What does Just Bleed mean? (For post TUF Fans)


Today at the UFC 100 Weighins Tom Lawlor came out with ‘Just Bleed’ on his chest pulling out an old reference with the infamous ‘Just Bleed’ guy (James Ladner) impression on the scale.

In a nutshell right before the start of the Mark Kerr vs Ranger Stott fight at UFC 15 (October 1997) the camera zoomed in on James Ladner (Who had Just Bleed on his chest) and he did a crazy Diego Sanchez style pose. It became internet legend ever since. He is currently locked up in Mississippi, and might not even know the cult following he has in the MMA world but we miss him.

Free James Ladner!

3 Responses to “ What does Just Bleed mean? (For post TUF Fans) ”

  1. denver402 says:

    OMG that was Awesome! I wasn’t even alive then.

    Thanks for the lesson!

    Had NO clue what Tom was doing and thought he was just being a loser.

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:


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  3. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Pure Awesome

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