UFC 107 – December 12


Date: December 12, 2009UFC THUMB
Location: FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee

UFC 107 Card

BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez (for UFC Lightweight title)

Frank Mir vs Cheick Kongo

Mike Pierce vs Jon Fitch

Ken Florian vs Clay Guida

Paul Buentello vs Todd Duffee


Alan Belcher vs Wilson Gouveia

Shane Nelson vs Matt Wiman

Ricardo Funch vs Johny Hendricks

Lucio Linhares vs Rousimar Palhares

Edgar Garcia vs DaMarques Johnson

TJ Grant vs Kevin Burns

5 Responses to “ UFC 107 – December 12 ”

  1. Lance Daniels (Drunk"n Master) says:

    (Title Match iz going to Be da Be$t)!I hope Cheick Kongo gets the Win..on Mir

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  2. Lance Daniels says:

    5 years ago I had A grappling match With a 26yr/ 265pd Streetfighter I was 23yrs/140pds Bissett/Prince jiu -jitsu orangebelt. This match was my hardest next to my favorite losses with C.Brigham in Brandon.The match went the distance 25min.I got him in a triangle armbar,but he kept pickin me up and slamming me down tried ankle locks and a knee bar but pulled out stood up and he goldburged my head into the back of a Sunfire car Fallin straight in to a triangle really tight this time ,i thought i had it but my luck failed ,he slipped me off the grass and onto the GRaVel. I let go to stand up, turned my back half way to much and he slip on choke…(I hated lossing) but i still got alot of wins about 50-9-5 (grappling matches)not real fights

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  3. Teag says:

    What does this have to do with UFC 107?

    there will be no Sunfire cars or Gravel at UFC 107

    You fought Brigham in a Sunfire?

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  4. Lance Daniels says:

    (Not Brigham, u dummy Brighams my buddy)(a 265 pounder)

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  5. Lance says:

    This has to do with the ones who wanna man up they should bring back something Like ($uperFiGhtZ) no weightclass lightwieght wins heavy wieght like UfC 4

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