Bergmark Not to Blame for UCW Main Event Cancellation


bergmarkTalking on the phone with Bret Bergmark and, just as nickname suggests, Bret is one Angry Hick.  Bergmark wants to clear the air. He is not responsible for the cancellation of his Ultimate Cage Wars main event bout  16 against Kalib Starnes. The promotion claims the fight was pulled because Bergmark did not have his medicals completed correctly.  Bergmark speculates that maybe the UCW cancelled the fight because they could not afford the main event due to low ticket sales.

“I am not at all pleased or happy with this (expletive) situation.  I had two and a half month’s notice for the fight and I have been training my ass off.  This was a great opportunity for me.  Kalib Starnes is a solid legit fighter who had one bad fight.  I had a tremendous opportunity to beat him up and make a name for myself. “

Due to a misunderstanding, Bergmark had his medicals filled out on California State Athletic Commission forms weeks in advance.  “This is what I did last time I fought in Canada,” states Bret.  Unfortunately, the Manitoba Boxing Commission required the medicals to be filled out on MBC forms as per government regulations.   With the fight over five days away, the form mixup was no problem as the MBC only requires medicals to be submitted 48 hours prior to the fight.  One option proposed by the MBC was to have Bergmark visit the MBC doctor and get the forms filled out correctly.  Instead, the UCW decided to pull the fight and continue to promote the Bergmark/Starnes match right up until fight time (as of June 22 its still up on their website).  At the show, UCW stated the fight was cancelled “due to unforeseen circumstances beyond Ultimate Cage Wars control.”

Bret Bergmark pulls no punches, “(UCW) are a bunch of cheap pieces of (expletive) that are looking to save money.  I am the sacrificial lamb for the main event not happening.  The promotion took the first opportunity to bail.  If they had any balls whatsoever, they could have told me, “tickets sales are not where they need to be, we cannot afford to have the main event.”  Be a man about it.  Don’t slander me.  They want to scapegoat me.   I wish I was alive when when my grandfather was when a handshake and your word was all you needed.”

What’s next for the Angry Hick?  “I am scrambling to get another fight.  Hopefully I will be fighting in the next couple of months.  I am in great shape.”

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5 Responses to “ Bergmark Not to Blame for UCW Main Event Cancellation ”

  1. gazoul says:

    Ouch,good to hear the other side of the story.Where are the UCW people to respond to this?

    Nice to see that they really care about MMA and not protecting their own interests.
    Hey UCW , I’ll give you $50 for your cage at the garage sale you’ll be having next month.

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  2. Today they told me I was bad for the sport of MMA.

    I was merely trying to ensure my fighter got paid for his fight on Friday. Oh well.

    I’d love to hear an explanation from them, but not going to hold my breath.

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  3. Killerbee says:

    Too bad they let down so many people. Looks like they’re not going to around anymore(hopefully). It really sucks since us guys in Thunder Bay have a relatively close place to drive and watch fights.

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  4. bigmmafan says:

    why are you all so negative?? i think UCW rocks! where else can you have a 50/50 draw thats actually more like 30/70?? I recall seeing Tony Condello on the bigscreen more than the athletes were(thats when you could make out the picture on the screen). Marc, I hear youre bad for the sport too. lol, actually I’ve spoken with well over a hundred people that are deeply involved in this sport, not only in Canada but world wide, and not one of them have had a negative word to say about Marc-Andre. Now that Marc isnt working with the UCW, it seems that nobody outside of MB, Sask and T-Bay knows what the UCW is. At any rate, I really like how they seem so money oriented that most fans go there only to see the UFC or former UFC stars in person. Way to pay for attendance and screw over athletes gentlemen. Youre doing a fine job.

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  5. Kiv says:

    absolutely ridiculous that this happen. absofukinglutely ridiculous. There no excuses for a league to do this to an athlete, balh blah i don’t wanna hear it. Bret has every right to be pissed off………….. I personally had good experience with UCW, but this just isn’t fair. Get it together.

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