CFC 3 – November 13


Date: November 13, 2009
Location: Winnipeg Convention Centre in Winnipeg, MB
TV: The Fight Network
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Video Preview:





Special Guest Referee – “Big” John McCarthy

Main Event

Rodrigo Munduruca vs Dan Christison

Co-Main Event
Dan Grandmaison vs Claude Patrick

Sean Quinn vs François Haché Lacombe
Chris Stranger vs Kris Lee
Agostino Denatale vs Jesse Gross
Mark Durant vs Brett Portieous
Lance Cartwright vs Chester Post
Eric Perez vs Ben Nguyen
Dominick Blais vs Warren Phillips
Luis Cepeda-Javier vs Jamie Guminy
Roland Delorme vs Stephane Denis

89 Responses to “ CFC 3 – November 13 ”

  1. dean says:

    Can’t wait to see this card as Giuseppe and Marc Andre always put on a bad ass show!!

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  2. Dean says:

    Thats five fights with all big names! What else are you guys gonna add to this card?? Stacked is the only word that comes to mind here. Cant wait for the show!!

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  3. kev says:

    who’s chris stranger fighting? ANYONE KNOW????

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  4. Stay tuned to Top MMA News. We will have the full lineup of fights for CFC 3 on this page as soon as they are announced or can be tracked down.

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  5. Lionel Lee says:

    yes kev… i know who Kris Stranger is fighting ….it’s my son Kris Lee and he’s a pretty good fighter he’s only new at it but a good fighter

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  6. Paco chavez says:

    Nice fight for Stranger NOT! I seen him fight in the USA he is a good jitz guy I heard he got a medal at grapplers quest in vegas Who approves these fights?? what a joke

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  7. Paco, you are a joke.

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  8. Paco Chavez says:

    Marc what do you know? do you know Kris Lee? Stranger will snap off his arm lol your the joke dude..

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  9. Paco, you don’t want to go there.

    I wasn’t kidding when I said you were a joke.

    I know Chris Stranger and Kris Lee’s Management. I’ve seen his only fight, and I know the kid is hungry.

    It’s a great matchup. But you’d know nothing about matchmaking.

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  10. btw, the Manitoba Boxing Commission approves all matchups.

    This card hasn’t been approved by them yet.

    This information comes from the fighters who have signed contracts.

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  11. Paco Chavez says:

    oh I did not catch that you work for the CFC.I guess you know everthing then right Joe silva? their records speak to me Stranger had 4 fights and Kris had 1 fight, but hey I have heard about you and your shows and the manitoba commission.

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  12. If I didn’t know better, I’d almost think you were from Manitoba.

    What have you heard of us?

    So I assume you’ll be at our show then. Be sure to come say hi.

    We are currently the only MMA Promotion in Manitoba.

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  13. Paco Chavez says:

    We will have to see ya there then!

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  14. What’s you think of the first 2 shows?

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  15. Phil says:

    PACO, DON’T BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE. It will be a good fight.

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  16. marcus says:

    Hey, Stranger vs. Lee will be a good showdown. They’ll both bring it. I saw Lee fight in sept 2007 at Lee Meins Rumble in the cage 25 show against a huge 6 foot 8 ripped black dude that had some slick skills. Lee is no slouch and he will definintely show up to fight.

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  17. David Letourneau says:

    this is an amazing card im glad cfc is doing good for the mma scene in the peg look forward to watching these fights good luck to all the fighters and the promotion for a sucessful event.

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  18. Appreciate the kind words David.

    We’ll have you out here yet!

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  19. Andrew says:

    Being able to see Agostino fight will be amazing!

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  20. David Letourneau says:

    thanks marc, I am ready to go anytime any weight

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  21. Lee says:

    Paco you should not be so quick to judge……Did you ever see Kris Lee fight? ….it will be a good fight and there will be only one winner and I’m sure it will professional ….Paco you are a JOKE

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  22. drew says:

    Card is sick, CFC does a great job and always puts on a good show. chris stranger vs chris lee ain’t a bad match up, will be a good fight along with the rest im sure. All the best with the event.

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  23. Brodes says:

    Grandmaison vs Patrick should be the main event. Excellent fight, mind you Im sure Claude subs him in round one.

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  24. Travis Danger says:

    The card does look absolutely fantastic! AS for the chris stranger vs chris lee fight, I like to see how a hungry proven-yet-unseasoned guy does against a more experienced fighter; it really gives the fight some flavour and I always enjoy watching newer guys who are anxious and motivated to prove their skillsets.

