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Dana White recently stated that “Canada is the Mecca for Mixed Martial Arts.”  One can argue that currently within Canada, Edmonton is the center of that MMA Mecca.  Not only is Edmonton home to Canada’s top promotion, Maximum Fighting Championship, you can also find a MMA card in its vicinity nearly every month of the year.  Five promotions currently call Edmonton home: the previously mentioned MFC, HeatXC, The Fight Club, King of the Cage Canada, and the CCF which is currently on hiatus.

In fact, this July weekend in Edmonton is a MMA dream!  MMA fans can attend not one but THREE consecutive daily Mixed Martial Arts cards in the Alberta capital. Here they are:

Can the city of Edmonton support all this MMA?  Especially three cards back-to-back-to-back in the current economic climate?   If you only have $50 to spare this weekend, which show should you attend?  The Fight Club’s Melanie Lubovac indicates that this weekend’s competition is good and bad for fans.  Melanie stated to Top MMA News,

I do not feel that it is fair, in this economy, to the consumer to have to choose which show they want to attend.  On the other hand I think that competition is healthy, and it makes us promoters work harder to put on exciting shows for the fans.

Each promotion claims that the rival cards will not affect ticket sales.  They believe that they have a dedicated fan base that will support their shows regardless of their competition.  The Fight Club spokeswoman continued, “The two other shows should not affect the TFC.  The Fight Club has gone head to head with MFC last year, and we felt that our numbers were not affected by the competition. Dedicated fans tend to follow their favorite organization and fighters.”

King of the Cage Canada president Ken Kupsch agrees and expects 3-4,000 KOTC fans to fill Rexall Place – home of the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers.   If his expectations are correct, Kupsch could draw the largest non-UFC crowd in Canada this year.  When Top MMA News asked if consecutive MMA cards will hurt his or any other promotion, Ken answers,  “We have enough KOTC fans in Edmonton and that’s all that really matters to me. We expect this to be our largest show to date.”

Heat XC is the feeder promotion of Maximum Fighting Championship.  Fighters earn their stripes at HeatXC before they get called up to the MFC.  MFC president Mark Pavelich boasts, “Neither of (the other two) shows will remotely be even close to sold out and Heat XC will be 100%. MFC has sold out 14 in a row and these (other) shows have never sold out. (The other shows) are lucky to get our spill over.”   The always controversial MFC chief continues, “These organizations are trying to make their mortgage payments and we are trying to make history.  MMA is not big in Edmonton, the Maximum Fighting Championship is Big.”

The winner of this competition is definitely the Edmonton fans. Top MMA News strongly encourages all fans to support their local MMA promotions!  If you have not attended a live show, you do not know what you are missing!  Tickets are still available for all three shows. Why not attend all three?  KOTC Canada is pulling out all the stops with three great matchups with Ryan Chiappe vs. Jason Volpe, Bill Mesi vs ex-UFCer Bill Mahood, and Nick Penner vs Mark Kerr.  Heat XC will once again feature hungry up and comers like Cory MacDonald vs Thiago Goncalves, Paapa Inkumusah, Luis Huete, and a very tough Chad Sherman who all will be fighting for a spot on the MFC 22 card this October.  TFC is putting on a smaller scale mid-summer show but is still bringing in ex-UFCer Victor Valimaki for the fans.  Quite a selection for your MMA palate!

Maybe this should be an annual event with three consecutive shows.  Fans from across the country could attend a MMA Festival featuring three nights of great Canadian MMA!

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  1. Mel Lubovac says:

    No one at the TFC has a mortgage left. lol. We do this because we love combative sports. In fact, if we were to place our events (like the MFC) in a tent that holds 1700 maximum, we would sell out as well, as we did at TFC 6 & 7 at the Shaw Conference Centre with 2180 people each time. Our events usually attract, on average, 1800 people (with out papering / comping the tickets, like other promotion companies do). TFC could easily announce that we are sold out, like the other promotion companies in the city do, but I prefer not to look like an idiot when 1/3 of the place is empty, but have said the show is sold for over a week.

    So my calculations say that with an average of 1800 spectators/fans we would sell out the River Cree tent as well.

