monopoly they are thought they would by whatever means possible even slander and deformation of charactor eliminate the main group that actually cares about the grouth and promotion of mma in the maritimes. its a pretty sick world when someone who is a elected official cares more about money that the exposure of the talent the maritimes has to offer. i am apauled Gerry is running a organization that could crumble the future hopes and dreams of fightings in the maritimes and that could try and taint the names of those that have dedicated thier lives to martial arts. i know people that have trained with John Williams in the 70’s , in the same discipline that has been made popular by organizations today like the ufc. seriously people let mma be run by those that actually care about its grouth and get rid of those (like the members of the current commision) who care only about how it can line thier pockets and enhance the power they already openly abuse. again i am apauded and saddened that elite one and mma has suffered due to the lack of professionalism of a few members of the commision.

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  2. I don’t understand how banning mma lines their pockets.

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  3. CagedMMAFreak says:

    What I think allot of people at the moment are failing to realize is that commission has suspended the Elite1 group for a reason. Do they have to give a reason…not really. It would be nice if they did. Obviously they would not suspend the group for nothing, there has to be a reason behind all of this happening.
    I love MMA as much as the next guy and have been watching it for many many years. I would love to see MMA back again in Moncton BUT in light of recent events we won’t. IF there is a police file open and things were don’t incorrectly why don’t we just sit it our and wait to see what happens. All this bashing of the commission is not going to help things. If anything all this will do is piss off the commission even more and they can put an end to it all for us fans.
    So please everyone why don’t we just let things get worked out behind the scenes and let the truth come out because we know it will come out eventually.
    Thanks everyone!

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  4. The commission does need to be accountable for their actions. If they can’t give a reason for suspensions, then there shouldn’t be suspensions.

    Other commissions in the country I’ve spoken to said they won’t honor these suspensions without a reason given.

    We need to look deeper into the Regulations of the commission. Looks to me that they need City Council approval to suspend anybody, but I’m just tracking this down now.

    I agree that the commission shouldn’t be bashed, but should be a little clearer with what they are doing. It’s their duty to.

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  5. tom says:

    in order for a suspension to be upheld does it not have to be delivered by the officiating party and with out providing reasons it really does look suspicious but the only thing you have said CagedMMAFreak that i agree with is we should “lay off the commission” before they completely pull the plug on MMA before we can have an election to replace them.

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  6. mark k says:

    if the members of elite one have proved theres no police files open as stated by Gerry then thats slander , holy people seriously wake up. this is our sport they are ruining. all the bleeding hearts obviously don’t care about justice , or just plainly cannot put one and one together and see how the commision is power tripping , they want thier own guy to run mma , they will gain from that whereas they don’t if elite 1 runs it.

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  7. tom says:

    I do agree with you but attacking the commission verbally portrays a bad image toward the sport. I myself have trained with one of the best coaches if not the best coach in canada we as fans must not play the same games as they are

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  8. MMA Dad says:

    I have always been a fan of combat sports but did not have what Moncton has (or had) to offer where I grew up. Since moving to Moncton I have managed to become involved more in the world of MMA and have attended my first fights thanks to Elite 1 MMA. From what I have seen I feel they have promoted some very professional events. They seem to be very well organized to the point I have enrolled my son in their classes. Watching from an outside point of view they are very concerned about the people they teach and cannot see why they have been suspended. All this is doing is hurting the youth in our community as this takes away from their guidance and the very important at home boost when entering an event. This will have an impact on local business as they lose the spin offs in sales when people are coming into town for events. We are going to drive out all of the local talent causing us to lose future potential for larger events in combat sports. Moncton is growing at a very fast rate just like the world of MMA. Blocking this now is only going to cause a lot of heartache for a lot of people. Lift the suspensions and grow with it, if Moncton has the opportunity to be the leading city in eastern Canada for MMA now we will have to chance to stay the leading city making Moncton that much bigger and better as we grow.

