With Commission Troubles Behind Them, AFC Looks to Make Big Bang


It has been a tough road for Jason Heit and Darren Owen to launch their Armageddon Fighting Championships promotion.  They have had commission troubles and have lost their headline bout, but the show will go on.  This Saturday, August 22, AFC presents the Big Bang with Dan Chambers taking on Nick Hinchliffe in the Main Event in Colwood, BC.

The card had been in trouble when the Edmonton Commission released a letter stating that anyone who fought on the AFC would face a one year suspension.  The AFC card was being called an amateur card with fighters who had been formerly paid professionals in order to avoid regulations that called for a commission to oversee pro events.  According to the Vancouver Sun, Colwood Mayor David Saunders provided a letter indicating the municipality’s approval of the event.  With approval, the Victoria Athletic Commission was able to step in to oversee the event and the commission hurdle was cleared.

Then the show received terrible news last week when local favorite Kalib Starnes was forced off the card with an injury.  Unfortunately, the show was left looking for a Middleweight to face Matt Horwich.  When no suitable opponent for Horwich could be found, the fight had to be pulled.  Jared Kilkenny’s undercard bout was also scrapped when he was signed by the MFC.

Jason Heit takes it all in stride.  “All these problems are to be expected, we’re putting on a MMA event, not a tennis tournament, there’s gonna be injuries and haters. The support from the local community and sponsors has been great, ticket sales are great.”

With all that behind them, the AFC still has an incredible 14 fights to offer Victoria MMA fans!  One bout that Jason Heit is particularly looking forward to is Derek Medler vs Brandon MacArthur.  “This fight will be very interesting.  Derek is a fantastic athlete, he’s strong, fast, co-ordinated, everything you could ask for in a fighter.  He’s being tested against MacArthur who is not as athletic but has a lot more cage experience.”

Tickets are available at Island MMA, Juan de Fuca Rec Center, by calling (250) 478-8384 or online at www.armageddonfc.com.

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