    The Fight Club

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  2. People forget we were putting 4000 in Northlands and 3000 in the Shaw and then the Casino owner from Las Vegas came to our show and gave us an offer we could not refuse. So now we have the best deal anywhere.

    -2250 Capacity River Cree

    -Live on T.V through U.S, Canada and Mexico Only Show HDNET & The Fightnetwork

    -My Ticket price is much, much higher then any show in the country.

    -My website gets more traffic then any other show in the country

    – My fight Cards are by far more creditable then any show in the country. Forget about in our city HEAT XC fight card is already better then the Crap these people serve up.

    Look what these people are doing, putting very good UFC Vets with 3-8 fighters as there main event and that’s good for the sport.

    -Mark Pavelich MFC President

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  3. Mel Lubovac says:

    I am not one to go back and forth in an internet spitting match (thats more your deal), but when will you learn to stop exaggerating. Did you forget that I live in the same city as you?, and I have attended your past 10 shows.
    I know for a fact that you have never put 4000 people into Northlands, and the most you have had at Northlands was between 2000 and 2500. Just because you are set-up for 4000 people does not mean that you sold that many tickets.
    I also know for a fact that you have never put 3000 people into the Shaw Conference Centre, you only had one (1) hall, which is set up for a maximum of 2100 people.
    You have also mentioned that you “sold out” your last 14 shows, but I can remember attending MFC 12 in June of 2007, and you were NOT sold out. You kept announcing that you were “sold out”, but I purchased 3 platinum tickets 3 days before the event without any issues of the event being sold out (have the e-ticket receipt as proof if you like). I also had some friends who decided to show up the night of the event, and they were able to purchase 5 tickets in the same section that I was seated in.

    As for your comment on your website having the most traffic than any other organization in the country:

    1. What proof do you have? The only comparison that you can make is with your HeatXC website.
    2. Going on your own website every 5 minutes shouldn’t count.

    Mark, neither myself, nor any members of TFC have ever said that you are not a good promoter, or that you do not put on good shows, because I believe that you do promote good shows, but are you that insecure that you have to bash and belittle every other organization no matter how good of a show they have. Realize that TFC has only had 7 shows so far, I recall that you started off by doing your first couple shows in a local night club, so I believe that we are doing just fine the way we are.

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  4. 9/21/2002 MFC 5 – Sweet Redemption The Agricom,
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 4000 Sold.

    This is your traffic ranking in the World 2,531,666
    Traffic Rank (HIGH NUMBER MEANS BAD)

    This is my Traffic Rank 699,701(Do the Math)

    I have not mentioned any show when I have spoken but the funny thing is you coming to 10 of my shows. Trust me when I tell you this I would never attend your events.

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  5. Mel Lubovac says:


    Believe me the only reason I have been to your shows is to see Ryan Ford fight, and to support some of the local fighters, something you forget to do.
    I have not been to your show since Ryan has decided to sign with The Fight Club.

    And as for you not wanting to attend any of our events, trust me when I say this, you did attend our boxing shows. I recall you hanging around our weigh-ins waiting for a pass to attend. I also remember my father giving you passes (even though it was against his better judgement). At least I pay to see shows. I do not need anyone to give me a pass.

    Funny how the only thing you comment on was the website traffic, and the point that I have been to your events. I see that you had nothing to say about the other facts I stated. Usually, when you can’t say anything back it’s because you know I am right.

    Mel Lubovac
    The Fight Club

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  6. Tim Rorke says:

    The MFC is a show that will ALWAYS be sold out because it’s in a small venue/tent. Everyone in Edmonton knows what the Pavelich family stands for and it’s ego and nothing more. I think it’s hilarious that Mr.Pavelich quotes his internet numbers. Thats something people with low self esteem do! The other Edmonton shows are just as good as the MFC and some have better cards so I say watch them all.

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  7. Article Update: Mark Kerr has pulled out of this weekend’s KOTC show due to injury:


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  8. FACT: Fighters from out west come to Quebec to get their asses sent back out west with a lessoned learned in humility.

    FACT: Fighters from Quebec are consistently in the top promotion in the WORLD, not just in Canada.

    FACT: Dana White has been to Montreal twice, is talking about Toronto and even Vancouver, but has completly ignored Alberta. I doubt he even knows Alberta exists.

