UFC Prelim star Brock Larson returns at Fight Night


There is enough talk about all the American Kickboxing Academy welterweights and what to do about having to fight each other to get to the top. Everybody seems to be forgetting about Brock Larson. The UFC announced Mike Pierce will be Brocks next opponent at UFC Fight Night Prelim card this September.

Larson sports a 27-2 record with a unanimous decision loss to Jon Fitch, and a submission loss to Carlos Condit, whom he was scheduled to have a rematch with after winning his next 3 fights after the loss. Yet again Brock has won 2 more prelim matches and has his next prelim scheduled.

He’s been ready for a high profile fight for quite some time, and it’s ridiculous he hasn’t been given this chance yet.

Shame on UFC for not giving Brock more exposure and higher profile fights.

I have no doubt Brock Larson is a 170 pound contender and can give any of the top welterweights a run for their money. Maybe I’m just biased as I saw one of his first fights back in 2003?

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  1. Horned Goat says:

    Brock is a monster at 170!

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