Moncton MMA Update: The Moncton Chairman Addresses Suspensions


The Moncton MMA community woke up on September 11th stunned at the Moncton Boxing & Wrestling Commission’s six month suspension of MMA in Moncton. Later, it was discovered that Mike, John, and Steve Williams were also indefinitely suspended from all MMA activities by that same commission.

Gerry Doiron-Gould has been the chairman of the MBWC for twenty-one years and he agreed to speak to Top MMA News about the recent MMA upheaval in the maritime province.  Doiron-Gould has been involved with combat sports for an incredible 58 years, “since I was six”, and has been involved in most aspects of fighting.  Gerry is not only the current chairman of the MBWC but has been the president of the Canadian Boxing Federation on three occasions. He also was a big proponent of MMA in Moncton and fought to have MMA sanctioned.

“I was the one who fought really, really hard to bring MMA to Moncton.  I had to fight against the politicians who were dead against it.  I had enough support from Council and the mayor of the day and I was able to convince them to let me move forward with MMA,” states Doiron. “We want to give local kids a chance to participate in MMA in Moncton.”

Doiron confirms that “MMA has been suspended in Moncton for 6 months” and it obvious with his history in Moncton combat sports that Doiron did not take lightly his Commission’s unanimous decision.  He wants to point out that the Commission “does not have any issues with MMA fighting. ”

What are the issues that caused this suspension?  Unfortunately, Gerry will not provide that answer.  “Its confidential information that I cannot give out at this time. There is a possibility that this could end up in court and we welcome that with open arms.”   Later, Doiron does state that, “We have been accused of favoring other promoters.  We did not act with our eyes closed.  The Commission has been attacked by certain people.  The Commission has been attacked verbally.  The Commission has been attacked before MMA even came here. You cannot imagine what we have had to put up with for the longest time.”

What will the Commission be doing during the six months?  The Moncton Chairman states that the Moncton Commission will “conduct a review of the past three years.  What’s gone on at MMA events and where MMA is going.”  Gerry continues, “People do not understand what goes on behind the scenes.  This suspension has been a long time coming.”  Will the commission review its own policies and regulations? “Yes and we will review how past events have went.”

There is a very good chance that the Moncton MMA suspension will be less than six months in length.  “It is very likely that we will see MMA in Moncton in less than six months,” says Doiron-Gould.  The Moncton Chairman also wants to go on record that Moncton’s experience with MMA has not been all bad.  He says, “We have had some excellent shows in Moncton and met some excellent people.”  However there is a “very slight chance” that Moncton MMA could be suspended permanently – “(The Moncton Commission) really wants to take a good look at this and ask ourselves ‘do we want to continue with all the hassles we have had with this sport?’ ”

During the suspension, fighters from New Brunswick, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland will continue to be licensed by the Moncton Commission to fight in other provinces.  “(The Commission) is not going to hurt anyone who has never been out of line and that is from any school,” states Gerry.

Three individuals that the Commission thinks have been out of line are Steve, Mike, and John Williams – three individuals who have participated in almost every aspect of Moncton MMA.   The trio has been “suspended indefinitely by the MBWC and the suspensions are supported by other commissions across the country that have called me today”.  Doiron-Gould cannot go into details of why they were suspended as “police files have been opened up – not by (the MWBC).”

Doiron does regret the need to suspend the Williams’ family.  “I worked hand-in-hand with Steven Williams to help him. I have bailed them out.  Steve Williams has gone on record and said ‘If it was not for Gerry, this show could not have gone on’.  I made calls to other coaches for him to help make fights on his behalf .  That’s a fact.  Just to save his card.”

Why not suspend the individuals who broke regulations and not suspend MMA?  “That was probably a route that (the MWBC) could have explored, but we felt we needed to review MMA as a whole at this time.”

Gerry Doiron-Gould says, “I would look forward to MMA being reinstated but there may be some people not involved who have caused the problems that have arisen.  Everybody in this world must play by rules and live by rules including you and me.  Some people do not believe they have to follow rules.”

