Kalib Starnes to Make Big Bang in Home Province

Kalib Starnes

Kalib Starnes returns to action

Kalib Starnes will be fighting in his home province, British Columbia, on August 22 against Nick Hinchliffe.  A new Victoria-based promotion, Armageddon Fighting Championships, will be holding the fights at the Bear Mountain Arena.  The August 22nd event is to be called The Big Bang and tickets are available here.

Starnes is infamously known for his “Running Man” fight at UFC 83 against Nate Quarry.  In the bout, Starnes failed to engage Quarry and Quarry ended up mocking the Canadian fighter near the end of the bout.  Kalib was unceremoniously released by the UFC following the bout.

Now Kalib Starnes is looking to continue to rebuild his reputation as a fighter against King of the Cage veteran Nick Hinchliffe.  Starnes will be coming into Victoria on a winning streak.  Last November, Starnes defeated Chris Cisneros in Hawaii after Cisneros accepted the bout on very short notice.  Starnes has had troubles getting fights since his departure from the UFC.  He was  as he was supposed to Kala “Kolohe” Hose but Hose backed out in unusual fashion at the last minute leaving Starnes to fight Cisneros.  Starnes was also supposed to fight Bret Bergmark in Winnipeg but that fight was pulled under unusual circumstances.  Starnes is still a very promising Middleweight who came from The Ultimate Fighter 3.

Nick HinchliffeHinchliffe has had an interesting 2009 to say the least.  After splitting two KOTC Light-Heavyweight championship title bouts with Travis Galbraith earlier in his career,  Hinchliffe and Galbraith both dropped down to Middleweight in 2009. At the 185 weight class, Galbraith defeated Hinchliffe for the KOTC Middleweight belt.  After the fight, Hinchliffe went to Seattle with many other The Ultimate Fighter 10 hopefuls and advanced through the tryouts to the final cuts for TUF 10.  Unfortunately, the producers decided to make TUF 10 based on Heavyweights so Nick will not be on the show.  Now Hinchliffe will face former TUF 3 competitor Kalib Starnes in a battle of British Columbia natives in what should be quite a Middleweight battle.

Armageddon Fighting Championships’ co-owner (and MFC fighter) Jason Heit believes he has a tremendous matchup for fans to come out and watch.  He comments,

“I think Kalib Starnes versus Nick Hinchcliffe is a great fight.  I train with Nick and am one of his coaches.  Nick is very strong and athletic and is a very hard worker.  Nick continues to get better every fight.  Kalib is a very good fighter, very well rounded, and is in great shape.  I think Kalib has more experience than Nick but he cannot match Nick’s strength so it makes for an interesting match.”

This is a great main event for the fledgling AFC.  For Nick Hinchliffe, it could serve to be a step up the ladder as he is facing a five time UFC fighter who has wins over Jason MacDonald and Chris Leben.  Its also great for Starnes who needs to get some wins under his belt against tough competition to get back to a major promotion.    Fans should not let one poor performance reflect a fighter’s entire career so lets hope Starnes puts on a good performance on June 19 and returns to prominence once again.

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4 Responses to “ Kalib Starnes to Make Big Bang in Home Province ”

  1. Boots says:

    I think Starnes surprises his critics and wins this one easy in the first.

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  2. Killer Bee says:

    Nice, this will be a good one

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  3. George Carlos says:

    Sorry but I wouldn’t pay again to see Starnes doing the ” Running Man ” again. I would still like to know why he didn’t want to engage with Quarry?? Has he spoken regarding this at all?

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  4. my says:

    Starnes has spoken about his reasons for not engaging with Quarry:



    I think the Quarry fight was a joke but I still believe he’s got the bum rap since that fight. Plus it is highly unlikely that he’ll have a repeat “running man” performance so I would bet his future fights are likely to be entertaining.

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