    I think everyone should be working together to help develop the talent level out West instead of arguing over who’s better at being 2nd rate.

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  9. Mark Pavelich says:


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  10. Hey Gary…

    We will see if West can beat East when Lindsey Hawkes takes on Mike Ricci at Ringside 3.

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  11. Mark Pavelich says:

    MFC will be bigger than the UFC within the next 5 years

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  12. Travis Danger says:

    I hope that one of the main longterm goals of any production is to foster and develop MMA talent – no matter who the organizer is. MMA is still growing into the mainstream conciousness of the Canadian Media and political streams; we’re still at a delicate time here.

    I really do think it’s great how both of you guys are so passionate about your success and contributions to the sport. There is so much potential for a small number of individuals to really jumpstart and develop MMA out West, and I hope that istead of having measurement conests, that we can focus on more longterm strategies for all aspects of the future MMA scene.

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  13. Update – Two new promotions just started in Edmonton and will have shows this October:

    Aggression MMA & Adrenaline MMA

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  14. Dustin says:

    Lol@Mark . . Bigger then the UFC . . We all have dreams . . But reality tells us they don’t all come true . .

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  15. Mike Davis says:

    “MFC will be bigger than the UFC within the next 5 years”

    Sept 2009…

    times running out

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  16. Darren Owen says:

    AFC will be bigger than the MFC within the next 5 months.

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  17. Homewrecker says:


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  18. K. RASMUS says:

    That means you guys have to put on much better shows !!!IM all for 2 promotions competing for the best event .so far MFC is kicking ass

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  19. Cody Rempel says:

    I have to say I do like that the MFC is focusing a little more on local talent in the last few shows, way easier to get into than some of their previous shows!

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  20. mike kent says:

    EDMONTON is definitly the fight capital of canada. They have great gyms, great fighters and so many events that its hard to keep track. i feel the MFC outdoes the compition by putting on extremly competitive fights and not giving anyone a easy road. when you watch almost every fight on there cards is garunteed fireworks and alot of 50/50 match ups.

    but yeat edmonton is where its at right now. Quebec has amazing fighters and some good clubs but as a whole edmonton with there promotions/gyms and fighters edges them out in my humble opinion lol

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  21. mike kent says:

    Whens the last time you seen a stacked card like MFC 34? Every fight on the main card could be main event in any other cansdian show.

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  22. Homewrecker says:

    Get your head out of Pavelich’s ass already

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  23. mike kent says:

    i think all the promotions in edmonton are great and i think the talent level in edmonton is huge. name any other province that is having shows every single week its a fans dream. i honelty have just been a big fan of mfc since my teamate hollet was champ and what i said is true, look at MFC 34s line up ,
    harris 9-1 vs. tough Alum = main event material

    Jacen flynn vs. Elvis Mutapcic = main event anywhere material

    Tim Hague (14-6) vs. Mike Hackert (5-1) already been main event of a canadian show and are the consensus 1 and 2 heavys in canada

    Dhiego Lima (6-2) vs Nick Hinchliffe (19-8) Nick hincliffe is one of canadas best and lima is an exciting killer and this fight could carry most cards.

    155lbs- Mukai Maromo (7-2) vs. Adam Lynn (17-9) tital fight with two of the most exciting stand up fighters around.

    im not kissing ass thats a incredibly good card, i think all of edmontons promotions and promotions in alberta are top notch and ahead of the pack for the rest of canada. the only one keeping up at this point is score fighting series

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  24. There are some great fights there.

    I would not include Jacen Flynn vs. Elvis Mutapcic in your argument but tough to argue with others.

    Seeing as it’s the only Canadian show in August, this card will be the August Maple Leaf Matchups.

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  25. Kyle Stoltz says:

    I would include that fight. Elvis Mutapcic is ranked higher world wide then anyone on this card but Hague. At one time not long ago like less then 2 years ago he was one of the most sought after prospects in the US at 185 pounds. He lost 1 fight so that pushed him down a bit. Then Flynn is very good. That fight is a very good fight. I will give Pav props on this one he found 2 very good prospects in therse 2 guys.

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  26. @Kyle Stoltz, not saying it is not a good fight.

    I am saying that it could not “main event anywhere” in Canada as it would not sell tickets here.