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  9. John Williams says:

    O.K.! Today is Sept 17th, over a week since I was told that it was reported on the net ( by a media group) that the commish suspended me, my sons Steve & Mlke, along with elite 1 MMA productions, yet, where the hell is the official notifications (verbally, email, letter, or phone call, any way human !) that they suspended us and why???
    We legally deserve that the commission informs us directly that:
    1… we are suspended
    2….The full reason for it?
    I am trying to be a nice guy here, but, my patience is running thin! If I am being challenged, let the challenger show his face and step forward, am I suspended or is this all a smokescreen to discredit the decades of work I did along with my family to get this sport off the ground.
    Firstly! My sons Steve & Mike own & run Elite 1 MMA productions, I run Team Saigo, together we offer the province the best run MMA events ever seen in the province along with the best local fighters out there, which is why MMA is were it is locally today!
    Speaking for myself, my purpose is to train fighters and guide them up the professional ladder so they can someday make it to the UFC, M1 and other higher venues to encourage others to join this great sport.
    As it stands, I have more contracted professional MMA fighters than any other school on the east coast, I have two Canadian MMA champions among these fighters, one from Elite 1 MMA Productions, the other from ECC in Halifax, and these fighters need to fight, hopefully locally so the fans can see their talent!
    but I was told by a promoter outside the province that their Commission on orders from our commission has barred me from being in their corner to guide them through their fights, which is unacceptable by myself and my fighters.
    So! For the record! I demand that the Moncton Commission notifies me immediately of this allenged suspension and the reason for it in detail ( none of these vague innuendos used as a smokescreen!) so I can initiate litigation and put this issue to rest.
    The bottom line is that I am 100% certain that there isn’t a court in the land that can rule that we ever did anything illegal in regards to our MMA activities or which verifies our efforts were counter to the sport of MMA!

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  10. Nick Pietersma says:

    They did it because they are scared to death that the sport of boxing is Dead and Gone. Its a scare tactic, they don’t know what else to do they start making up stuff. this is going last a total of about 3 months if that. The Commissioner is helping Elite1 more than they are hurting it. These guys are getting publicity like crazy, people are all over this garbage suspension. I can promise you that the Boxing Commissioner (who will remain nameless so that my post doesn’t get deleted), doesn’t even know why he suspended the owners of Elite1. Maybe it’s cause he knows nothing of the sport and rather that show his ignorance for the next generation of sports, he will just try to stop it in it’s tracks. Well i don’t think that it’s going to work to be honest with you, don’t be scared Commissioner just roll with it. After all there is a certain boxing promoter in town that even wanted to put some MMA fights on his “Professional Boxing” card, jeez i wonder what fills seats? Anybody want to answer that for me? Didn’t think so, long live MMA, can’t wait to see the first live event at the new casino. They would be absolutely nuts to choose boxing. MMA fills seats and casinos love to make money so what do you think that they will choose? Anybody? MMA that’s right. See you all there.

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  11. Nick Pietersma wrote, “Commissioner(who will remain nameless so that my post doesn’t get deleted)”

    Top MMA News has never censored, edited or deleted any of Nick Pietersma’s posts about the Moncton situation or anyone else’s for that matter.

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  12. CagedMMAFreak says:

    Alright, so I have been holding my tongue on this for a long time now but needs to be said. I think what allot of people are failing to see here is that even though the Elite1 Organization is banned indefinitely, there are still MANY promotions out there that put on AMAZING shows, King Of the Cage, ECC, Pheonix Fight Promotions are just a few. I am very sure we will see MMA events back in Moncton soon enough.

    What I would suggest is that we all keep our comments on the commission to ourselves. We know that Gerry has the power to say to any will never fight again…and he can make it happen. So I think we should let things be hashed out behind the scenes and put an end to it once and for all. Eventually the truth will come out and those at fault be it the Williams or the Commission, they will have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

    All the best and lets hope for the best!

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