Top MMA News Quick Picks – UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce


04_BaszlervsKaufmanIts a busy weekend for MMA.  Bellator is crowning two champions tonight,  Strikeforce has their Challengers card in Washington, and the UFC is holding their Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale.  Here are some quick picks by the Top MMA News staff on some of the key fights this weekend:

  • UFC The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale

Diego Sanchez (-294) vs Clay Guida(+200) – Sanchez outgrapples and outscrambles Guida for the victory.  Sanchez wins.

Nate Diaz (-115) vs Joe Stevenson (+110) – Stevenson wins the first round but Diaz’ subs Joe Daddy in the second or third round.  Diaz wins.

Ross Pearson (+150) vs Andre Winner (-200)Winner will take the fight to the ground and win decision.  Winner will be the winner.

James Wilks vs DaMarques Johnson Close fight.  Grienke takes Johnson.  Drolet takes Wilks.

Gleison Tibau vs Melvin GuillardGleison is too strong for Melvin.  Tibau victorious.

  • Strikeforce Challengers

Sarah Kaufman vs Shayna Baszler classic striker vs grappler. Baszler has not fought in a year.  Drolet Kaufman Sub.  Grienke Kaufman TKO by GNP. Either way its Kaufman wins. (Go Canada!)

Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos vs Joey VillasenorJoey wins this fight anywhere it goes.  Villasenor by TKO.

  • Bellator XII

Toby Imada vs Eddie AlvarezThis was Alvarez’ tournament right from the start. Alvarez wins Lightweight tournament.

Hector Lombard vs Jared HessCuba’s Lombard is blowing through the Middleweight tourney.  He won’t lose here either.  Lombard gives Hess his first loss. Lombard wins the $100,000.


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  1. hawkes says:

    i can compete with Alverez… hopefully next year i’ll get a chance

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  2. hawkes says:

    i can also stare into my own brown eye without a mirror

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  3. Tink says:

    ” can also stare into my own brown eye without a mirror”

    pfffft who cant?

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