Moncton MMA Update: Elite 1 MMA Organizers Suspended


Top MMA News has learned today that the family behind the Elite 1 MMA promotion based in Moncton have been suspended indefinitely following a unanimous decision by the Moncton Boxing & Wrestling Commission (MBWC).  The following are the suspensions that have been forwarded to all North American commissions by Moncton Chairman Gerry Doiron-Gould: 

INDEFINITE SUSPENSION  –  Steven Williams – Promoter / Manager / Corner man / Competitor
INDEFINITE SUSPENSION  –  John J.  Williams –  Manager /Corner man
INDEFINITE SUSPENSION  –  Mike Williams  –  Co-owner / Elite1 Promotions

Speaking for the trio, Mike Williams was initially unaware of the suspensions when contacted by Top MMA News.  After the Elite 1 MMA officials verified the suspensions with other provincial commissions, John Williams has agreed to discuss the situation with Top MMA News  at a later time.

Gerry Doiron-Gould, speaking on behalf of the MBWC, confirmed the suspensions to Top MMA News although the reasoning behind the commission’s decision remain private.  The three individuals are suspended throughout North America.  Issues with some promotions are part of the reasoning behind the six month suspension of MMA in Moncton issued by the Moncton Commission. 

Elite 1 MMA has promoted three MMA cards in Moncton, New Brunswick.  Their third effort, Never Back Down, was held on July 25th.  Top MMA News attended this event and observed no improprieties during the weigh ins or the event.

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  1. Kurt Pelletier says:

    This is ludacris, I as a member of team saigo think this is obviously some sort of personal issue the commissioner has got with our club. Okay to ban mma in moncton for 6 months is lucrative enough, he now thinks he has the right to exercise the authority to suspend us the fighters from being managed and cornered from our instructors what the h3ll is this bull$hit all about? Come on Jerry give your freakin’ head a shake. This decision endangers the health, well being and careers of us young athletes trying to make something of ourselves. And for what some old money hungry, self absorbed man who has a personal endeavor to which he wishes to pursue and help to flourish off the fan base we have worked our a$$es off to create…Insane

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  2. CagedMMAFreak says:

    Well I for one think that maybe Mr Doiron is taking things too far but I would maybe be asking myself IS there a real reason why this suspension is happening. I for one think that stacking your even with guys from your own club is a tad unfair…and as well being a manager, corner-man and a promoter is a HUGE conflict of interest.
    So lets hope we can see MMA back in Moncton sometime and maybe see a decent card once again.

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  3. We definately need to know why they were suspended. It’s really puzling anybody can be suspended for anything and not given a reason.

    Until then it’s hard for anybody to have much of an opinion on it.

    If you really think they have stacked cards in their favor unjustly, then the commission would be more to blame than the promoter, as the commission sanctions the fights.

    Just because Steve was licensed a a manager, corner, promoter, didn’t mean he was each of those roles for the same event. For example, the last Elite 1 event, he wore the promoters hat only.

    I’d love to get a copy of the Moncton Commission’s Rules and Regulations.

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  4. fitplusmma says:

    Jerry Doiron has been acting this way for ages and needs to be held accountable for his actions. He arbitrarily makes decisions and doesnt feel the need to answer to anyone. I am curious what a letter to the local MP or mayor would open up.

    However, the promotors of Elite 1 have been using shady tactics and treating fighters poorly for some time and perhaps this is a wake up call to them.

    Hopefully, the government steps in to oversee how mma is regulated in Moncton so they can start to put on quality shows and give the fans and fighters something worth attending.

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  5. John Williams says:

    to fitplusmma
    Pray tell us what these shady tactics and poor treatments were? We put on the best MMA cards around here, every fight was competitive, no ringers to make us look good, we could have had every one of our fighters fight a bum, but we didn’t, and when we won, it was because we trained our fighters better, and when you are suspended for life without a reason, how the hell is anyone going put on a better show, hell, you should know that!!!

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  6. John Williams says:

    You obviously know squat about promotimg MMA! Do you think when a card is held in Halifax, the fans want to see guys from Ontario kick the shit out of the local fighters? If we did that, the fans will not return, and the $60,000 or more it costs to promote an event will be covered by the promoter and he will go out of business, so, you make the fights competitive, if they lose a close fight, that is forgivable, but if the Halifax fighters are all thumpted too easily, the fans will not return.
    Our cards were all competitive, we jumped through the commission hoops as directed which is why we survived until Uncle Gerry had his mental relapse and turned vicious!!

