TFC 7.5 Quick Results


TFC LEADTFC 7.5 is in the books and there were a few announcements this evening.  They will have a 205 TFC Title match September 18th with Victor Valimaki taking on Martin Desilets.

It was also announced at the show that Jordan Mackay has signed an exclusive contract with TFC.

Victor Valimaki defeated Jason Cecil by Submission (Guillotine) at 4:11 in 1st round

Cecil goes for the spinning back fist and is taken down by Victor where he is pushed to the cage as Victor works for  North South position, and they work back to their feet.  Victor lands a big knee and takes him down again after diving in. Victor is in side mount landing elbows and goes for an arm in guillotine, but lets it go to throw more elbows.  Victor goes back to the guillotine from mount and gets the tap in the first round.

Jared Bussemaker defeated Marcus Hicks by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in the 2nd round

Brandon MacArthur defeated James McCutcheon by Submission (Armbar) in the 3rd round

Marc Beausoleil defeated Cory Lautischer by TKO in the 1st round

Kelly Gervais defeated Kyle Anderson by verbal submission from Ground and Pound in the 1st Round

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  1. I heard Valimaki and Desilets is in the works for December, not September.

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