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  27. L-Boutin says:

    Elvis is a good prospect, but i wouldn’t list him as one of the most sought after American MW prospects at any time in his career. His Shark Fights loss is his highest profile fight before this MFC fight.

    There are several fighters on this card that would be ranked higher than him Worldwide if there was even a recognized ranking system in place.

    It’s a solid fight, im looking forward to it, but let’s not make it out to be more then it is. A good match up between a young prospect and a 10+ year vet.

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  28. L-Boutin says:

    I also really like that the MFC is starting to use a lot more local talent. Why fly in guys from the states when there are equally talented guys right in their backyard.

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  29. Can Tex says:

    I love fighters but hate Mark Pav and his family.

    Hate is a strong word but he has in my opinion ripped people off for the last time.

    He won’t be bigger than the UFC as let’s face it if u even come close they will take ur fem bot body and flush you back down to the strippers faster than HD net ratings are dropping.


    This are all house hold names your cool website and brand fall in to the over 1000 MMA promotions in North America. Guess what Mark you all are fighting for 4th place together.

    Ps: bad things happen to bad people.

    Mark •Basement dweller• Pav

    FYI I Was at Ko boxing when Tim Hague fought and yes you where there you lies caught up with you once again.

    I’m a MMA fan and buy tables at all events o wait you don’t have tables and o why would I attend a dick like yours event?

    We should set up a counter at ur next show to see how many people enter your doors.

    :) have a goo day ass clown.

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  30. Sponsor says:

    MFC will fall off the planet once HD cancels their programming or Chanel completely.

    MFC had a good head start in the game but now the competition is leaping frogging Pav which is nice to see.

    MFC worth 3.3 million lol MFC isn’t even worth a wore out ring $22000.00.

    MFC wonders why they can’t get sponsorship mmmm cause you diss all your sponsors after they find out what type of tranny you are.

    All this is just my opinion. :)

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  31. Mike free style says:

    By the way Heat XC doesn’t have a license so please don’t count them as being involved in Edmonton MMA

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  32. By the way, this article was written in 2009.

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  33. Mike Free says:

    I know I just dis like Dave Pav allot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  34. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Keith, I think this card is stacked with guys that will sell tickets. They don’t totally need a ticket seller to be the main event to me. Between Hague, Luke, Kent, Kraun and such they have some serious ticket sellers on this card. I believe for the main event you want two skilled guys that the tv people are happy with and will be a good fight that viewers will watch. I think this fits that bill. I atually think the current main event is the 4th best fight on the main card but that’s just me. I think this fight, Hague’s fight and Luke’s fight all are better and more important fights.

    @L-Boutin I think http://www.fightmatrix.com is pretty universal for most mma people when it comes to mma rankings. At least every manager, fighter and such I know uses it. About Elvis not being a top prospect your wrong my friend. To me I’m using the term prospect as guys outside the UFC. He was for sure one of the most sought after guys at 185 pounds before he lost to Young. I’m almost positive he was hovering around 50th in the world with his only loss being to Andy Branson and he retired at 6-0 to be a Naval Pilot. Lots of people thought he(Branson) was the next big thing very similar to Jake Ellenberger. Branson was an absolute killer. But a big reason Elvis didn’t fight big fights early on was cause his manager at the time (Ryan Haas) was the promoter for MCC where he fought most of his early fights. But the way most good manager’s scout talent is not from seeing who’s on tv. It’s digging through every promotion you can find big or small and around a year or so ago a guy on every known manager’s radar was Elvis.

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  35. L-Boutin says:

    Fight matrix is a flawed ranking system. You can look at any division and find seriously weird rankings. I do like their site for fight stats though, that’s pretty cool.

    It gets really hard to do rankings when you start comparing fighters that have only fought on smaller shows, that’s why I don’t put a lot of stock in “guys thy are ranked 50th” in the world.

    I don’t know I your last comment was meant as a dig at me or not, lol. I knew of Elvis a couple years ago, but I still wouldn’t have thought as him as a super hot prospect, just a young untested talent. His win over Zac Cummings was a solid start though.

    It’s obviously you know your stuff when it comes to MMA, but don’t forget there are others out there like you, it’s actually nice to see I’m not the only obsessed MMA guy watching obscure Midwest shows at 2am…lol

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