    I for one appreciate how you are so forthright with your opinion Paco. However, Marc-Andre Drolet has definitely been around the MMA scene. Guys in the know have heard of him, even out here on the East Coast where I train. So, while I think it’s great to have some constructive debate about the experience disparity, I’m going to trust Marc-Andre’s judgement. I remember a lot of guys pooh-poohing the CFC Doerksen match-up and it was freakin’ awesome! Marc-Andre has consistently proven he can produce exciting matches, and I’m going with him on this one.

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  25. HA, appreciate the support and respect Travis, but Paco is the same person that was critical of the Doerksen – Babene matchup. (Even after having watched it)

    That’s the difference between those who are poseurs and acting like they know about the MMA and Grappling world versus those who have been working in the field for years and have built up contacts they can trust, and have the ability to pull talent in from all over the world.

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  26. Brodes, if it weren’t for Munduruca being an undefeated Heavyweight, Patrick-Grandmaison would be the main event.

    Keep in mind neither Patrick or Grandmaison are from Winnipeg, and the casual fan has no clue who they are. (For now) But will all know who they are after.

    I bet Paco never heard of either of them.

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  27. darryl says:

    you are setting up chris lee to lose this fight though, theres no hiding that. But don’t count anyone out

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  28. James says:

    This card is pretty crazy for Canadian Mixed Martial Arts. I’ve heard nothing but good things about CFC. I think Munduruca will win via Unanimous Decision over Dan, though it should be a good war.
    Claude Patrick is one hell of a fighter, Claude via submission early in the 1st in my opinion.

    Chris Stranger vs Chris Lee seems to be getting a lot of attention, a lot of talk about it. Well in my opinion, who are we to judge either of these guys in a disrespectful manner?
    I know Stranger has fought everywhere and competed everwhere, he has a lot more experience than Lee, but I hear Lee will show up for a war as well. This is MMA folks.

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  29. Brodes says:

    Marc, I wasnt trying to criticize your card or event. you are doing good things for Canadian MMA over there. Keep it up. Will we be catching this card on TFN?

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  30. Oh, I didn’t take your comment as a negativity. I took it as a compliment.

    This card Will be on the TFN!

    I appreciate the feedback.

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  31. Darryl, I don’t agree that Kris Lee is being brought in to lose. Both Chris and Kris want a tough fight.

    Both have been preparing for a war, and both intend to bring a war. I have Stranger at 3-1 and never faced anybody with any experience. Whereas Lee is 2-0 and looking to get more experience.

    I could bring in way less experienced fighters to face Stranger if I was just looking to get him a win.

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  32. Brownie says:

    great card……straner vs lee is getting a lot of attention, looking forward to this fight, im sure it will be entertaining.
    Claude Patrick via Sub and Big Dan via decision. See you all there

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  33. Cory says:

    MUCH SUPPORT TO CFC, you are doing great things for Canadian MMA.
    IMO Dan christianson will lose via UD
    Claude Patrick will win via TKO in round 1

    I’ve heard some good things about Chris Stranger, I know he has the experience edge going up against Lee, but who knows man? I’ve heard little about Kris Lee, but people say he will come to fight, no matter who is in front of him. Plus he’s young and has tons of time to grow. Can’t wait for the entertainment.

    P.S Great job with the match-ups

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  34. Joe Doerksen says:

    I thought my fight with Babene was pretty good. And I got the impression the 2500 people watching it would agree.

    Paco, have you ever been to a show? You gotta check it out. I have fought all over the world, and I can tell you CFC is a world class production. Winnipeg has NEVER had another show that compares. I am telling you man, you’re in for a treat!!!

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  35. Funny thing bout your fight wth Babene at CFC 2 in May Joe is that there was 1 complaint about it.

    The person who complained put on 10 fights the next month totalling 28 minutes. (5 hours of realtime)

    We appreciate the kind words of CFC Joe! It means alot coming from Canada’s most experienced MMA fighter.

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  36. David Letourneau says:

    8 and 1/2 of which were mine.

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  37. First and best fight of the night.

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  38. Joe Doerksen says:

    It’s really too bad, too. I was generously comped a handful of tickets by the promoter, but was still unable to sit through more than half of the show.

    Don’t wanna say anything negative about the fighters, as they came in and did their very best. But when it takes five hours to do 28 min of fighting… the promoter is doing something horribly wrong.

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  39. Yeah some of the fighters shouldn’t have been on the card, and ones who should weren’t matched the best in my opinion.

    Otherwise that is always tough to control sometimes.

    Don’t worry Joe, we’ll comp you a few tickets for CFC 3 and hopefully you’ll be entertained enough to stick around all night.