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8 Responses to “ Moncton MMA Update: The Moncton Chairman Addresses Suspensions ”

  1. John Williams says:

    I am one of the guys that Gerry suspended, funny thing is I was never notified by anyone on the commission about being suspended, nor given a reason for the suspension, I found it out on the net by accident, if not, I wouldn’t even know about it today, since it apparently occurred days ago!
    I began training in 1947, I trained in the martial arts all my life, I opened the very first full contact school in the USA in the early 1960’s, I opened the very first kickboxing school in Canada in 1974,and the first MMA school in Moncton (The old mma signs are still on the building today) I competed all my life, set two world records, and a Canadian mark, competed in the Canada games, golden gloves and the US olympic trials, PKA kickboxing, judo, weighgtlifting, jujitsu and ran numerous world organizations, so, my area of mma and martial arts expertise certainly is above reproach by this commission or anyone else.
    I will soon go public to defend this charade and the truth will come out. There is more to this than what is reported by the commission leader, and I am confident that I will prove that the suspension is unjustified and the commission is not qualified to regulate the sport of MMA!

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  2. Thanks for your comments John. While we at Top MMA News definitely only have a small piece of the story, one thing I believe is that you, Mike, and Steven were not told by the Moncton Commission that you were suspended and it sounds like you have not been told what regulations you broke to receive the suspension. When you are ready to air your side of this issue, be sure to let us know. Mike has all my contact info and Marc-Andre’s as well.

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  3. tom says:

    I have a couple of issues i want to address
    “(“I was the one who fought really, really hard to bring MMA to Moncton. I had to fight against the politicians who were dead against it. I had enough support from Council and the mayor of the day and I was able to convince them to let me move forward with MMA,” states Doiron. “We want to give local kids a chance to participate in MMA in Moncton.”)”
    THIS IS BOGUS gerry has taken part in BOXING and only wants want is best for gerry which seems to be who can line his pockets and not for the sport of mma.

    # 2
    “What are the issues that caused this suspension? Unfortunately, Gerry will not provide that answer. “Its confidential information that I cannot give out at this time.”

    Gerry can’t comment on it because he hasn’t thought of a legitimate reason yet

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  4. mark k says:

    i think its absurd really , if there are police files opened regarding the three people suspended don’t you think the three people would be aware of it let alone not even being informed of a suspension , its a kiss ass world and Gerry wants to have his pockets lines and ass kissed or he will suspend those who are a threat to him , its funny as well that alot of talk has surfaced about the new casino putting on mma shows and theres suddenly a 6 month ban on mma , and a suspension on the main group putting the shows on , people don’t be fooled seriously by the slander and deformation of charactor going on , nor the real reasons for the suspensions , its all politics and power.

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  5. Elite1 Staff says:

    Elite 1 MMA Productions would like to share that they still have not been informed officially by the Chairman Jerry Doiron Gould from the MBWC of Moncton, the reason behind the suspension.

    Elite 1 MMA Productions and the “Trio” of Moncton MMA have not been charged with any crime.

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  6. rik brantnall says:

    i truly back the williams family!! they have brought us a sport ot monctonn that we could only see on tv unless we wanted to travel great distances to see. I commend them on that. I do believe they are doing a great job and should be able to continue to do so. Especially with the casino coming there will be more great matches from the MMA.
    thats all for now!!!

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  7. rick brantnall says:

    oops my name was mispelled!!

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  8. Dan the Hitman says:

    I find that the supension timing can be brought into question ? Now that Moncton Boxing is looking to create more interest in local Boxing and hosting the Next Great Heavywight Contest.Rumour is that this contest was apparently suposed to have some MMA fights on the Card ? Personaly I think if it would have been a co-event that there would have had a bigger turnout and the majority of witch would not be there for the Boxing ? So was there a dispute over royalty’s on Ticket sales ?

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