UCW 16 Quick Results


Ultimate Cage Wars took place this evening at the Winnipeg Convention Centre for its 16th installment.  The night was quick as all but one match got out of the second round.  Manitobans looked strong as Jason Geiger and Roland Delorme each secured victories for WAMMA. Dwight Sutherland pulled off the upset of the night.  Sutherland secured another submission victory off of his back to defeat the previously unbeaten Adam Lorenz.  Lorenz’ record now drops to 6-1.

Once again, the three Scheers fighters from Saskatchewan, Warren Phillips, Scott Richardson, and Jose Rodriguez are going home with victories.  UCW needs to give this Saskatoon trio tougher opponents at UCW 17.

Unfortunately, boos echoed in the Convention Centre, as the replacement Main Event was over in 13 seconds.  An overweight Ian Asham got knocked down by Jordan Murray.  Congrats to Murray for coming into the fight with late notice in decent shape and getting back into the win column. The fight replaced the advertised Kalib Starnes vs Bret Bergmark bout that was pulled on Monday by UCW management.

UCW Card

Main Event

Jordan Murray defeated Ian Asham via KO in Round 1, 0:13

Kurt Southern defeated Mike Dizak via Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:13

Jose Rodriguez defeated Eric St. Pierre via Armbar in Round 1, 2:09

Dwight Sutherland defeated Adam Lorenz via Armbar in Round 1, 3:41

Warren Phillips defeated Phil St.Pierre via Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:58

Roland Delorme defeated Matt Veal via Rear Naked Choke in Round 1. 3:30

Scott Richardson defeated Chris Cunningham via Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 3:17

Jason Geiger defeated Kris Donaldson via Armbar in Round 1, 2:17

Vanja Vojvodic defeated David Letourneau via Triangle Choke in Round 2, 3:10


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  1. tiago says:

    way to go vanja . kris donaldson fight should be a no contest .congrads jose rodrigues hopefully i will get my rematch with you now

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  2. billie says:

    southern is a killer.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    in the whole night there was only a total of 28 minutes of fighting?

    Congrats to Vanja and Kris. Both be proud. Great fighters.

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  4. eastcoaster says:

    Wow. Those St-Pierre boys sure got steamrolled.

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  5. bigmmafan says:

    just one mans opinion. i liked the fights themselves, but i have never seen the Convention Center look cheaper. mad props to the camera crew who were too busy recording tony to care that there was well trained athletes fighting their hearts out in the cage. as a fan of this sport, i hope that there will be better shows than this in the future that showcase the sport and not exploit young fighters. congrats to the UCW for doing such a good job making themselves look bad.

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  6. mike says:

    where can i watch this. any video?

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  7. Joe Doerlsem says:

    bigmmafan, you may want to check out the CFC show, Nov 20. I think you’ll be very happy with what you see at that show.

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  8. landon says:

    Congrats to the boys from Saskatchewan on another great show!

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  9. jason says:

    also congrats to Vanja
    He won that fight but was far behind untill the sub.
    I think Dave also should get some recognition for fighting a great fight,

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  10. David Letourneau says:

    Congrats to vanja he had great jits and some lightning fast hips. As for the people who said i was in over my head I dominated the fight everywhere right up until the end where to his credit was a very slick triangle choke. My gym trained our asses off for this fight and will continue to do the same I have learned a great deal in this loss and will correct my mistake and come back stronger very soon. I hope I earned some respect from the people who doubted my ability and woul;d like to say great job to all the fighters who fought, its easy to critisize a fighter from the bleachwers but anyone who steps in the cage deserves respect. I trained my ass off for this fight and will continue to do this and improve.

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  11. billie says:

    cool to see all the good western canadian 155ers in UCW. hopefully they can match them up and see who’s left standing.

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  12. GP says:

    Hey V

    Im sitting in greece googling your name to see how you did. Obviously u kicked ass, congrats buddy i knew you would win. See you back in T.O on the mat!!

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  13. WamBam says:

    I thought the UCW card was done well. It was not the promoters fault that the fights ended in the first round.
    All the seats were filled in the arena and the fights were exciting, why is everyone bashing UCW?

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  14. Jason says:


    Yes, it is their fault. It’s called match-making or lack thereof. All the seats were filled? Did they sell the empty chairs after the event started?

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  15. bigmmafan says:

    joe i will for sure. and please re read my comment as it is filled with sarcasm.
    WamBam are you for real? I snuck into a second row table that was empty! and the bleachers were bare too.

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  16. ESP says:

    The event was great. All the UCW staff were top class and the event was well organized. It wasn’t my best performance but It was a pleasure to fight for UCW and I can’t wait to go back. Congrats to all the fighters and keep up the good work to all the Staff.

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  17. bigmmafan says:

    ESP, how was the hotel they put you up in?

