UFC 100: Top MMA Insiders Predict GSP in a Landslide


GSP vs Alves Pie ChartA few Canadian MMA insiders weigh in with their predictions on the outcomes of the two UFC 100 title fights.  Today they analyze the UFC Welterweight title fight.  The outcome?  A resounding chorus of ‘GSP will win the fight.’  The lone dissenter?  The Score’s Sid Seixeiro.

There are a few surprises.  A few Canadians actually pick GSP but want Alves to win and Sengoku’s Joe Doerksen picked….. well, I will leave it to Joe to describe his pick.

UFC 100: Georges St Pierre vs Thiago Alves

Mark Pavelich, Maximum Fighting Championship President
Georges St Pierre.  Georges wins – Take down Hold, Take down Hold, for five rounds.  My heart wants Thiago to win. I love his style and bravado.

Claude Patrick, The Fight Club Welterweight Champion
No losers in that fight as the fans get to see two of the world’s best pit their skills in the cage. I’m excited to see what both bring strategically to try to take the win.

Joe Doerksen, professional fighter
I will be drinking.  I will watch the fight, but won’t know who is who, so my predictions mean nothing.  I will tell myself that whoever won, is the guy I thought would win.  If any of my friends disagree, I’ll punch them in the face.

Jeff Joslin, professional fighter
GSP.  What’s great about this fight is that each fighter is at the top of their games and both will come into this fight with tremendous confidence because of their recent victories in the cage. I think this fight will depend on Alves’ ability to defend GSP’s takedown.  In the end I believe St. Pierre will be able to secure his takedowns and win via TKO or submission on the ground.

Jason Heit, MFC fighter/Armageddon Fighting Championship Ownerstpierre-alves
Georges St Pierre.  I just don’t think you can bet against George, however I have been watching the odds and I would bet if it hits 3-1 for Thiago.  George will outwork, outhustle and outskill the game, tough Alves. After the first round, Alves will go into survival mode and lose a decision.

John Cooper, Island KOTC promoter
GSP should be able to control the ground, and secure takedowns off of Thiago’s aggressive standup. If he can avoid any big shots from Thiago, GSP should wins this one by TKO ref stoppage Round 2.

Robin Black, No Shit MMA host/professional fighter
GSP. GSP will take Alves down repeatedly, push to half guard, and ground and pound him. And there’s nothing Alvez can do to stop him.

Alin Halmagean, Head Trainer of Iron Tiger Muay Thai
Georges St. Pierre.  I have to go with my heart and I hope that George will take advantage of his awesome transition between his striking and wrestling and have Thiago on his back.  If the fight will be a stand up match I believe that Thiago has the upper hand and his Muay Thai is superior to Georges. So I will go with Georges on this one as I think he is the best overall MMA fighter in the world today next to Anderson Silva and Fedor.

Jonathan Baldock, No Shit MMA Host
GSP – By TKO in round 4

Sid Seixeiro – The Score
Alves. GSP hasn’t seen a striker of this quality in a while. Alves will also be bigger by the time that fight starts

Gary Whittaker, The Franchise
There is no secret as to what St-Pierre’s gameplan will be Saturday. More to point, if GSP changes anything, he’s not thinking with his head. Georges is unstoppable at what he does…unless Alves can connect. Won’t happen, even if this fight goes the full 5 rounds. GSP by decision.

John Ramdeen, Fight Network MMA Analyst
Georges St-Pierre’s skill continues to evolve which is very scary. His world class conditioning, incredible heart and his desire to be the best ever is why he will win at UFC 100. He is strong in every area of the game and allows his trainers to work out the proper game plan and he sticks to it. It was his complete domination over BJ Penn that leads me to believe that the French Canadian will prevail and retain his title. Thiago Alves does have big punching power and could catch St-Pierre but the reach advantage goes to the Champion in a big way. Alves could soften St-Pierre up with leg kicks but he runs the risk of getting taken down and controlled from the top.

Sean Quinn – Professional Fighter
GSP.  This is a good fight!! Potential for fight of the year. These two guys are wrecking machines that have been ploughing through guys on their way to this confrontation. Both are very well rounded, both physically among the strongest in the weight class and both are tremendous athletes with a killer instinct.

So how do I think this will go down? Well, despite the fact that i think they are even in a lot of areas, I don not predict this to be a close fight. I think St. Pierre will slowly find the holes in Thiago’s game. Round by round picking him apart. I think that the gameplan that the Jackson camp has set out for him will play a big role in this fight. Thiago will be dangerous from beginning to end, but St. Pierre will keep grinding him out.

I pick St. Pierre by unanimous decision, maybe losing the first or second round but dominating the rest. I fucking love watching Thiago fight though, he is probably my favorite fighter within the UFC, so i am pulling for a split decision for Pierre.(C’mon, i still have to root for the Canadian right?)

Marc-Andre Drolet, Top MMA News
Alves, is the biggest threat to Georges St. Pierre in the 170 pound division. Alves hits like a truck, and can end anybodys night if he can land some strikes. Difference here is GSP is the most dominate fighter in the sport and has the ability to impose his will by many different methods. He isn’t going to stand in the pocket and trade with Alves, but look for him to take Alves down at will and break his spirit quick with some of the nastiest ground and pound we’ve ever seen. Look for GSP and Anderson Silva at a catch weight next.

Keith Grienke, Top MMA News
GSP has a big reach advantage and will dominate stand up and ground just as he did versus Penn.  Alves only chance is to close the distance and find a Serra-like KO.  No leg kicks by Alves as he will want to keep both feet on the ground to avoid takedowns.  GSP by GNP in Round 2 or 3.

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