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  40. Joe Doerksen says:

    well if the next show is anything like the last few, I’m not worried at all.

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  41. Gabriel Santos says:

    Well guess we can’t keep silent for-ever we did not want to sink down to this level!
    But here goes since your so good at bashing and hating on us at the Ultimate Cage Wars lets put a few things into perspective Marc let’s not forget to tell everybody that Joe and you are good friends and he happens to train at the CFCs gym! You guys really play it up like you don’t know each other all that well… Joe I gave you those tickets to be a nice guy and if I knew you were going to bash the shit out of us like that later I would have not given them to you. That was not very nice at all in my books you are a professional in this sport and so coming from you I was surprised instead of doing what you did bashing us hardcore why not offer some mentor-ship? I was always told if you have nothing nice to say about something or somebody then you just don’t say it guess we are all different. As I remember you fought on the UCW shows before and you had a really good fight there. You did not start in the UFC did you? no These small shows need to be around, it’s just too bad for the fighters and the sport of MMA that all you guys spend so much time and energy bashing us and trying to monopolize the shows in Winnipeg. All you guys want is to see us fail and yet we can agree that we all love this great sport! I think some people only care about making a shit load of money with these events and others like us don’t care about the money at all. You guys want us to stop running shows so all you do is point out every little flaw and mistake we make. Every business has its challenges and UCW may not have all the glitz or can afford to pay the Joe Doerksen’s of the MMA world but we are committed to help the young and upcoming fighters get their start in this sport which I think we have done a great job thus far! UCW is not done running shows and next year you guys will see some big differences in this city and that is a promise! I can also tell you I personally would rather volunteer my time for the underdog and work extra hard to pull it out of the fires that other people are creating then work with the likes of you! Marc your negativity and attempt the monopolization of the sport here in Winnipeg is poison to this sport and to the fighters and fans all devils have their day and yours my ex friend will come. I think you seemed to lose site of where you came from in fact I can remember years ago in Saskatchewan and Minnesota when you and I were at those small shows you had a different out look on things like that, you were not bashing them then were you? What about when you fought on the UCW shows was that so bad guess so. Yes the shows were low budget and small but they still had the harts and soles of some great fighters and the fans enjoyed it either way…


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  42. Joe Doerksen says:

    If you would go back and read my post again Gabe, you’d see I was quite grateful for the tickets I was given. However, the show was simply so bad that I couldn’t stay.

    You say you love this sport and I do believe you. It saddens me to see you work so hard for an organization that is simply looking to take advantage of you, and the fighters to try to make a quick buck. I understand your need to be part of something and feel relevant to the sport, but at what cost? Saying you’d never work for the CFC isn’t really true, is it? I seem to remember hearing rumours that it was you who approached them not too long ago, looking for a job. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

    You talk about your competition attempting to monopolize the sport, and how I should be trying to help rather than criticize. Let me adress that right now. In the past, before you were involved with the UCW, I did just that. I offered the best advice I could to the people involved. I was completely ignored. On top of that they tried to sabotage any show that I fought on outside of the UCW, saying that because I fought for them once, I couldn’t fight for anyone else. So it would seem to me that it was them that was after a monopoly. In fact, I still remember one of the former promoters publicly declaring that anyone else trying to do mma in Winnipeg would be shut down.

    Gabe, you seem like a nice kid. However, you work for a less than reputable company. It is sad to see someone with such good intentions putting all your energy into helping someone else to hurt what you love so much.

    The sad truth is that the UCW promoter killed his own show with greed and laziness. Every show becomes less entertaining, often with little or no local talent on the card at all. Winnipeg fans don’t want to buy tickets if there’s no Winnipeg fighters on the card. It’s a simple concept that your boss seems unable to grasp.

    And instead of trying to learn from past mistakes and improving the quality of the show, UCW staff points fingers at anyone else they can, laying blam on others to avoid admitting their own mistakes.

    If the UCW continues down the same path they have followed that last few years, attendance will continue to decrease. Forgive me if I have been harsh Gabe, but you deserve to hear the truth. You deserve the chance to leave the sinking ship before it’s too late.

    All a person has to do is attend a show from each promotion, and the difference is obvious. From the quality of the fights, productino, the atmosphere in the room… two different worlds. From what I’ve experienced working with both shows, the CFC is doing well because they are working hard and producing a good product. That’s why their customers keep coming back.

    If the UCW spent half the energy on pleasing customers as they did on screwing with their competition, they wouldn’t be having all the problems they are dealilng with today.