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  18. Buster says:

    If there was one mistake on the show that was it! The hotel sucked but UCW admitted that to us fighters from the get go they made a mistake and admitted it! better then most! I think most people on here breed negativity and should stay at home if they don’t like UCW, They can always play on their computers and talk smack! I am a true fighter and i have stayed in way worse back in the day.


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  19. Buster, what do you think of the promotion pulling the main event on Monday and not telling anybody until Thursday.

    Yet they continued to advertise the fight as if it was still on?

    And when they did announce the fight was off, they tried to throw Bergmark under the bus like it was his fault.

    Unbelievable in my opinion.

    I think lying and deceiving the fans and not taking ownership of the problem is a terrible thing and one of the worst things a promoter could do.

    BTW true fighters use their real names xD

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  20. Rockerchick says:

    Buster, where did you ever fight?

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  21. David Letourneau says:

    esp and psp I forgot to swap info with you guys email me with some contact info daviboyy@hotmail.com

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  22. CR says:

    I’ve been to 5 of the UCW cards now, and they used to be better. They used to have more experienced fighters. Now the most experienced guy on the card has 4 fights. I wonder if Tony is getting a bad reputation out there in the MMA world and no one wants to fight for him anymore. I don’t know if I’m going to spend my money on another UCW card.

    P.S Cosmo SUCKS!!!!

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  23. Tink says:

    You tell them Marc-Andre! Real fighters use their real name.

    I love you all.

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  24. Or at least makes sure they are actually a fighter if claiming to be one.

    I know Buster isn’t a real fighter.

    Tink on the otherhand is a monster at 135!

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  25. Tink says:

    damn straight!

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  26. hawkes says:

    dont lie tink… your not strait at all!

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  27. Tink says:

    I am too.

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  28. Vanja Vojvodic says:

    I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to support the sport, and us the fighters. I loved the Winnipeg crowd you guys were great!

    Dave fought a great fight and deserves recognition. We both came out to put on a show and I believe we did just that. What I also liked was that there was no animosity between us. Hes a great guy and a great athlete. All the other fights were great as well. The fighters put on one heck of a show and the fights were exciting. They ranged from knockouts to slams to submissions. What more could you ask for?

    Anyways thank you again for coming out and showing support for the sport we all love.

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  29. longjohn says:

    when is ucw 17?

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  30. Not sure, they haven’t said anything since their last event in June.

    Doesn’t appear they are operating anymore, but that’s only my speculation.

    They had Sept. 11th for UCW 17, and that was the last I heard of it.

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  31. tinytim says:

    marc andre drolet your 0-3 lol…maybe you shoulnt use your name cuz its embaressing

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  32. Incorrect, I’m actually 1-5.

    Why would I be embarrased of the fact I competed in Mixed martial arts 6 more times than you?

    I’m proud of the fact I did something I loved. I was never any good, and by todays standard I’d barely be an undercard fight on a lower level card, but this organization doesn’t exist becaues they had people who didn’t even train in main event fights. That’s embarrasing and they owe the fans alot more than that.

    As a matchmaker I would never put a fight on I didn’t want to watch.

    This card had great talent, but none of it was matched correctly.

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  33. Sean Quinn says:

    lol tinytim, why dont you call MAD out, like a man. he hasnt fought in years so it seems like the next logical step for an idiot such as yourself to call him out.

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  34. jaykay says:

    I love it when people use someone’s record as a way of attacking them. The best part is no one who fights or has fought will ever say that so it shows you that the person bitching about you has never done the walk to the ring/cage.

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  35. Dean says:

    I saw some pretty excellent guys fight on a few of the UCW cards. The Sask. guys they brought in were bad ass. I think my favorite UCW memory though, was when the two CFLers had their arm wrestling match!! That was frickin awsome!

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  36. CR says:

    Dean, the CFLers with the wrestling match was one of the things that was wrong with the show. It was supposed to be an MMA card, not a wrestling match, or a concert. You shouldn’t have to be interupted by girls trying to sell 50/50 tickets every ten minutes. Or listen to the same sponsor adds before each fight on the card.
    I agree with you that the Sask boys could fight, it’s just too bad they didn’t have any decent competition. Like Marc said, very poor match making.
    Check out CFC 5 in June and you’ll see what a real MMA event should look like.

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  37. Dean says:

    CR, it’s hard to get the sarcastism online! I was hoping the cage broke and they couldn’t have the main event. Rasslin was frickin hilarious. I was sitting close and all I could hear was people laughing. I will most definately be at the CFC in June where I know that the main event will last longer than 30 seconds and have two guys in it with winning records. I’ve been to all the CFC shows and know the quality fights they put on. I do miss the rasslin though and was hoping to see Mad Dog Vachon at an intermission one of these days. LOL

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  38. Sean Quinn says:

    SASK BOYS!!!!

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  39. jaykay says:

    Are they talking about when those two good looking buys put on a BJJ clinic? Cause I agree, that was boolsheet!

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