Moncton Suspends MMA


The Moncton Boxing & Wrestling Commission (MBWC)  has suspended MMA for the next six months.

The MBWC commission chairman Jerry Doiron-Gould announced the following to the Times & Transcript:

“After three years of sanctioning MMA events in the City of Moncton, the Moncton Boxing and Wrestling Commission has decided to do a complete review of the events that have been held here.  For the next six months, we will not be sanctioning any MMA cards in Moncton. Once that period is over, we will then make a decision on whether to continue sanctioning MMA events here.”

Top MMA News has left emails and phone messages for the MBWC and Jerry Doiron-Gould, but they have been unanswered at the time of this post.

Moncton was the only city in New Brunswick that sanctioned MMA prior to this suspension. Undoubtedly, MMA fans in the area will have to travel to Halifax, Nova Scotia to view live MMA action until at least March 2010.

Look for future updates on this situation at Top MMA News.

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  1. Anabolic says:

    Did something happen to cause this?

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  2. Top MMA News is trying to get to the bottom of it. Look for an update this afternoon on the situation.

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