UFC 100: Top MMA Insiders Analyze Lesnar vs Mir


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Yesterday, Top MMA News asked Canadian MMA insiders who would win between GSP and Thiago Alves.  Today we asked who will win the rematch between UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and Interim UFC Heavyweight champion Frank Mir.

The responses were heavily weighted to the loser in the original matchup – Brock Lesnar.  There is some interesting analysis and Joe Doerksen’s response is particularly interesting, once again.

UFC 100: Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir Analysis

Mark Pavelich, Maximum Fighting Championship President
Brock Lesnar.  Brock is too big and too strong but my heart wants Mir to smash him.

Claude Patrick, The Fight Club Welterweight Champion
Brock Lesnar. I think Lesnar has had enough time to develop that basic ground sensitivity needed to avoid most of Mir’s attacks so I’m going with Lesnar.

Joe Doerksen, professional fighter
I will be drunk.  I may not even be watching by the time this fight happens.

Jeff Joslin, professional fighter
Lesnar. I’ll bet Brock Lesnar has tightened up his ground game since these two last met which will make him much tougher to submit. I also predict Lesnar will win the fight by TKO due to ground and pound. I think Frank Mir’s best bet is to let his hands go often and look to land some crisp strikes early on into the fight.

Jason Heit, professional fighter/Armageddon Fighting Championship Owner
Frank Mir.  Lesnar has the strength and power to end this match at anytime but I say Mir wins via leglock. You know Frank is going to attack the knees and ankles although Lesner will be much better prepared this time so expect Mir to sustain some damage before he pulls it off.

John Cooper, Island KOTC promoter
I see Lesnar dominating this fight, Mir pulled off a nice submission in their first match up and deserves credit for that win, however, if Lesnar has been training steady for the last year I see him destroying Mir with his size & power advantage. Lesnar by TKO ground & Pound, Round 1.

Robin Black, No Shit MMA host/professional fighter
Ah, let’s go with Mir.  But, man, it really can go either way.  Mir has the edge in striking, but Lesnar really only needs to land one.  Lesnar has the wrestling and GNP edge. Mir can catch him in  a sub. Scary fight for Mir, but let’s go with him.

Alin Halmagean, Head Trainer of Iron Tiger Muay Thai
Lesnar. Lesnar is a monster, his Muay Thai coach Greg Nelson is one of the best in North America and his stand up improves every time he fights. Frank Mir’s stand up also got better but I have to go with the big man on this one so I will give it to Lesnar due to his size. I think he will be a force in the Heavyweight division for the years to come.

Jonathan Baldock, No Shit MMA Host
Brock Lesnar – by TKO in Round 1

Sid Seixeiro – The Score
Lesnar. Too strong and he’s much more patient now compared to they’re first meeting.

Gary Whittaker, The Franchise
Every MMA website and blog have Mir ranked ahead of Lesnar, but how many pundits would actually put their cash on it. Lesnar has not faced anyone with Mir’s combination of ground skills, speed, and strength. Okay, so Lesnar is definitely stronger, and arguably faster, but he is not better. If he doesn’t get run over in 45 seconds…Mir by arm bar in round 3.

John Ramdeen, Fight Network MMA Analyst
I think this fight is a 50/50 split, I feel that Lesnar will have the edge in the power department so if he can keep the fight standing and out work Mir he could retain his title. If Mir can bait Lesnar into taking him down he can utilize his jiu-jitsu game to tap out Lesnar because it takes years to fully understand the intricacies of the art. In the end I think Lesnar will be too much for the Interim Champion and Lesnar will become the man! On a side note look at all the past and present champions that have had a strong wrestling base: Randy Couture, Georges St-Pierre, Matt Hughes, Sean Sherk, Rashad Evans and Quinton Jackson. If you could give out belts for wrestling Brock Lesnar would have a black belt for sure!

Sean Quinn – Professional Fighter
Im picking Lesnar by tko or decision. I personally dont give a shit about this fight, two arrogant fuckheads fighting for a title in the weakest division in the organization…who cares? Mir is arguably the most over hyped, overrated fighter i have ever watched. People are always talking about the “old Mir” being this badass. What the hell made him badass? Breaking Sylvia’s arm? Fuck that, that makes him powerful, and he is about to fight the most powerful dude in the fucking weightclass.

Dont get me wrong, i am not high on Lesnar either. Lesnar is also an arrogant asshole. Maybe its a schtick, maybe he is just an idiot, but i hate his attitude. Lesnar is however more explosive than Mir, more powerful than Mir, has longer reach than Mir and weighs more than Mir. His agressiveness will be too much for Mir to deal with, plus he is a fucking awkward spazoid that i think will be very frustrating for Mir to deal with. I predict he uses these traits to his advantage and grinds out a decision.

My most desired outcome would be a freak double knockout. But thats not likely to happen. It would be even better if they both tested positive for something, i dont care what, as long they receive a suspension.

Great Odds on UFC Fights !

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