CFC 3 – November 13


Date: November 13, 2009
Location: Winnipeg Convention Centre in Winnipeg, MB
TV: The Fight Network
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Video Preview:





Special Guest Referee – “Big” John McCarthy

Main Event

Rodrigo Munduruca vs Dan Christison

Co-Main Event
Dan Grandmaison vs Claude Patrick

Sean Quinn vs François Haché Lacombe
Chris Stranger vs Kris Lee
Agostino Denatale vs Jesse Gross
Mark Durant vs Brett Portieous
Lance Cartwright vs Chester Post
Eric Perez vs Ben Nguyen
Dominick Blais vs Warren Phillips
Luis Cepeda-Javier vs Jamie Guminy
Roland Delorme vs Stephane Denis

89 Responses to “ CFC 3 – November 13 ”

  1. Tink says:

    Or maybe i wont.

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  2. AnabolicMike says:

    I would like to say I have known Marc Andre for the past 15 years I have found him to be one of the most passionate people associated with this sport that I have seen.

    I myself have worked for such notable websites as ADCC. House of Pain and with helped out with SEG back in the day.

    To call this man the devil is totally absurd I have seen how he treats everyone he is associated with and I can say that is with nothing but great respect.

    I was in attendance for the last show and must say I was very impressed for the total professionalism In fact I was shocked! I expected to be like the other events that I went to in Winnipeg with the long drawn out event, 2 min fights and 25 min waiting for the next ones to start. Not to mention the hideous commercials being run over and over.

    All I can say is in 2 events, these People have shown to be one of the top shows in Canada. Keep up the good work boys! Next time you write in proof read for Christ sake its spelled hearts not harts

    Anabolic Mike

    PS. Great fight Mr. Doerksen I want one of those “I will fight for beer money shirts”

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  3. Joe Doerksen says:

    Mike, email me at I just need an address and shirt size, and I’ll hook you up. Hopefully I got something that will fit. Gettin more made soon, so I’ll get you one sooner or later.

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  4. Joe Latour says:

    I fought on both CFC 1 and 2, and in my personal opinion Marc Andre was and is the easiest person to talk with as well as the most accomidating that I have ever dealt with in the mma world both throughout my amateur and professional career. Quite simply anyone talking trash about MAD as apart of mma doesn’t know shit.

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  5. Joe Doerksen says:

    Gabe, do yourself a favour. Buy a ticket to the next CFC, and start enjoying mma again. Go ahead and treat yourself… you deserve it!

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  6. AnabolicMike says:

    I was at the last CFC and saw 3 standing ovations the last one was Mr. Doerksens fight and I have to say that was a war. The other young fighter is going to be a top dog very soon. He has fantastic skills and explosive. The place erupted when Joe won, it was quite a spectacle. There was a fantastic buzz amongst the crowd I even loved the intermission those darn kids were amazing. Intermission…. Ahh you will all be glad to know after over a year of intense therapy I am now sleeping again and the nightmares of ex bombers spouting how some of these fighters should come train stand up with him have subsided.

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  7. roy says:

    I would just like to say that I do volunteer my time to the CFC and have alot of pride in doing so. Most people are pleased with the shows and performances by the fighters. The fighters are all pro’s that have put there time in, regardless if it is a debut fight or not. I do not like the the fact that when you have a wrestling/boxing/entertainment/money making owner try to hype fights with arm wrestling ex sport heroes, or raffle draws. It takes away and cheapens the efforts put in by the atheletes, after all the purpose of the event is to showcase some incredible MMA athletes. If you are unable to draw people based on that, stay away and don’t turn to a “circus” type atmosphere.

    I would like to thank Marc-Andre and Joe Doerksen for there comments as it has allowed us, the public to see another intelligent side of you guys. If I was Joe, I would just smash people in the face that talked shit, but I’m not and you are so….. Good on ya Bro and best of luck in the future. Glad to know you represent well…

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  8. carl says:

    marc andre dont u manage fighters and match make for cfc? isnt that conflict of interest by putting your fighters on your card?

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  9. I do manage a few fighters, as well as matchmake for CFC.

    I actually intend on managing more fighters soon.

    It’s no conflict of interest in Manitboa.

