Video: Was Matt Baker’s 6 Sec KOTC KO Dirty?


Matt Baker decided not to tap gloves with Brandon Sauve at King of the Cage Canada”s Edmonton show on July 18.  Instead, he knocked him out in 6 seconds.  The rule is protect yourself at all times and Baker got the win.  Do you consider this unsportsmanlike?

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  1. John Cooper says:

    You said it, protect yourself at all times. The time to touch gloves is before the match starts.

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  2. scoozna says:

    …but to answer your question, yes.

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  3. kris says:

    i dont care what anyone says matt baker is a coward and that was dirty man. That’s just bad sportsmanship, this guys needs a real fight not just suckering someone as they go to touch gloves. is this guy in canada and what weight class is he?

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  4. Garth says:

    I have to agree with Cooper – touch gloves before the bell. That “ding-ding” should have the same effect as the whole “Pavlov’s Dog Theory”. I think that the whole touching gloves AFTER the bell is a way to distract some guys that are “in the zone”. I know if I do decide to step in with the gloves on, I won’t touch after the bell until it’s over – but I’ll at least wave the guy off or get someone to tell his camp beforehand.

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  5. Boots says:

    It was dirty.

    If he didn’t want to touch gloves he could have stayed back and shook it off, his opponent had his hand up the whole time.

    Baker saw a chance to get a cheap shot in and did, pretty weak.

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  6. Tyler says:

    @Boots: You make a good point, although I feel in the wrong direction.
    “..his opponent had his hand up the whole time.”
    Your right, he had his hand up from the moment Matt left his corner. I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I’m in a place for fighting and someone is coming at me with what looks like the intent to fight me, I’m gonna stop being a “good sport” and get my fists in line with whats to come.

    @kris, they touched gloves in front of the ref with what looked like regular, old-fashioned good sportsmanship too (no fist slamming, glaring, etc.). Enough touching, ding-ding means “time to fight” in that environment.

    Just my two cents (which are probably only worth 1 cent in the world of MMA being that I’m a computer nerd)

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  7. George Carlos says:

    I also agree protect yourself at all times but it was definitely kind of a cheap way to win the fight. One thing that is great about mma is that there is alot of respect in the cage usually. For my fight I initiated touching gloves in all three rounds & we had a war. Of course I was still on guard just incase he didn’t want to touch gloves. Baker was probably all jacked up and had one thing in mind to knock this guy into another world.

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  8. kris says:

    As a fighter, I’ll touch gloves if my opponent is respectful, if not, I’ll acknowledge that I just want to fucking fight. I wont clock him when he’s clearly just trying to touch gloves.

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  9. george says:

    this guy is a real piece of shit

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  10. Jamie Locke says:

    Before the fight the ref tell the guys to touch em up if they want. After that there’s no reason to be touching every round.

    What we have been seeing alot of is guys asking each other from their corners before the bell if they want to or not.

    In this case, I would call it a cheap shot because the opponent is clearly trying to touch em, Baker could have shook his head, but instead took advantage of the opportunity to land a bomb. Cheap = Yes…Illegal = no…

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  11. BigBoi says:

    Baker could have shook his head

    This. I’ve seen lots of guys just want to get down to business and instead of touching again they shake their head and let their opponent know they’re there to fight.

    Cheap ass bullshit KO.

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  12. Robin Black says:

    I don’t tend to touch gloves. I’m gonna be excited to hang out with my opponent after and get to know him and thank him for the opportunity, but we’re here to do a job.

    Not wanting the distraction, I’ve twice waved it off from my corner in advance (it was someone who was ridiculously dickish about me in pre ight interviews) and 3 times neither of us “asked” for a touch. The two times I have touched were scenarios like this. When a guy is holding out his hand as I approach. I touched because there is just no way in hell I’m going to cheap shot a guy who’s trying to show respect to me and respect to the moment and the sport.

    Not quite sure how someone’s conscience would allow them to do that. And how they would feel good about it.

    The goal in a fight is to pass an incredible test and win a contest. Not just be able to tell people you’re 1-0 or got a fast knockout.

    That’s only my opinion. I don’t judge Matt baker or anyone else. They’re their own men and should do what they can live with.

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  13. trent_thorne says:

    in my opinion he should have waived it off or shook his head or did something to let Brandin know he wasnt gonna touch up! I was in the corner of Brandin for this fight! Let me tell you there were allot of upset people after this happend! But with that being said i think Brandin and I were taught a very valuable lesson! PROTECT YOURSEELF AT ALL TIMES!!!! Just cause your a gentlemen doesnt mean your opponent will be!

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  14. Reminds me of a few years back, Justin Tavernini vs Paul Ebejer. They went to touch gloves and Ebejer threw a spinning back elbow or backfist (cant quite remember). One of the cheapest things ive ever seen. So glad Tavernini went on to sub him in under a minute after that. Ebejer is 0-7, and for some reason I would like to see him matched with a certain fighter that has been posting a lot lately with a similar record…..

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  15. My last fight, my opponent put his hand up before the fight to show that he wanted to touch gloves. I nodded yes, and motioned with my own hand.

    We came out and he had his hand out and soon as I got near he threw a haymaker at me.

    Everybody else was more pissed than I was. In my opnion if that punch landed it was nobody but my own fault.

    That being said, i’d be more pissed off had he done that move on a friend.

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  16. Tyler Davis says:

    “Baker could have shook his head”

    BigBoi what I was going put

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  17. harry balls says:

    I posted this earlier, Kurt. Didn’t appear. That is really Paul,saying he ‘bitch slapped’ Tavernini. Class act….

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  18. Joe says:

    Heard that Wade Garnott kicked his ass in g.p.

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