Victoria Commission NOT Overseeing AFC


Top MMA News has obtained a letter from the Mayor of Victoria stating that the Victoria Athletic Commission has not approved and will not sanction the Armaggedon Fighting Championships’ card on August 22. 

Previously, Top MMA News were t0ld that the Victoria Commission would oversee the bout thereby resolving any issues with sanctioning.  Now, Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin has written in a letter dated August 21 that,

“This event is outside the mandate of the Commission.  This event is outside the jurisdiction of the City of Victoria, and therefore has no authority to sanction the event.”

Although other Canadian commissions are not pleased with the AFC holding an unsanctioned event, “no fighters will be suspended for a year for fighting on the card,” stated Candy Schacter of the Calgary Combative Sport Commission.   As fighters had already arrived and weighed in, the Calgary, Edmonton, and Manitoba commissions decided to waive the one year fighter suspension.

Its nice of the commissions to show sympathy for the fighters who have trained hard for their AFC matches.  These fighters have been pulled back and forth over the past week over their status if they fought on the AFC card.

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