    The Manitoba Boxing Commssion doesn’t recognize managers, and it would only be a conflict of interest if I competed on one our own cards.

    Ask Francois Hache-Lacombe or his management if they are upset I manage Sean :)

    They are happy for the opportunity and BOTH fighters have their hands full.

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  10. Mark says:

    Marc, Do you manage Chris Stranger? We can see that you are trying to set him up for a win by putting him against someone with little experience as Lee. But if you don’t manage him , it’s all good. In my opinion it is a little odd if a vice president of a League is managing fighters that fight for that league.

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  11. Bob Cook is an AKA trainer, co-founder of zinkin, one of the biggest mma management companies, and worked very closely with Strikeforce in matchmaking capacities.

    Monte Cox might be the biggest MMA manager and he owns Extreme Challenge and Adrenaline MMA.

    If people want to try and make a living at MMA outside the UFC, they generally have to wear a few different hats.

    I don’t believe its a conflict of interest, but it is a grey area. I believe the person at risk is the fighter who is managed by the promoter. That fighter needs to ask himself who his manager is loyal to? Is he trying to underpay his fighter to hold his promotion’s cost down?

    E.g. Was it a good decision by Tim Sylvia to fight Ray Mercer on his manager’s Monte Cox’s Adrenaline promotion? Did Monte pay Tim as much as another promotion would have? Was Monte looking out for Tim’s best interests by having him fight a boxer for high pay when he was not attracting offers from other promotions? or was Monte looking for a interesting headline fight for Adrenaline at a discount rate with no upside for Tim?

    Let me say that this is just an example. I have no idea on how much Tim was paid and it could have been a very easy payday if Tim took the fight seriously.

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  12. AnabolicMike says:

    So you are saying he is giving this young man an easy fight to pad his record? Wouldn’t that make him look bad as a matchmaker? That seems like it would be bad for the CFC’s business if they had squash matches would it not? From the fights I have seen they were highly competitive matches. You said “we” can you elaborate who we is?
    I know of numerous Manager/promoter/owners/trainers more often then not this is what happens with local shows this is how the sport became mainstream one man 4 hats and you got a local show. Trust me know one with any credibility would care if some one is 5-1 or 6-1 any match maker worth his salt will look at what you did, how you did it, and who you were against. Sounds to me like this is a grade A pissing match. I have the resolution to this. Both groups run your shows put on the best show to your ability. The people will go to the show that they deem best. The sport gets bigger Everyone wins. If a group runs shady matches that are squashes or masked wrestlers they will soon be gone with the days of Harold Howard and Keith Hackney and be a distant memory.

    Maturity is not an option, it’s inevitable it must happen sometime

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  13. So Stranger is being setup to win because he’s 3-1 and Kris Lee is 2-0?

    In all 4 of Chris Strangers fights, he’s faced debut fighters.

    This is his first time facing somebody with 2 fights and is undefeated.

    Ask Kris and his manager what they think of the opportunity.

    btw I don’t manage Chris Stranger, Sean Quinn is the only person I currently manage on the CFC card, and I work very closed with Quinn’s opponent’s managers Joey and Eric from FSM.

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  14. I agree with Mike, i put alot of pride in what I do, and would never set up fights where we know or think who is going to win beforehand.

    I’m a huge fan of the sport, and if I’m not excited to watch a fight, I’m not matching it.

    See you all at the fights.

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  15. Sean Quinn says:

    AnabolicMike is my new best friend, and you know what that means!!! You need a nickname. Or at least, a new nickname. Im gonna call you…Mr Flops. On account of your floppy ears. Ok? Awesome.
    CFC is gonna be great next month, i cant wait.

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  16. Enough about these guys

    What about Lindsey Hawkes and Kevin Manderson?

    Who does everybody predict in that one?

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  17. Sean Quinn says:

    Have they never fought before?

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  18. marcus says:

    I’m going with Lindsey Hawkes via TKO

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  19. brown says:

    what happpened to lindsey hawkes vs manderson, will their be a replacement fight for this?

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  20. Sean Quinn says:

    As far as i know, it is still on.

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  21. CFC announced today on their site that the fight is off. Both fighters pulled out due to injury.

