Fedor – Not Going to UFC Without M1 Co-Promotion


fedor THUMBFedor Emelianenko reiterated at his July 29 press conference that he will not fight for UFC unless they co-promote with M-1 Global.  This is contrary to Los Angeles Times reports that Fedor would be signed by the UFC by Friday, July 31.

Top MMA News participated on the M-1 Fedor Emelianenko media call where it was also announced that Fedor and M-1 Global CEO Vadim Finkelstein had been negotiating with the UFC up to July 28.  Apparently, the UFC made Fedor an offer and M-1 Global made a counter-offer.

Finkelstein states that Fedor Emelianenko will not fight for the UFC unless expenses and profits were shared as co-promoters.  Vadim added that M-1 Global is also in negotiations with Strikeforce.

Also announced on the call was Fedor’s participation with EA Sports to headline their new EA Sports MMA video game which will compete against THQ’s UFC Undisputed game.  Along with Emelianenko, Renato Sobral and Gegard Mousasi would also be featured in the game.  One wonders where this leads as Dana White has recently claimed that any fighter that participates with EA Sports would be barred from fighting in the UFC.

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  1. djimperial says:

    Dana white would be an idiot if he didnt sighn fedor. Aside from havin one of the greatest records in mma history his demeanor is unchallenged and fedor always brings fans who know anything bout mma simply cuz of how cool,calm,collected,humble and skilled he is.

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  2. Canada_Mark says:

    DJimperial you’re an idiot.

    You must be related to Vadim Finkelstein. Why on earth would Dana White and the UFC split the profits of any event Fedor is in 50/50?

    In order for that to make sense and for you not to be an idiot… The UFC would have to AT LEAST DOUBLE what they make per show right now.

    So if they make 10 Million US from a show they’d have to make a MINIMUM of $20Mil US just to break even with what they’re making right now.

    Maybe, just maybe you didn’t know that and aren’t an idiot. Now you know the facts M1 wants to co promote meaning they want to split the profits of the shows… They want their half of the profits from the event.

    No offence, Fedor CANNOT double the UFC’s profits per show first of all. Second of all i’d be shocked if he could beat Lesnar to be honest. Arlovski staggered him and Arlovski hasn’t landed a punch, kick, elbow, or knee in his last 15 minutes in the UFC.

    The simple fact is, Fedor has only ever beaten washed up FORMER UFC FIGHTERS!!!

    I guess Caine Velasquez is the best fighter in the world too? He’s unbeaten and as long as he’s spoon fed easy opponents by the UFC to build him up so the fans support him he’ll never lose.

    By your logic as long as you only fight washed up has bins in the past 4 1/2 years and don’t lose you must be the best LMAO


    Never lost a fight in or out of a bar guess im better than Fedor since i’ve been in more than 30 scraps!!!! You can Fedex me the belt DJimperial i’ll be waiting.

    Learn a thing or 2 about MMA and argue with me about the facts!

    Trust me you’ll lose!!!!!!

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  3. sergey says:

    I agree that UFC must never co promote with M-1 but for different reason. Why should they? It is their business and what m-1 brings to the table? Only Fedor. Even the best fighter in the world doe snot worth 50% share.
    make no mistakes, he is the best and Lesnar is not coming even close. Who is Lesnar? Whom he beat? Old Couture? Almost killed in accident Mir after losing him first fight? They are more than wash ups. They are invalid fighters both.
    Lesnar got no MMA skills. He is simply big brute with huge body and muscle mass. It can work with Couture and Mir, but I doubt it would work with Fedor. Skills level gap is just too huge. Of course everyone has puncher chance, but I will be frank, I see some guys in UFC who can deal with Lesnar even without Fedor. He only defended title once. Let’s see how he will deal with further challengers.

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  4. Truemmafan says:

    Canada_Mark..Have you seen any of Fedor’s fights? Fedor tries to put on a great show in his fights. If you’ve watched many of Fedor’s fights in the past, then you would have noticed that Fedor looks like he may lose in many fights, but Fedor always finds a way to win and he usually finishes the fight in the end! That is one of the factors that make him so exciting. Fedor is a humble man and a class act! I have been watching him since the beginning of his career and I have NEVER heard him insult anyone or speak ill of ANYONE! Fedor is a true gentleman and a true martial artist

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  5. Truemmafan says:

    BTW…..The deal breaker for FEDOR is the fact that the UFC will not co-promote with M1 Global!!So why not let the best UFC fighters, fight outside of the UFC for ONE fight? Chuck Liddell fought RAMPAGE in Pride -this was way back when the UFC did NOT own PRIDE! Guess what: Chuck LOST to RAMPAGE in PRIDE!! Chuck was at the top of the UFC at the time and Rampage WAS NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 3 or 4 in the PRIDE (LHW division) at that time!! So why not let the UFC Heavyweight Champ fight outside of the UFC for ONE fight, and then see who is the real HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP?? Dana continuously (and falsely) claims that the sport of MMA is paramount to him! Dana contiues to say that he wants to give the fans the best fights and the fights that they (the fans) want to see. The truth is that Dana is afraid of the truth!! FEDOR IS THE TRUE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP AND DANA KNOWS IT!!!Dana doesn’t want everyone to know that FEDOR is the true Champ because FEDOR does not belong to the UFC!!!Dana wants all of his competition to go bankrupt and Dana wants the UFC to become a Monopoly!!!!

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  6. Truemmafan says:

    A good example of Fedor stealing a victory from a fighter who looked like he had him defeated was when Randleman literally threw Fedor on his head and Fedor looked like he was going to be knocked unconcious!!! But, Fedor pulled off the submission (kimura) on Randleman and Fedor won the fight!!!! Also, Fedor beat Heath Herring via TKO in Pride and Lesnar could NOT put Heath Herring away! Furthermore, Heath Herring admitted that he took Lesnar too lightly and he underestimated Lesnar when he fought him!!!You must be the idiot Canada_Mark because even Dana White admitted that he mismanaged Andrei Arlovski (who is only 30 years old) and Dana regetted that AA left the UFC! Dana also admitted that Tim Sylvia was a legitimate HW contender, but after Fedor crushed both of these guys Dana changed his tune and he called them easy matches for anyone in the HW division.

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