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  7. Kurt Pelletier says:

    About stacking your card with your own fighters…Every promotion generally stacks their card with locals. Just check out E.C.C 10 and how many Titans are on that card its a way of drawing people, friends, co-workers, relatives which make up a decent portion of the fan base, are non existent if you do not do this. It is not a bad thing to have a lot of fighters from your own club on your card as they are who brings in the majority of the fan base. Also for every one person from your local club there will have to be an opponent from some other club either local or foreign, so wheres the argument?

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  8. Elite1 Staff says:

    Eveyone seems to be confused. Elite 1 MMA Productions still has not received a letter of suspension from the Moncton Boxing & Wrestling Commission explaining in detail the reason of suspension. We found out today through e-mails and phone calls asking why we were suspended? We don’t know…..

    “Never Back Down” was a well organized Event giving the MMA Fans a full night of Entertainment just like we promised them. The amount of work, dedication and pride that was put in the last events, showed the fans that Elite 1 MMA Productions is a very professional organization that only wanted to build the MMA Fans in the Moncton Area and for it to keep getting better and bigger and at every Event.
    The show was sanctioned and went on. According to
    the fans and fighters. It was the best one yet.

    Mr. John Williams – Manager/Trainer/Cornerman of all Team Saigo Fighters. Which is common to many other fighters.

    Mr. Steven Williams is the promotor for Elite 1 MMA Productions. Like mentioned above, the night of the events, that’s the only hat he wears. As for him being the Trainer along side with his father for team saigo is no different than all other local Promotors. They train fighters and some even fight on their cards. Most of them also own a club. Steven is not cornerman at his
    events. Only when Team Saigo fighters fight on other promotors cards.

    As for stacking the card with Team Saigo fighters, it would all make sense. Team Saigo being local, it keeps the expenses down (Hotel rooms, flights, gas, bridge passes etc.) Most promotors have local fighters where the show is being held. We only promote in Moncton. If we were to have a show in Montreal, most of the fighters would have been from there and surrounding areas. Never Back Down – 7 out of 20 fighters, To Seek & Destroy – 4 out of 18 fighters, One Man Standing 6 out of 18. Only 1 of his fighters holding a Title out of 6 of them.

    Looking back, who better to represent MMA in Moncton, other than the “Williams family”? That’s their life and that’s all it’s ever been. Think of all the experience they have when you put them all together. They are now going in to the third generation.

    It just does not make any sense. How were we able to find out about this suspension from Keith Grienke the Editor of Top MMA News without even being told by the commission? How about rules and regulations? Notifying whoever is suspended with reason before being made public?

    Elite1MMA Productions Staff

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  9. Tim says:

    Everything I wanted to say has already been said here, but let me add this:

    Gerry can go eat a big bowl of dicks

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  10. Kyle says:

    This is stupid. I hope someone can work this out or tell this “Gerry” guy to lighten up and stop being a sore loser.

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  11. Fighter/observer says:

    just curious as to how many title fights in elite 1 HAVE featured saigo fighters and how many HAVENT…and if their records were really better than other people in the division who fight who arent from saigo. 3rd party here,no real opinion yet,i’m just wondering

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  12. Fighter/observer says:

    been hearing different things about whats going on in moncton

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  13. Oh yeah, what have you been hearing?

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  14. Fighter/observer says:

    that the title fights in monctonmma always had guys from the same gym, like over half of all title fights or something. but then i see this and all these comments and im just wondering what is really up

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  15. rick brantnall says:

    sooooo, i for one like to see the local fighters, they are from our area. how boring would it be to go and see fights with people on the card that you have never even heard of, its not as big as the WWE yet but its coming to make their mark.
    Sorry to gerry that the boxing phenomina has been gone for quite some time now and you should really get back behinf the mma and the williams family and give the fans what they really want!! enough of the childish tantics, gerry just give then your price tag and make sure to let the rest of the commission know how much u got for suspending the williams family, unamously, yeah right, i heard u make the rules and thats that. I guess its about time you dethroned and maybe replaced by …..oh i don’t know someone with more degrees than you, i know perhaps the man “John Williams”, u could learn a thing or two from this man!!

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  16. CagedMMAFreak says:

    Alright, so I have been holding my tongue on this for a long time now but needs to be said. I think what allot of people are failing to see here is that even though the Elite1 Organization is banned indefinitely, there are still MANY promotions out there that put on AMAZING shows, King Of the Cage, ECC, Pheonix Fight Promotions are just a few. I am very sure we will see MMA events back in Moncton soon enough.

    What I would suggest is that we all keep our comments on the commission to ourselves. We know that Gerry has the power to say to any will never fight again…and he can make it happen. So I think we should let things be hashed out behind the scenes and put an end to it once and for all. Eventually the truth will come out and those at fault be it the Williams or the Commission, they will have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

    All the best and lets hope for the best!

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