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  22. brown says:

    that sucks.

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  23. Mark says:

    under 3 weeks, Cant wait. great event for Canada.

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  24. Dano says:

    Does anybody know how to get involved in the local organizations for MMA?
    IE: volunteer for CFC events etc….
    I am a huge MMA fan adn would love to see what goes into making these events happen.

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  25. Keith says:

    does anyone know if this event is televised Live???

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  26. Keith, CFC 3 is not televised live.

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  27. Keith says:

    Ok Thanks, but it says it will be on the fight network, is there any idea when that will be????

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  28. CR says:

    I have been to the last couple of UCW events and I will never again pay money to see one. The last show was a joke. Luring everyone in to see Caleb Starnes and then not announcing till the start of the event that the fight was cancelled. I have not been to a CFC event, but from what I’m reading it sounds like I’ve got something to look forward to. Just as long as Cosmo isn’t doing the post fight interviews.

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  29. Cosmo won’t be doing our interviews.

    We will have Robin Black and John Ramdeen providing our live commentary, and Robin will do the in ring interviews.

    Mauro Ranallo from the Score will also be at the event conducting interviews and doing spots for the MMA Show.

    Let me know what you think of the fights. Always interested in hearing from first time callers.

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  30. We aren’t 100% on the date this will broadcast on the Fight Network, but it will be way sooner than our last 2 shows, and hoping it’s on within a week.

    I’d guess 2 weeks tops.

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  31. Sharon Pike says:

    I dont think its very fair to have someone with so much experience go against someone with hardly any. I guess We can see that they were trying to set stranger up for a win by putting him against someone with little experience as Kris Lee… Another knot under your belt i guess Stranger! I think its pretty pittyful. And again its my opinion…I guess lots of people will probably think different, But thats it!

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  32. mat says:


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  33. Working on results right now. Wireless was not working in Convention Centre.

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  34. M Brown says:

    Of course they set Kris Lee up to lose. They are promoting Stranger, did you see his entrance. What the hell was that? lol
    Obviously Stranger did not want to stand up and throw punches with Lee as he immediately shot for the takedown. He stuck to his game plan and used his good ground game to take Kris Lee out of his element. Lee seemed like a very classy guy and took the loss as a lesson learned. I got a chance to speak with him after the fight and I could tell that he has already become a better fighter from this.
    Ok marc-Andre Drolet , Invite lee back and set him up with a fighter of the same experience. That would be a nice thing to do for the guy.

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  35. Lionel says:

    hey M Brown i think you are absolutely right…. i talked to Kris and he most certainly takes this as a learning experience …but in my opinion everyone knew what experience Stranger got and that Lee has very little …that should tell the tale right there ….and yes i think that Marc-Andre Drolet should invite Kris back and set him up with someone with the same experience it would certainly be a very nice thing to do for Lee ……….so come on people put more comments on and let us know what you really taught of the fight between Lee and Stranger

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  36. Kris Lee says:

    Hi guys, Absolutely no excuses for the loss. I fought a very tough opponent in Chris Stranger and it was a great experience for me. I’ve learned a lot from this loss, and I wish Stranger nothing but the best. He has a bright future ahead of him. I loved the fight, I loved getting punched in the face and I can’t wait to get back in there. Chris implimented a great game plan, even though I wish he would have stood and punched with me for a bit lol……He did a great job and he entertained the fans.
    This has made me see things from a different aspect and I will train harder than ever and get better than ever. Thanks to everyone who supported me for this fight, I feel very blessed and I know that I too have a bright future.

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  37. Kris Lee says:

    Also, I would love to fight for the CFC again in the future. Right now I am just focused on training hard and getting a lot better.

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  38. CR says:

    This was my first CFC card and it was SOOOO much better than UCW. The fights were exciting, and the overall production was much more professional. I will definitely be going to the next one, hopefull Eric Perez will be fighting again. I agree with the comments about the Stranger fight. I saw him fight against a more experienced opponent than Kris on a UCW card and he didn’t look that impressive, he lost in a unanimous decision.

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  39. Keith says:

    Hey Marc-Andre Drolet, I agree with these guys, you should invite Lee back!!!!!

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