    That’s my 2 cents. Sorry if it got boring.


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  43. Steve says:

    CFC has a gym in Winnipeg? Anyone know where it is?

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  44. Good Post I love this I will open a can of true worms after my day job is finnished. It was not boring at all rather very amusing! stay tuned….

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  45. Dean says:

    Cant we all just get along??
    I love MMA myself and go to all local shows.
    IMO CFC 1&2 kicked major ass if only for the crazy Eric Perez fights!! That was entertainment at its finest.

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  46. Tyler says:

    I’m rather excited for this card. It looks to be some good showdowns lined up. Never seen either Chris or Kris fight myself so I’ll hope to form an unbiased opinion after being entertained by the fight.

    And because i like giving my two cents, here they are on the UCW things being discussed. I’m a computer programmer, this should establish my level of knowledge in MMA. Its entertaining to me as a spectator, thats about it (i don’t train or fight and never will i expect). That being the case, I have had the good fortune of attending both UCW and CFC events up close and personal. I did however find the CFC event to be more entertaining as a spectator. I was NOT at the UCW event with 28 mins of fighting, but the one prior and found that it seemed to be more focused on “looking” like an MMA event rather than being one through and through. Having the cage is good, but doesn’t make an MMA event. Lots of hot ring girls is cool too, but doesn’t make an MMA event. Pro fighters to sign autographs, great PR and ticket seller, but again, does not make an MMA event. These were the differences I noticed. These extras are great to have and turn a great event into a sensational event, but the fights are key. Without those it never even becomes a great event, making the extras irrelevant.

    I have no problem with UCW and doing what they do, but from a spectators chair, the CFC event was more engaging for me. Again, only a spectator, no in depth analysis here.

    Hope to see a good turn out at the fights all.

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  47. I agree that you shouldn’t stay silent, and I don’t believe you’ve been silent to anybody but the fans and the fighters. The ones who should matter the most to you.

    I’ve never once pretended that I didn’t know Joe. I’ve known Joe since before he trained MMA when he was doing Judo in Steinbach YEARS ago and I used to compete against his brother. We also aren’t BFF’s. I don’t play up that I know or don’t know him. Winnipeg is a small town and it’s impossible to not know all the people involved with MMA.

    How does CFC or myself have ANYTHING to do with you guys getting suspended by the Boxing commission? If we had any power, we’d have suspended you longer. You mistreated fighters, the fans, and really disrespected the sport of MMA here. You have also YET to address the fans.

    How can you accuse us of doing this for the money? We’ve been involved in this sport for over 10 years and have never seen any gains from it. We do this because we are pationate (Borderline Obsessive) about the sport of mixed martial arts. My motivations for working in the sport are to do what I do best, and what I am most passionate about.

    Where have I ever been negative? I’ve been critical and sometimes opinionated when people do things to jeopardize our sport, and when I’m told I’m bad for the sport, it’s hard not to get defensive when you put your entire life into something. I take Great exception to what you are saying about me.

    I’ve never lost site of where I came from, and I think I’ve parlayed where I’ve come from and my experiences quite nicely. I’m frequently on the Fan 590, and referenced on Sportsnet by my friend Showdown Joe Ferraro, Mauro Ranallo calls me and has me on his Hardcore Sports Radio show frequently. I’ve been working with the Fightnetwork and the Score to further the sport of mixed martial arts in Manitoba, and think we’ve done a great job of that with only 2 shows, and operating less than a year.

    I enjoyed competing on UCW and working with the show in the early years. Then I realized I wasn’t helping anybody but a wrestling promoter grease his pockets and not do anything for the sport of MMA. More energy went into press conferences with Pro Wrestling angles, and armwrestling matches turning into pro wrestling fights? I had some of your young stars coming to me DURING that show, and said they’d do anything to get on our cards.

    Only you would compare your show of 2009 to shows of 10 years ago.

    You and Paco are the only 2 people I know of that have these opinions of our matchups and how bad we are for the sport, but it’s all good, you can call me a Devil all you want.

    I would never question your passion for MMA, just your logic and your inability to separate emotions with business. But that’s kind of how your boss works too, so no shock there.

    In my not so humble expert opinion
    Marc-Andre Drolet

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  48. Joe Doerksen says:

    Well, I’m gonna go see the CFC show in Nov. Hope to see everyone there. Gabe, I’ll even buy you a beer at the after party.



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  49. Dean says:

    I will be there Joe. No fighting this time, no matter how drunk you get.

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  50. Tink says:

    Jeebus guys, remember WWSQD??? Ill tell ya what he’d do…later.

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